The Empowered committee of State Finance Ministers has today released the much awaited model GST law June, 2016 for public debate. The new law has two Acts:-

  1. Goods and Services Tax Act’ 2016
  2. Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act’ 2016

The Goods and Service Tax Act’ 2016 has 25 Chapters, 162 Sections, 4 Schedules along with GST Valuation Rules’ 2016 and runs into 162 pages. While the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act’ 2016 has got 11 Chapters, 33 Sections and runs into 27 pages.

There are number of other Rules and notifications which are soon to be placed for public debate.

In this article we have covered the list of chapters that has been put on the GST Act.


Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter -1Preliminary
Chapter -2Administration
Chapter -3Levy of, And Exemption From, Tax
Chapter -4Time and Value of Supply
Chapter -5Input Tax Credit
Chapter -6Registration
Chapter -7Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
Chapter -8Returns
Chapter -9Payment of Tax
Chapter -9ATransfer of Input Tax Credit
Chapter -10Refunds
Chapter -11Accounts and Records
Chapter -11AJob Work
Chapter -11BElectronic Commerce
Chapter -12Assessment
Chapter -13Audit
Chapter -14Demands and Recovery
Chapter -15Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest
Chapter -16Offences and Penalties
Chapter -17Prosecution and Compounding of Offences
Chapter -18Appeals
Chapter -18Appeals and Revision
Chapter -19Advance Ruling
Chapter -20Settlement of Cases
Chapter -21Presumption as to Documents
Chapter -22Liability to pay in Certain Cases
Chapter -23Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter -24Repeal and Saving
Chapter -25Transitional Provisions


Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter -1Preliminary
Chapter -2Principles for Determining Supply of Goods and/or Services in the Course of Inter-State Trade or Commerce
Chapter -3Levy and Collection of Tax
Chapter -4Place of Supply of Goods and/or Services
Chapter -5Payment of Tax
Chapter -6Input Tax Credit
Chapter -7Apportionment of Tax and Settlement of Funds
Chapter -8Settlement of Cases
Chapter -9Miscellaneous
Chapter -10Transitional Provisions
Chapter -11Administration

Stay tuned with detailed analysis on each and every chapter.

To access the Draft Model GST Law, please click on the link below:

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