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Gratuity Calculator for Central Government and Non-Govt Employees

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This simple calculator automatically calculates Gratuity receivable by Employee of Central Government and Private Concerns. We only have to put the date of Joining , Date of leaving/Retirement, last Basic Pay Drawn Including Grade and Dearness allowance if any. The calculator will then automatically calculate total gratuity receivable by you. We would like to remind you that statutory Limit of maximum payable gratuity for all type of employees was increased to Rs. 10 lakh by Government vide notification dated 18.05.2010 and subsequent to that CBDT has also raised Gratuity exemption limit to Rs. 10,00,000/- (Ten Lakh) vide its  Notification No. 43/2010; F.No.200/3 3/2009-! TA.! dated 11 June 2010.

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Developed by-  Pranab Banerjee