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How to Download TDS Certificate in Form 16B?

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Advocate C P Chugh

Government has made it mandatory w.e.f 01.06.2013 on buyer of property to deduct TDS @ 1% on payment made after 01.06.2013 if Purchase Consideration of the Property exceeds Rs. 50 Lakh.   Deductor can pay such TDS by any of the following mode :-

  • Either make the payment online (through e-tax payment option) immediately;
  • Or make the payment subsequently through e-tax payment option (net-banking account) or by visiting any of the authorized Bank branches. However, such bank branches will make e-payment without digitization of any challan. The bank will get the challan details from the online form filled on www.tin-nsdl.com

Once the Payment is made now the dedcuctor / Buyer is required to issue TDS certificate in form 16B to the seller of the Property. Now the question is how to prepare or from where deductor can get such certificate for the purpose of issue to the seller? Answer is deductor can download such certificate from Traces website and issue to the seller.

Buyer of immovable property can download Form 16B after registering on TRACES as Tax Payer.

Procedure to Download TDS certificate in form 16B is as follows :-

1. Login to :


2. Click on Register New User and you will be asked to provide basic details such as your
  • PAN
  • Date of Birth
  • Last, Middle and First Name and would also be required to further validate details of either tax deducted (option 1) or tax paid by you (option 2).
 3. On Validation of details, your account will be created.  User ID by default would be your PAN, You would have the option of providing Pass word of your choice.  A email would be automatically generated providing you an activation link with a second code being text on your mobile.  Having activated your account, it is now ready to be used.  Services currently available are view 26AS statement and down load Form 16B in case you are the buyer of immovable Properties.  May be in near future you are able to download your Form 16 or 16A also through this window.
To download form 16B go to download, click on request for form 16B, validate details and submit your request.  After some time the same shall be available under download menu. Click on download, click of available and download and save it your computer.
Print, sign and deliver it to the seller.
Hope this helps you in getting Form 16B from Traces.

25 Responses to “How to Download TDS Certificate in Form 16B?”

  1. chandra says:

    I am also unable to download Form 16 B for last 7 days. It says “no data available”

  2. Raja says:

    I hate India government tax procedure and there are so many loop hole these keep that it’s just too difficult to know.

  3. pradnya says:

    hello, i am having querry that after loging in on traces site, when i go to download tab, it doesnot show me form 16B though i am having entry of tds on property and challan has been deducted still not showing in download tab .

  4. Sunderrajan says:

    Hi I am unable to down load Form 16 B.The system requires registration as NEW user . But in the format provided it is asking for TAN which I do not have?

    Please explain procedure to fill details in the New user form

  5. Sunderrajan says:

    I have deducted 1 % TDS on purchase of property and paid along with form 26 QB. Now I need to issue form 16 B. The system is not allowing me to register as a new user as tax payer. It is asking for TAN, It is not accepting 800 as challan.
    Please advise

  6. Ritesh says:


    I have raised Form16B request on TRACES link (nriservices.tdscpc.gov.in/nriapp/auth/welcome.xhtml)

    Now, when i go to the Download section and click on “View All Download Request”, then it doesn’t show the FORM 16B. I don’t have request number so i have clicked on “View All Download Request”.

    I have Form 26QB for the same.

    Please let me know how to generate Form 16B??

    Kind Regards,
    Ritesh Talwar

  7. Sayan says:

    whenever you as a buyer is paying 1% TDS on behalf of the seller, you have to issue Form 16B to the seller. For all practical purpose, I always ask the client to discuss the entire matter with his/her CA , pay him the needed fees and get him to do the entire stuff. Normally it is around INR 3000 to 4000.

  8. Sayan says:

    whenever you as a buyer is paying 1% TDS on behalf of the seller, you have tpo issue Form 16B to the seller. For all practical purpose, I always ask the client to discuss the entire matter with his/her CA , pay him the needed fees and get him to do the entire stuff. Normally it is around INR 3000 to 4000.

