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Due Date – TDS & TCS quarterly returns

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Following are the due dates for filing of Quarterly TDS and TCS Returns in Form 24Q, Form 26Q, Form 27Q and  Form 27EQ. Please file your returns on time to avoid penalty for late filing of TDS returns.

Due Date Table for TDS and TCS quarterly returns:

Form 24Q
Form 26Q
Form 27Q
Form 27EQ
First July 15th July 15th July 14th July 15th
Second October 15th October 15th October 14th October 15th
Third January 15th January 15th January 14th January 15th
Fourth May 15th May 15th May 15th May 15th


  • raj

    Dear Frd

    I ask some thing what is the section under exceed date of tds tax deposit and tds return filling date.

  • Rajneesh Kamal Nag

    Dear Sir,
    If the deductor ( of any segment) has no liability of TDS in all the 4 qtrs of the financial year, does he is liable to file the TDS return or not.


    R K V N Nag

  • Deepali Anand

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I would like to know that if there is an Autonomous Body under Government, what would be the due date for deposit of TDS for it for the month ending March, 2013.
    Whether ir would be 30th April, 2013 or it would be 8th April, 2013

  • Deepali Anand

    What if Organization is an Autonomous Body, under Ministry of Culture, then what would be the due date of TDS deposit for the month ending March’2013??

  • Tapan

    If Entertainment Allowance given to Private sector employee.What amount shall be exempt and taxable in salary part


    Due dates for filing TDS Returns is as follows for A Y 2011-12:

    1st quarter is 15th July 2010
    2nd quarter is 15th Oct 2010
    3rd quarter is 15th Jan 2011
    4th quarter is 15th May 2011.




    Dear Sir

    What is the due date for filing of return for the last quarter, i.e.quarter ending


    Rakesh Sinha


    when we late return tds how much penelity on it

  • datta

    Pl. send me TDS Return form