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Frequently Asked questions related to Employees Provident Fund

Q1) What is the Contribution for Provident Fund both by the Employer & Employee?

Ans : The Employee contributes 12% of his /her Basic Salary & the same amount is contributed by the Employer.

Q2) Is it Compulsory for the all the employees to contribute to the Provident Fund?

Ans : Employees drawing basic salary upto Rs 6500/- have to compulsory contribute to the Provident fund and employees drawing above Rs 6501/- have an option to become member of the Provident Fund .

Q3) Is it beneficial for employees who draw salary above Rs 6501/- to become member of Provident Fund?

Ans Yes because provident fund contribution by the employer & employee is not a taxable income for Income Tax purpose.

Q4) What if an employee while joining establishment has a basic salary of Rs 4200 and after some period of time his basic salary increases above Rs 6501/-, does he have an option to terminate his member ship form the Provident fund act?

Ans : Employee who while joining the organisation has a basic salary above Rs 6501/- have an option to either become or avoid becoming member of Provident fund but employees whose basic salary while joining the organisation is less then Rs 6501/- but after some period of time their basic increases above Rs 6501/- have to compulsorily continue to be member of provident Fund.

Q5) What is the contribution percentage to the Provident fund and Pension Scheme?

Ans : Employers contribution of 12% of basic salary is totally deposited in provident fund account Whereas out of Employees contribution of 12% , 3.67% is contributed to Provident fund and 8.33% is deposited in Pension scheme.

Q6) Which form has to be filled while becoming member of provident fund?

Ans : Nomination Form No 2 has to be filled to become a member of the Provident fund, form is available with HR department.

Q7 ) Which form has to be filled while transferring provident fund deposit ?

Ans : You just have to fill form no 13 to transfer your P.F amount.

Q8 ) What is the provision of the scheme in the matter of nomination by a member ?

Ans : Each member has to make a nomination to receive the amount standing to his credit in the fund in the event of his death. If he has a family, he has to nominate one or more person belonging to his family and none other. If he has no family he can nominate any person or persons of his choice but if he subsequently acquires family, such nomination becomes invalid and he will have to make a fresh nomination of one or more persons belonging to his family. You cannot make your brother your nominee as per the Acts.

Q9 ) When is an employee eligible to enjoy pension scheme ?

Ans : For an employee to become eligible for Pension fund, he has to complete membership of the Fund for 10 Years.

Q10 ) What does it mean by continuous service of ten years ?

Ans : When we say continuous service of 10 years in Employee Pension Fund, we mean to say that during services, for e.g., an employee who has worked with X company for say 3 years, then he resigned from that organisation and joined Y company, wherein he worked for 2 years, then resigned from there to join establishment for 5 years but during these 10 years of service he has not withdrawn but transferred his Employee pension fund, then we say continuous service of ten years.

Q11 ) When can an employee avail the benefit of Employee pension fund scheme which he has contributed during his ten years of continues service /

Ans : An employee can avail the benefit after completion of 58 years of service.

Q12 ) What happens to the provident fund & Employee Pension fund if an employee who wants to resign from the service before completion of ten years of continues service?

Ans : Employee can withdraw the PF accumulations by filling Forms 19 & 10 C which is available with the HR department.

Q13 ) What is this 19 & 10C form ?

Ans : Form No 19 is for Provident fund withdrawal & Form No. 10 C is for Pension scheme withdrawal.

Q14 ) Do we get any interest on the amount which is deposited in the Provident Fund account?

Ans : Compound interest as declared by the Govt. is given for every year of service.

Q15 ) What is the accounting year for Provident fund account?

Ans : Accounting year is from March to February.

Q16 ) What are the benefits provided under Employee Provident Fund Scheme?

Ans : Two kinds of benefits are provided under the scheme-

a) Withdrawal benefit

b) Benefit of non -Refundable advances

Q18 ) What is the purpose of the Employee’s Pension Scheme ?