  9. AnandN says:

    I just called the TRACES helpline and they confirmed that 16B cannot be downloaded from IP addresses outside of India at this time (May 2014). The workaround suggested was to have someone in India login with your credentials and submit a request for downloading 16B by clicking on the link (this link for 16B is what is missing when you login from outside India) under the Downloads menu and providing seller PAN, TDS acknowledgement number from form 26QB, etc.

    An alternative to sharing credentials with someone in India is to use proxy servers or something like Hola Unblocker (this worked like a charm for me!).

  10. Vineet Garg says:

    I am permanent resident of India and have PAN as individual. I have been transferred to US by my employer on an assignment for period of two years. I have purchased a property in India before coming to US and made TDS payment on sale consideration given to seller of the property at that time.

    I need to download form 16B and send it to the seller. When I am visiting Traces website for registration, it is redirecting me to register through NRI App page set up by Traces as I am accessing webpage in US.

    Do I need to register through this link of NRI app registration process only. Further, after my return to India will this account opened and registered as NRI account can be used by me to operate or is there any other alternative.


  11. CA Pawan Kedia says:

    Some time it takes 7 to 12 days in reflecting the TDS details on the TRACES website. In one of my case I could download the information only after 12 days. You should wait and ensure that you have registered on the TRACES as new user and submitted a request for downloading Form No. 16B.

  12. sanjeet says:

    Hi ,
    I am NRI and trying to access the site tdscpc.gov.in/app/tapreg1.xhtml
    but it is directing towards
    and it seems both are same because same process had been followed to create account .

    I am able to login into my account and also able to download 26AS form also . But form 16B link is not their in my account .

    Its more than 6 days but still form 16B is not available . My property seller is not able to understand and pursuing for 16B .

    Can any body also faced similar situation and how did he resolved this issue.


  13. vimal says:

    I am not able to register as tax payer. It does not allow to use challan serial no 800 for TDS on sale of property. I have made payment towards TDS but not able to download certificate.

  14. CA Pawan Kedia says:

    I had made payment of TDS on purchase of immovable property on 25.01.2014 online and submitted 26QB. Since than 8 days has expired but I am not able to download TDS certificate in Form No. 16B. The message which appears while login on Traces is — “No data available”. what should be done.

  15. KIRANMAI says:

    Dear All,

    I have successfully downloaded the form16b from traces site but iam unable to unzip the .pdf file.Please give the details to unzip the downloaded file

  16. Vineet says:


    I am also not able to login the web site tdscpc.gov.in/ for 10 days. the message i am getting is Site is not available due to technical reason.
    Please guide me to generate FORM 16B form.

  17. Sachin says:


    I am not able to login the web site tdscpc.gov.in/ since last week the message i am getting is Site is not available due to technical reason.
    Please guide me to generate FORM 16B form.

  18. mrkreddy says:

    i want to download form 16b

  19. S.MANOHARAN says:

    The said form may be issue by the Registor office for the convenience of buyer and seller.

  20. Rajeswari says:

    Good morning sir,
    To deduct TDS TAN No. is compulsory.If an individual for eg., salaried person who earns lakhs of money, took an immovable property in 2007 for 10 lakhs and it is now raised to 60lakhs and he is interested to sale that property. e.g., he sells he immediately has to deduct TDS but how he can deduct TDS without having TAN No. and the word property in above para refers whether movable or immovable or both.

  21. Minesh Shah says:

    In case there are 3 sellers in the agreement, then we will have to provide form 16B to all 3 sellers or only to the 1st name in the agreement? If we have to provide three 16B then we have to fill up three 26QB?

  22. Dear Nitin ,

    Please try the below link :-


  23. Nitin Aggarwal says:

    While going your link tdscpc.gov.in/en/deductor-home.html by clicking the registered new user,it always demand for TAN. As per your articles its never accepts PAN, Now; how can generate form 16B?

  24. akhilesh srivastava says:

    Another problems to citizen of india. Now-a-days thousands notices are being issued to sellers of property by the I.T.Os.

  25. ramaraju ramaiah says:

    if Advance payment made by the purchase before 1-6-13 and sale agreement executed after payment was made exceed Rs. 50 lacks then which amount TDS will be deduct and how to payment was made?

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