1. What is e-payment of Sales tax?

Ans: This is the facility provided to the dealer to make sales tax payments on line using net- banking facility.

2. Which Browser I should use to make e-payment? Ans: You can use following browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer (Above Version 11)
  3. Mozilla Firefox

3. Which category of the dealers are required to make e-payment compulsorily for VAT, CST & PTRC? Is it mandatory to pay sales tax online?

Ans: Yes. It is mandatory to pay sales tax online for all category of dealers under VAT, CST & PTRC. Dealers can make online payment for other Acts administered by sales tax department.

4. How I can use e-payment facility to pay sales tax? Ans: You can use the facility if ‑

  • You have a bank account with net-banking facility, and
  • Your bank is integrated with payment gateways.

5. How do I know whether my bank is authorized to provide e-payment facility?

Ans: On Payment screen Links are provided “Bank Supported by GRAS” & “Bank Supported by SBI”, there you can view list of the banks available for online payment.

6. What should I do if my bank does not have an on line payment facility or is not authorized bank for e-payment?

Ans: In case your bank does not have an on line payment facility or is not authorized bank, then you can make e-payment from the account of any other person who has an account with the authorized bank having on line facility. However the challan for making such payment must clearly indicate your TIN & name of your business.

7. How does the new system benefit tax payers & Sales Tax Dept.? Ans:

> Easy, convenient & fast.

> Facility is available 24 X 7

> One can pay on behalf of the firm, company & others.

> No more queues and waiting.

> Instant online receipts for payment made.

> Revenue will come earlier in to the Govt. Treasury as compared to old system. > Defaulters chasing will be done more effectively.

8. What are the Acts under which I can make e-payment?

Ans: You can make payment under all the acts administered by sales tax department, excluding “Chit Funds Act”.

9. What is payment gateway?

Ans: Payment gateway is the gateway through which dealer can make online payment.

10. How many payment gateway available for e-payment?

Ans: Currently there are two payment gateways are available for payment:

  1. GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System)
  2. SBI ePay

11. Which all are the banks supported by the payment gateway-GRAS?

Ans: Following are the banks which are supported by GRAS payment gateway:

Sr NoList of Banks
1IDBI Bank
2Punjab National Bank
3State Bank of Hyderabad
4State Bank of Patiala
5State Bank of India
6Andhra Bank
7Bank of Baroda
8Bank of India
9Bank of Maharashtra
10Canara Bank
11Corporation Bank
12Dena Bank
13Indian Bank
14Indian Overseas Bank
15Union Bank
16Vijaya Bank
17Central Bank of India

12. Which all are the banks supported by the payment gateway-SBI? Ans: Following are the banks which are supported by SBI payment gateway

Sr NoSBI Group
1State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
2State Bank of Hyderabad
3State Bank of India
4State Bank of Mysore
5State Bank of Patiala
6State Bank of Travancore
7Andhra Bank
8Bank of India
9Bank of Maharashtra
10Catholic Syrian Bank
11City Union Bank
12Corporation Bank
13DCB Bank
14Dena Bank
15Dhanlaxmi Bank
16Federal Bank
17IDBI Bank
18Indian Bank
19Induslnd Bank
20Kotak Mahindra Bank
21Jammu & Kashmir Bank
22Karnataka Bank
23Karur Vysya Bank
24Lakshmi Vilas Bank
25Oriental Bank
26Punjab &Sind Bank
27Saraswat Bank
28South Indian Bank
29Syndicate Bank
30Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank
31UCO Bank
32United Bank of India
33Vijaya Bank
34Allahabad Bank
35Janata Sahakari Co-op Bank
36Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank
37Yes Bank
38Canara Bank
39HDFC Bank
40SVC Bank

13. What are the steps for making e-payment? Ans: Following are the steps to follow for e-payment for Returns Advance Payment:

> Log in to the MSTD Portal

> Enter Credentials

> Select Payment Information & Gateway

> Generates Draft Challan

> Select Bank

> Redirected to the Bank site

> Make Payment

> Acknowledgement

(Dealer can view video demo on The MSTD website)

14. What is the use of “Form ID” drop- down menu?

Ans: Form ID drop down menu is provided to select the various reasons for making e-payment. Exp:

> If you want to pay the dues as per the returns then under MVAT Act select the option from Form No. 231 to 235 or 424/ 424(A) for making works contract TDS payment, 423- TCS payment. > Under the CST Act select option IIIE

> If you want to make e-payment for other than the above reasons e.g. Assessment dues , interest order, penalty order, Installment order, Demand against Form No.213, compounding of offence, fees for various reasons, then select ” other ” option from ” Form ID” drop down.

