E-Payment of Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Department of Sales Tax, Government of Maharashtra

Q 1) What is e-payment of Sales tax?

Ans: This is the facility provided to the dealer to make sales tax payments on line, using net- banking facility.

Q 2) which category of the dealers are required to make e- payment compulsorily? Is it mandatory to pay sales tax on line?

Ans: The Commissioner Of Sales Tax will notify the class of dealer eligible for e – payment.

Q 3) How can I use this facility to pay sales tax?

Ans: You can use the facility if-

a)         You have a bank account with net- banking facility, and

b)        Your bank is provided with e- payment facility link on MSTD website.

c)   Alternatively, you can directly go to authorized Bank’s website for making e?payments of Sales Tax.

Q 4) How do I know whether my bank is authorized to provide this facility?

Ans: A list of banks providing facility of e – payment is available on the MSTD website i.e on www.Mahavat.gov.in

Q 5) What should I do if my bank does not have an on line payment facility or is not authorized bank for e-payment?

Ans: In case your bank doesn’t have an on line payment facility or is not authorized bank, then you can make e-payment from the account of any other person who has an account with the authorized bank having on line facility. However, the chalan for making such payment must clearly indicate your TIN number & name of the business.

Q 6) What are the Acts under which I can make e-payment?

Ans: Presently you can make e-payments under two acts only i.e. Maharashtra Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax Act. The other Acts will be notified by the commissioner Of Sales Tax.

Q 7) Can I make e-payment under MVAT for the dues of period before 1/04/2005?

Ans: No

Q 8 ) Can I make e-payment under CST ACT for the dues of period before 1/04/2005?

Ans: Yes.

Q 9) How does the new system benefit tax payer?


+ Easy, convenient & fast.

+ Facility is available on 24 * 7 basis.

+ One can pay on behalf of the firm, company & others.

+ No more queues & waiting.

+ On line filling of single chalan form replacing the three copy chalan. + Instant online receipts for payment made

Q 10) What is the procedure for using e-payment facility on MSTD website?

Ans: e-payment Demo

Pre-requisite :

1) Adobe air software is to be pre-installed in the client machine.

2) All fields in MTR Form No.6 (except any one field of Amount column) chalan are required to be filled in mandatorily.

Step 1Download e-payment application from MSTD website i.e. if not downloaded previously.www.mahavat.gov.in,
Step 2Install the said application. After that a shortcut shall be created on the Desktop.
Step 3Open the application. Enter TIN as Login ID. Click on “Sign in “button.
Step 4A chalan in MTR Form No.6 shall be displayed. It shall contain TIN and name of the dealer by default.
Step 5Select type of ACT for which you are making the e-payment. Account Head Field shall automatically get populated in the ‘Account Head’ Window. Similarly current date shall get populated automatically in ‘Date’ Window. Then select,
  1. Period.
  2. Amount
  3. Location i. e. Name of Sales Tax Office Location. e. g. Mazgaon, Pune etc. under which the dealer is registered.
  4. Remark. ‘Remark’ Window is linked with ‘Form Id’ Window. Once appropriate field is selected from the ‘Remark’ Window, its corresponding field shall automatically get populated in the ‘Form Id’ Window and vice- versa.

Step 6Select the Bank from the drop down list provided at the bottom of the chalan for making e-payment.Step 7Use password of e-services for entering into e-payment gatewayStep 8Ensure correctness of the details filled by clicking on ‘Validate’ button. After validation, ‘pay’ button will get activated.Step 9Once ‘pay’ button is clicked, GRN (Government Reference Number) will be generated.Step 10Payment summary will be displayed. Check it and if found correct, again click on ‘pay’ button, which will direct you to the Bank’s website.Step 11Use login ID & password provided by the Bank to enable you to make e- payment.Step 12On Bank site, give instructions to the Bank to debit your account & credit the sales tax account.Step 13After successful e- payment, cyber receipt inter-alia showing details as Bank/ Branch Name, Period, TIN, CIN, date & time of payment, Amount of payment, GRN will be generated on the Bank’s website.Step 14Dealer may download, save or print the cyber receipt from Bank’s website as a proof of payment made.NOTEStep 1 and Step2 are one time activities

Q 11) What is the use of Remark column in the chalan MTR Form No.6?

