• Apr
  • 22
  • 2010

Income Tax department declared result of Departmental Examination for Income-Tax Officers (ITO) 2009

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The Directorate of Income-tax (IT) has declared the result of ITO Examination 2009 for the old as well as new pattern. The certified copy shall be made available by the concerned CCIT/CIT(Incharge of Examination) only. As per the present grace policy, maximum 7 grace marks in aggregate are allowed in one or more subjects to fully pass the Examination.

However, for availing exemption only in an individual subject, a candidate is given maximum 2% grace marks i.e maximum 2 marks if the paper is of 100 marks. This gracing policy has been applied while processing the result for the old as well as new pattern of the ITO Examination 2009.



  • debabrata santra

    result of departmental exam for income tax officer in the year 2011


    allowing grace marks result int acceptance of incompitent stuf to handl the problems and interpretation of laws