15. What is GRN?

Ans: This is the unique identification number generated on GRAS Website after ensuring the details filled in the challan & pressing “Proceed to Pay” button. This GRN can be used to co-relate the payment made by the dealer with the Banks Scroll.

16. What is URN?

Ans: This is “Unique Reference Number” generated once dealer clicks on “Proceed” on payment screen, which will reflect on MTR-6 challan. With the help of URN dealer can track his transaction in transaction history page.

17. What is CIN?

Ans: CIN is Challan Identification Number. Dealer gets Bank CIN of that respective Bank after the successful completion of the transaction. CIN (Challan Identification Number) is generated as an acknowledgement for payment made online.

18. What is the use of Remark Column in the challan MTR Form No.6?

Ans: “Form ID” you will select from the dropdown on the payment screen will reflect on the Remark column in final print out of MTR-6 challan.

19. Can I make a single e-payment for more than one Acts administered by the sales tax department at a time?

Ans: No. You have to make separate e-payment for each Act that you are required to make e-payments.

20. Are there any geographical restrictions on Banks for e-payment?

Ans: No. dealer can effect e-payment from anywhere, provided that particular Bank is integrated with the payment gateways provided by sales tax department.

21. How can I know that I have completed sales tax payment using e-payment facility?

Ans: Payment screen will display acknowledgement MTR-6 challan after successful payment, you can download it in pdf format & take printout even you can view your acknowledgements on “Transaction history” page by log in in to sales tax website any time you required.

22. If I encounter any problem while making e-payment through Internet, what should I do?

Ans: If any problem occurs due to internet connectivity then you can view your pending or failed transactions on “Transaction History” page by log in in to sales tax website.

23. Whom should I contact if the challan containing the GRN & CIN is not displayed on completion of transaction & if I want duplicate challan?

Ans: You can get your duplicate challan copy from the “Transaction History” page by log in in to sales tax website.

24. If I misplace my challan whom should I contact?

Ans: You can get your duplicate challan copy from the “Transaction History” page by log in in to sales tax website, any time you required.

25. What is the procedure I need to follow to avoid my account getting debited more than once for the same e-transaction?

Ans: If during the transaction or after completing the transaction at the Bank site you encounter an error (e.g. you get disconnected or are not sure whether your account has really been debited etc.,) then instead of doing the same transaction again, check you’re on line Bank Account. If the account is already been debited, then you can get copy of challan from “Transaction History” page. Please note that in above case do not make the same transaction again which result in account debited more than once.

26. After depositing my tax at the Bank I have noticed that I have mentioned the year/period incorrectly in my challan to whom I should approach for correction in the challan?

Ans: You should be very careful while entering the challan details.

27. What is the relevance of CIN (Challan Identification Number) in e-payment?

Ans: CIN is generated after the e-payment is successfully completed. This CIN is required to be mentioned in payment details while up-loading e-return.

28. Can I make e-payment if I am not registered under any of the Acts administered by the Sales Tax Department? OR Can unregistered dealer make e-payment?

Ans: Sales tax department will be providing facility of making e-payment by unregistered dealer by putting his PAN/ TAN etc.

29. While making e-payment I mentioned correct TIN but name of the dealer was wrongly mentioned, under this circumstances, how can I get the credit of taxes paid?

Ans: This contingency will never occur, if you make the e-payment with log in to the MSTD portal because when you enter the TIN as your login ID then name of the dealer populates automatically in the challan. But for that your Bank should be required to be integrated with the “Payment Gateways”.

30.  I made e-payment from Nagpur/Pune /Aurangabad but the final print out of MTR-6 shows the branch of our bank as Mumbai branch? Why this is so?

Ans: Every authorized Bank for e-payment has their Nodal Branch in Mumbai only. This nodal branch is responsible for collection of e-payment from all over the Maharashtra & its remittance to RBI. So final print out of challan MTR-6 will always Show their branch from Mumbai only.

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