Ans: ‘Remark’ Window is linked with ‘Form Id’ Window. Once appropriate field is selected from the ‘Remark’ Window, its corresponding field shall automatically get populated in the ‘Form Id’ Window and vice- versa.

Q 12) Can I make a single e-payment for more than one Acts administered by the sales tax department at a time?

Ans: No. You have to make separate e-payment for each Act that you are required to make e-payments.

Q 13) Are there any geographical restrictions on Banks for e-payment?

Ans: No. Customer can effect e-payment from anywhere, provided that particular Bank is designated and authorized to collect Sales tax.

Q 14) What is Government Reference Number (GRN) & what is its relevance?

Ans: This is the unique identification number generated on sales tax website after ensuring the details filled in the chalan & pressing “PAY” button. This GRN is used to correlate the payment made by the dealer with the Banks scroll.

15) How can I know that I have completed sales tax payment using e-payment facility?

Ans: Apart from Banks Cyber receipt given to you, you can check your online bank statement at the Bank’s site to verify the sales tax payment.

Q 16) What is the timing for making payment through internet?

Ans: Any payment made on or before 8:00 pm will be considered to be payment on the same date.

Q 17) If I encounter any problem while making e-payment through internet, whom should I contact?


a)         “HELP DESK ” numbers

022-23735601,  022-23760773,  022-23760766,  022-23760763,  022-23760903

and e-mail ID is=> epayment@mahavat.gov.in

b)        In case of dealers out of Mumbai, please contact office of the concerned JC (Adm.) for help on e-payment issues.

c) In case of any problem encountered at your Bank site, you should contact your Bank for assistance.

Q 18) Whom should I contact if the chalan containing the GRN & CIN is not displayed on completion of transaction & if I want duplicate chalan?

Ans: Your Bank may provide facility for re – generation of electronic chalan. Kindly check the Bank’s site. If not you should contact your bank to request them for duplicate chalan. You can get the same chalan copy from the “History profile” on the Bank’s website.

Q 19) If I misplace my chalan whom should I contact?

Ans: You can get the chalan copy from your “History profile” on the Bank’s website.

Q 20) If after entering chalan details on MSTD website, Bank name is not being displayed, what should I do?

Ans: If user is using Internet Explorer browser, then temporary internet files should be deleted by following the below mentioned steps–

(a)    Open Internet Explorer Window.

(b)   Go to “Tools” menu.

(c)      Select “Internet Option”

(d)   Delete cookies & delete temporary Internet files on your computer

(e)    Close the current Internet Explorer Window.

(f)     Go to www.Mahavat.gov.in for making e-payment.

Q 21) What is the procedure I need to follow to avoid my account getting debited more than once for the same e-transaction?

Ans: If during the transaction or after completing the transaction at the Bank site you encounter an error (e.g. You get disconnected or are not sure whether your account has really been debited etc.), then instead of doing the same transaction again, check your Bank

Account. If the account is already been debited, then contact your Bank for the re- generation of chalan. Please note that in above case do not make the same transaction again which result in account debited more than once.

Q 22) After depositing my tax at the Bank I have noticed that I have mentioned the year/ period incorrectly in my chalan to whom I should approach for correction in the chalan?

Ans: You should approach your “Liaison Officer” in the return branch/LTU Branch with an application giving full details of payment wrongly made & mention correct details of the year/period & your GRN,CIN and request him to carry necessary corrections.

Q 23) What is the relevance of CIN in e-payment?

Ans: CIN is generated after the e-payment is successfully completed. This CIN is required to be mentioned in payment details while up-loading e- return.

Q 24) How to make e – payment if I am registered under VAT/CST Acts but not registered under Other Acts administered by the sales tax Department?

Ans: You are required to obtain Registration under Other Acts administered by the sales tax Department to make e-payment under said Act. Presently you can make e-payments under two acts only i.e. Maharashtra Value Added Tax , Central Sales Tax Act. The other Acts will be notified by the Commissioner of Sales Tax.

Q 25) Can I make e- payment if I am not registered under any of the Acts administered by the sales tax department? OR

Can unregistered dealer make e – payment?

Ans: NO.

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