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Download Automatic MAT Calculator in Excel Format with Case Laws

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We have attached below an excel utility to compute the MAT as per provisions of Section 115JB of Income Tax Act, 1961. While preparing the utility Author of the utility has  considered various income-tax cases decided by various judicial authorities both in favour of assessee and in favour of revenue.

Utility is in Excel File Format and easy to understand and calculates MAT Liability Automatically.

Download Automatic MAT Calculator in Excel Format (XLSX version) with Case Laws

Download Automatic MAT Calculator in Excel Format (XLS version) with Case Laws

Contributed by – Excelfinder Team

  • Mahesh

    Goot tool, it is very useful


  • Doshi

    Good Job, It is really helpful to all


    it is not open in my pc & my MS office version is 2007 it shown a message it is in macro

    • Rohit

      You need to enable Macro. It might work then.


    Could you please make available these utility in excel lower version

    • http://taxguru.in CA Sandeep Kanoi

      Yes we have uploaded the same in xls format too

  • K.Manjula

    Very Useful

  • Excelfinder.com

    @ Neha & @ Mohit

    We have developed this utility. Please let us know which version of MS Excel you are using and what error message it is showing

    • http://taxguru.in CA Sandeep Kanoi

      I think error is showing to only those people who are using excel version lower then office 2007.

  • Neha

    The file is not opening in my PC . Kindly help…

  • mohit

    Hi can you help in locating the EXCEL file in this . I can only see a .xml files located in 3 folders. Please advice. thanks

  • B. L. Gupta

    It’s a good tool we can use it for fast caculation.

  • manoj

    cool utility