The Payment date for Quarter or month ending March 2012, is 21st April, 2012 and for Six-month ending March 2012 is 30th April, 2012.
The Return due date for the dealers who are liable to file VAT Audit and the non-audit dealers who have opted for composition (other than works contractors and mandap decorators) covered by Section 42(1), 42(2) and 42(3A), meaning the dealers who are NOT liable to file e-Annexure newly prescribed –
The Return due date is within 10 days from due date of payment i.e. 1st May, 2012 for Quarterly and Monthly filers and 10th May, 2012 for Half-yearly Return filers.

The Return due date is 30th June, 2012 for the dealers who are required to file new e-Annexure.

MVAT Refund Carry Forward to FY 2012-2013 allowed

MVAT Refund claim of less than Rs.1,00,000/- for return period ending March 2012 may be carried forward to the first return of the F.Y. 2012-13.

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