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  • 14
  • 2008

Standard format of Lease Deed, Agreements, Will, Deeds

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Will by disabled person in favor of wife & Daughter

Revocation of Will

Simple will giving property to wife

Will for religious and charity

Simple Will

Complicated Will


Lease of House on Monthly Tenancy

Lease Deed of Land


Indemnity Bond with Surety to ITO

Indemnity Bond to ITO

Deed Substituting a trustee

Bank Guarantee

Manufacturer And Sole Selling Agents With Canvassing Rights

Appointment Of Sole Selling Agents By A Foreign Company

Agreement Between A Manufacturer And Selling Agent

Agreement between Builder and a Broker

Appointment of Distributor for a District

  • abhishek

    plz could anyone give a proforma of indmenity bond for tds paid under wrong tan account

  • tuduru srinivas

    will deeds formats

  • Muhammad Yaseen

    I would like to comment that samples of various forms are not properly drafted and lack sufficient material.

    Kindly make them comprehensive and in accordance with the law of lands of all countries.

    Further, you like to appoint me an agent in pakistan to sell your samples on line.

    Muhammad Yaseen
    Legal Professional