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Automatic Form 16 with 12BA for F.Y. 2012-13 & A.Y. 2013-14

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Automatic Form 16 with 12BA for Financial Year 2012-13 & Assessment Year 2013-14 in Excel Format

Download Automatic Form 16 Utility

  • V S N RAJU

    Please send Form-16 & 12BA for the FY 2012-13 AY 2013-14 in excel format. Please let me know what are the formalities for getting the same.



    I could not entering whole data into form 16, Say how i use that form 16 Please


    Some cells are protected could not entry data what i have to do please

  • Santosh Mandal

    Dear Sir,
    some cells are protected. Please clear the protaction for user friendly.

  • amit



    Dear Sir,

    Please check the city cell it is not working mean input value are not taken pls modify and reset

  • thaare gulab

    sir, same cell was not working please reset cell