We are always worried about the fact that whether our TDS deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided our PAN while filing the TDS/TCS return. NSDL has recently launched a facility to enable deductee to know whether or not his TDS deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided his PAN while filing the TDS/TCS return.  To use and view the facility click on the link given  below:-

Link to To know whether your deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided your PAN

When we click above link it redirects us to the website of NSDl where we have to  Fill the following info –

1)      PAN of the Deductee

2)      TAN of the Deductor

3)      Financial Year

4)      Quarter

5)      Type of Return

6)      Verification Code

Notes :

1. All fields are Mandatory.

2. Count of records present: Signifies count of records present at TIN against TAN and Financial Year provided.

3.Contact your deductor/collector if:

  • TDS/TCS credit is not present in your Form 26AS. This may be on account of inconsistency in quarterly TDS/TCS statement filed by respective deductor/collector.
  • TDS/TCS credit is present in your Form 26AS with booking status other than ‘F’.
  • Incorrect credit is available in your Form 26AS.

4. No Record found: Records for combination of PAN, TAN and Financial Year mentioned is not available at TIN.    5.Possible reasons for record not found at TIN are:

  • Deductor/collector has not submitted quarterly TDS/TCS statement.
  • Deductor/collector either has not quoted your PAN or has quoted your PAN incorrectly.
  • You may also confirm your PAN available with the deductor/collector.

Article was First Published on 22.06.2011 and Republished with Amendment on 29.02.2012

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