Ans : The purpose of the scheme is to provide for
1) Superannuation pension.
2) Retiring Pension.
3) Permanent Total disablement Pension
Superannuation Pension: Member who has rendered eligible service of 20 years and retires on attaining the age of 58 years.
Retirement Pension: member who has rendered eligible service of 20 years and retires or otherwise ceases to be in employment before attaining the age of 58 years.
Short service Pension: Member has to render eligible service of 10 years and more but less than 20 years.

Q19 ) How much time does it take to receive P.F & pension money if an employee resigns from the Service?

Ans : Normally the procedure for receiving P.F & Pension money is , the employee has to fill 19 & 10 c Form and submit the same to PF Desk , which is then submitted to the P.F office after two months, this two months is nothing but a waiting period as the rules are that an employee should not be in employment for two months after resigning if he has to withdraw his P.F amount. After completion of two months the form is submitted to the regional provident fund Commissioner office after which the employee receives his amount along with interest within a period of 90 days.

Q20 ) Do we receive money through postal order ?

Ans Previously there was a procedure wherein member use to get P.F through Postal order but now While submitting the P.F form withdrawal form you have to mention your saving Bank account No. & the complete address of the Bank where you hold the account.

Q21 ) How would I know the amount of accumulations in my PF account ?

Ans : PF office sends an annual statement through the employer which gives details about the PF accumulations. The statement contains details like, Opening balance, amount contributed during the year, withdrawal during the year, interest earned and the closing balance in the PF account. This statement is sent by the PF department on completion of the financial year.

Q22 ) Which establishments are covered by the Act ?

Ans : Any establishment which employs 20 or more employees. Except apprentice and casual laborers, every Employee including contract labour who is in receipt of basic salary up to Rs. 6500 p.m. is covered by the Act.

Q23 ) In case after registering the establishment at any point in time, the number of employees working in it becomes less than 20 then will the Act apply ?

Ans : Any establishment which has been covered under the Act once shall continue to be governed by the Act even if the number of persons employed therein at any time falls below 20.

Q24 ) Is the Act applicable to a factory which is closed down but is employing a few employees to look after the assets of the establishment ?

Ans : No, Where the establishment is closed down and only four security men are employed for keeping a watch over the assets and properties of the establishments, the Act would not be applicable.

Q25 ) Is a trainee an employee under the Act ?

Ans : Yes, a trainee would be considered as an employee as per the Act but in case the trainee is an apprentice under the Apprentice’s Act then he/ she will not be considered as an employee under this Act.

Q26) Is it possible to appeal the orders of the Central Government or the Central Provident Fund Commissioner?

Ans : Yes, there is a body called as Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal where an employer can appeal.

Q27 ) Who is the authority to decide regarding the disputes if any ?

Ans : In case there is a dispute regarding the applicability of the Act or the quantum of money to be deducted etc. the authority to decide are the
i)Central Provident Fund Commissioner,
ii)any Additional Provident Fund Commissioner,
iii)any Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner
iv)any Deputy Provident Fund Commissioner
v)any Regional Provident Fund Commissioner or
vi)any Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner

Q28 ) What in case there are workers involved as Contract labour ?

Ans : It is the responsibility of the Contractor to deduct the PF and submit a statement to the Principal Employer in the prescribed format by 7th of every month. The Company becomes the Principal Employer would be responsible for the PF deduction of the workers employed on contract basis.

Q29 ) Are the persons employed by or through a contractor covered under the Scheme ?

Ans : Persons employed by or through a contractor are included in the definition of “ employee ” under the Employee’s Provident Finds Act, 1952, and as such, they are covered under the Scheme.

Q30 ) In case the Contractor fails to deduct and submit the PF amount from the contract workers then what is to be done ?

Ans : The Company being the Principal employer is responsible for the PF to be deducted from the Contract workers as well. In case the Contractors fails to deduct and submit the PF dues then the Company has to pay the amount and can later on recover the amount from the Contractor.

Q31 ) Could the employer be punished in case the remittance of contribution by him is delayed in a Bank or post office ?

Ans : Employer cannot be punished or penalized in case there is a delay in the remittance of the contribution on account of delay in Bank or post office.

