Following are the due dates for filing of Quarterly TDS and TCS Returns in Form 24Q, Form 26Q, Form 27Q and  Form 27EQ. Please file your returns on time to avoid penalty for late filing of TDS returns.

Due Date Table for TDS and TCS quarterly returns:

Form 24Q
Form 26Q
Form 27Q
Form 27EQ
FirstJuly 15thJuly 15thJuly 14thJuly 15th
SecondOctober 15thOctober 15thOctober 14thOctober 15th
ThirdJanuary 15thJanuary 15thJanuary 14thJanuary 15th
FourthMay 15thMay 15thMay 15thMay 15th


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  • Nazar Mohammad

    I would like to know that if there is an Autonomous Body under Government, what would be the due date for deposit of TDS for it for the month ending March, 2016.