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Download House Rent Allowance (HRA) Calculator

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This Calculator calculates House Rent Allowance which is exempt from tax U/s. 10(13) of The Income Tax Act, 1961. The calculator is in excel format and it calculates the allowance which will be exempt from tax automatically.

It is to be noted that as per CIRCULAR NO. 05/2011 dated 16.08.2011  if annual rent paid by the employee exceeds Rs 1,80,000 per annum, it is mandatory for the employee to report PAN of the landlord to the employer. In case the landlord does not have a PAN, a declaration to this effect from the landlord along with the name and address of the landlord should be filed by the employee.

Download HRA CalculatorPranab Banerjee

Download HRA Calculator – Amit Kumar

21 Responses to “Download House Rent Allowance (HRA) Calculator”

  1. YogeshK says:

    Very nice work by Pranab Banerjee,,
    was searching for something like this for too long now
    Thanks :) very very Helpful
    1 Question sir, while calculating HR tax execption, For Basic + DA, i hav also added all the other allw (conveince Allw +Medial Allw + Edu Allw)to get to the Gross salary Fig. & took 10% of this. is tht correct wat i did.

  2. Santosh says:

    Very nice calculator.., Pretty useful.., Thanks for the Author.

  3. yashkeet says:

    i m govt emoloyee. and my monthly salary round about 30000p.m where i m receiving HRA is 400p.m but i m paying rent 1500p.m plz clarify me which one is exempt from the salary

  4. Ganesh says:

    please send the password to open this calculator

  5. Sam says:

    My salary is 25,000. I want to kno is there any provision that if HRA for year is less than 36,000 then no need to give rent sleep to save income tax? Please give me sugesions his is last day for me to submit all these stuff. Thanking You, Sir.

  6. neeraj rastogi says:

    thank you for giving such advice. will you,please tell us that if a person is getting Rs.3000(three thousands) per month,is he required to give houserent receipt

  7. haribhai says:

    send me this exe by mail if possible try to downloadbut faild so request to send by mail

  8. junaid alam says:

    my salary 10000pm calculate the hra

  9. harpreet grover says:

    if my salary is 11,103 then wat shud b the hr for me

  10. venkatesh says:

    how to cacl HRA PLEASE SEND MY MAIL

    MY SALARY 20,000


  11. Ashish Kumar says:

    Can a person live in rented premises in the same city in which he/she also owns property/house. ?? which city except 4 metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta also include in the definition of metro city?

  12. Neel says:

    I pay a Rent of 29000/- PM, my Landlord does not hold a PAN or does not agree to give a Self declaration. What is the HRA exemption i am eligible for.
    I live in Bangalore. Please clarify.

  13. DK says:

    My son is staying in other city on rented house, and my self is in another city in rented house can get the tax rebate on commulative rent paid?


  14. immu says:

    which amount to be put in dearness allowance received

  15. abc says:

    Is PAN of landlord mandatory for rent of Rs.15000/-per month OR Rs.15001/- & above per month , please clarify.

  16. amurugan says:

    good calculator

  17. admin says:

    Dear Neeraj, Nitin we have removed the discrepancy and uploaded the revised calculator. Thanks for comments

  18. nitin says:

    yes i agree with Mr neeraj rastogi

  19. N GANESN says:


  20. CA Bhuvanesh Mohan says:

    Very good and very clear

    Thanks to the author for the efforts made by him

  21. Neeraj Rastogi says:

    Calculator is not correctly prepared. In case rent paid is less than 10% of salary, it is adding negative amount also in taxable amount. Please ask author to correct it and put logic functions also to remove anomaly..

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