Q32 ) What happens in case there is a salary revision and a raise in the basic salary of the employee and arrears need to be paid, Do we need to deduct PF from the arrears as well ?

Ans : Arrears are considered to be emoluments earned by the employee and PF is to be deducted from such arrears.

Q33 ) Is it possible for an employee to contribute at a higher rate of interest than 12 % ?

Ans : Yes, if an employee desires to contribute an amount at a higher rate of interest than 12 % of basic salary then they can do so but it does not become obligatory for the employer to pay anything above than 12 %.This is called voluntary contribution and a Joint Declaration Form needs to be filled up where the employer and the employee both have to give a declaration as to the rate at which PF would be deducted.

Q34 ) What is the interest on the PF accumulations ?

Ans : Compound interest as declared by Central Govt. is paid on the amount standing to the credit of an employee as on 1st April every year.

357 Responses to “Frequently Asked questions related to Employees Provident Fund”

  1. shreenivas jakkani says:

    Dear Sir,

    Previous woriking for pharma co as a Executive from feb 2008 to may 2014 Presently iam joined new pharma co may 2014 new company also providing the Pf Transfer facility. My Question Can I Transfer my PF Amt Or Withdraw the Amt which is benfit for me.

    Please kindly suggest me

    Shreenivas Jakkani

  2. HARIDAS K says:

    What is the present pensionable salary for computing pension
    as per Union Budget ?
    Is it INR 6500 OR INR 15000 ?

  3. siva says:

    hi ,
    i have one dugout any other employee without pf and esi working in company their means that process is possible or not .possiable means any other forms their means tell me

  4. siva says:

    hi ,
    i have one dugout any other employee without pf and esi working in company their means that process is possible or not .possiable means any other forms their means tell me

  5. satish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have resigned for my job just after 2 months so pf amount is deducted for 2 months can i get it refunded.

    Pls Reply : my Personal mail id rai.satish750@gmail.com

    With Regards

  6. mohammad rizwan says:

    Very Useful information ….

    But I have a query that what is the amount deduced if the installment of PF is not being deposited for long time up to one year? 

    I resigned a company where I was having PF account but joined new company where PF account was not available and there was no such facilities of PF and all, so my previous PF account was disconituned

    Is there any deductions on my total PF amount?, If yes, How much? and at what basis?

  7. NANDHA GOPAL P says:

    clearly expand all question i have one doubt about rejoin he joined at one company and once again he joined same company we will continous the last account number

  8. Samik Chatterjee says:


    I have two employee,is it required for EPF number in my establishment

  9. Binita Bhutia says:

    I left my job in 2010 and I applied 2 – 3 times but still they didn’t clear my PF ….now for the last time I want to apply again….Can I Get my Pf after 4years of leaving the job…..

  10. SAJAL DEB says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have worked in a Private sector bank for 16 years and regine from the job, withdrawn PF/Gratuity, now i want to withdraw my EPS, i have submit the 10C along with all necessary procedure , but same is not processed due to following reason as per bank,
    I will like to withdraw the amount and not willing to continue for the scheme certificate. Can i able to withdrawn the amount/scheme.
    Please guide.
    Sajal Deb

  11. a k mishra says:

    i had submitted my claim forms 19 and 10C to my employer but they did not forwarded it but returned to me. want to know if i can directly submit it to the PF office. if yes, what is the procedure. thank you.

  12. Poonam says:

    Pl help me to resolve the following query:

    A person held an EPF account by his employer. He quitted the job 20 years ago but at the time of resigning, neither he claimed the amount nor got the account transferred. He served in that organization for 10 years. Can he now recover the money?
    If yes, how?

  13. BABU says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in an MNC and have EPF account.
    I have joined in the MNC on 01/04/2005 and continueing my service.
    My company retirement age is 60 years. I will complete 58 years
    as on 30/09/2014. A brief about my previous employment is as under:-

    1) I have received Scheme Certificate from PF Office for my
    previous empolyment: [from 01/04/1995 to 31/03/2004] – 9 years
    I have taken fully withdrawal of my P.F.ammount.

