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Please note a change in Profession Tax Rates in Andhra Pradesh vide G.o.Ms.No. 82 dated 04-02-2013 wherein the First Schedule has been replaced with an amended one– copy of notification attached for reference.

The major changes vs a vis the old schedule are

· No Profession Tax on salaries less than 15,000/- (earlier applicable from Salary of Rs.5,000/- onwards). There are only two taxable slabs salaries between 15,001/- to 20,000/- PT Rs.150/- PM and salaries above Rs.20,000/- PT Rs.200/- PM.

· Companies not being registered under APVAT Act and having Turnover of less than Rs. 10.00 Lakhs do not attract any PT. (Earlier all Companies were taxed at Rs.2,500/-P.A.)

· Directors drawing remuneration from the Company(other than those nominated by the Government) are only liable to pay PT of Rs.2,500/- P.A. (earlier all directors (other than those nominated by the Government) were liable to pay PT of Rs. 2,500/- P.A.

· A new category of exempted persons – mostly labour oriented works is added at Sl.No.39

· A new Category of taxable persons – Persons, other than those mentioned in any of the preceding entries, who are engaged in any profession, trade or calling or employment with annual income of more than Rs 1,80,000/- but excluding those who are exempted under Section 31 of the Act and Entry No. 39 above, is added at Sl. No. 40 taxing them @ 2,500/- P.A.

Download Official Notification –  G.o.Ms.No. 82 dated 04-02-2013

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28 responses to “Revised Rates of Profession Tax in Andhra Pradesh”

  1. chiranjeevulu says:

    Professional tax calculate (temporary employee) basic pay or Gross salary?
    Ex: One outsourcing employee get minimum remuneration Rs. 15000/- pm and PF & ES I total got about 16,500/- ..
    May be deduct the P.T from his/him remuneration?
    kindly reply

  2. Pradipta Pattnaik says:


    Please confirm the amount of PT for employer (per annum payment)

  3. Sudhakar Gangaputra says:

    I had started a milk Business in April,2015 and got TIN no., my yearly turnover crosses 1 Crore, how much PT should I pay and whats the process.

  4. Hariprasad says:

    please send professional tax slab rates applicable for employees and employers and companies as per turnover

  5. Deepthi says:

    I am getting 30000 so how much PT will be deducted my salary.

    Is it depends on Basic or Gross

  6. pankaj says:

    I am central govt employee with basic 9300 and grade pay 4200. Is it necessary for me to pay professional tax as my employer is not deducting any money from my salary?

  7. MALLESH J says:

    These rate are effected from which month sir?
    And what is the last date for the payment of PT of workers every month and also inform the last date to pay 2500.00 PT for directors or proprietors in year.



  9. Charankumar says:

    What is the effective date for the amendment?

  10. sanjeeva kumar says:

    revised rates effective date required

  11. M.V.Subba Rao says:

    I have read the notification, which does not contains the effective date of implementation please.

  12. G N MALLESWARA RAO says:

    G.O.Effective date please?

  13. G N MALLESWARA RAO says:

    Please clarify the effected date ?

  14. Devi says:

    Please confirm the PT rates are w.e.f.???

  15. SRIKANTH says:

    Please conform the effected the date of the revised P T slabs, kindly provide right information.

  16. N Rama Rao says:

    what is the effective date for this amendment ?

  17. ananda says:

    feb -2013 salaries applicable

  18. RAMARAO YALLA says:


  19. lavanya says:

    pls conform the effected the date of the revised rates P T slabs

  20. Suresh says:

    Pl. mail us the Revised Rates for Professional Tax Slab – effects from ?

  21. ranjith says:

    What is the effective date for the amendment?

  22. RK says:

    Revised rates applicable w.e.f?

  23. V.V.S.A.Sarma says:

    Please conform PT new rates W.E.F date.

  24. Joseph says:

    Effective date for the amendment is not avilable everyone having the same question !

    Kindly clarify,. this is most important.

  25. sridhar says:

    pls conform the effected the date of the revised P T slabs

  26. sridhar says:

    pls conform the effected the date of the revised P T slabs

  27. Radha says:

    What is the effective date for the amendment?

  28. Haritha says:

    These rates effected from ..?

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