    2) I have served in another Company for a period of 1 year.
    [from 01/04/2004 to 31/03/2005] – 1 year
    I have transferred my P.F. to the current employer P.F.ACCOUNT.
    I have not received Scheme certificate for this 1 year.

    3) I have joined in another company from 01/04/2005 and my service
    is continueing and retirement age is 60 years. My date of birth
    is 30/09/1956.

    Since I complete 58 years as on 30/09/1956, shall I forward my
    scheme certificate to P.F.Office immediately to add-on my service
    for 9 years to the current service period ?

    Am I eligible to get EPF PENSION when I complete 58 years with my
    previous service ( 9 years + 10 years & 6 months) ? Where this will be rounded to 20 years + 2 year bonus ?

    If I continue my service in the same company, whether they will contribute P.F. to pension account or they will contribute fully to P.F. ACCOUNT (Employer & Employee 12%) ?

    If I am elibile for pension after 58 years, how can I apply for it?

    Awaiting your valuable guidance for my clarifications since my P.F Office is situated in Bandra (Maharastra).

    Best Regards

  14. Monika Rani says:


    Can we apply loan , if ‘marriage date’ is before ‘date of completing 7 years’ ?
    Suppose, I want to apply in Dec 2014 but i will complete 7 years in Aug 2015, is it possible?

    Also i read somewhere that we can apply loan for dependent siblings. Is it necessary that sibling should not be earning? What,If he/she also works in a reputed MNC?


  15. Arun Singh says:

    dear sir
    is it possible to withdraw the the PF amount from the company if i have not given the resignation from same organization but i left the company due to some personnel reson.

    please suggest.



    Dear sir,
    I am working in Pharma company. From june 1996 to August 2004, i was working in a kolkotta based company and resigned and joined in a Delhi based company in same date. I withdrawn the PF and and done the pension as scheeme certificate which suppose to produce in Delhi company which was not done by me to produce. I have left 2nd company in 29th.Dec.2012 and joined in a new company. I have not claimed any pf and pension in 2nd company.Almost 8 years in 1st company and 8.4yrs in 2nd company. Should i eligible for pension? kindly guide what to do,

    Biswajit Mohapatra

  17. Bablu Pandit says:

    I have resigned my job , but my employer don’t sign on my EPF claim forms, Can I submit EPF claim signed / attested by Bank Manager or Councillors or MLA persons without signed by principal employer ?

  18. Gopinathan says:

    I am a EPF pensioner. My former employer has decided to set up his own pension scheme which is considered to be more beneficial than the one being provided by EPF organisation. What are the terms and conditions that my former employer should follow to switch over to his own scheme of pension? Kindly furnish me with an e mail reply

  19. subhash mishra says:

    dear sir

    i want to know that which type(no.) of form required to withdraw the p.f.

  20. Kalpataru Jena says:


  21. ashit says:

    Dear Sir,

    I saw your website and I felt encouraged to ask this question. I did not readily find answer to this question on google.

    4 years back, upon change in my job, I intiated PF transfer from one company managed PF trust to Govt managed PF trust. From the cheque issued from previous trust to cheque encashed in the new trust took 3 months!

    As the amount was around 10 lakh, I lost 3 months of interest ( about 27000/-).

    Sir is there something that I can follow up to get back the interest amount? What is the PF rule on interest lost in such a case.

    Thanks in advance,
    Ashit Singh

  22. anu says:

    i was working with a private company for 3 months and i left the job by dec’13.now i dont have any job.can anyone tell me am i eligible to withdraw the provident fund

  23. awadhes bharti says:

    I was working in Dynavison Limited(Madras),which had closed almost twenty year ago.How can i get my EPF amount contribution

  24. SUJIT says:

    DEAR SIR ,

    According to the question no 28 , 29 and 30
    What if the company or firm does the indemnity bond or work order for a contractor for statutary compliances does it relief the company or firm to be not part of provident fund . and hence firm or company or a firm does not have the contactor`s labour report or attendence . hence the company pays to the contractor on rate basis per sq.ft ?? Kindly reply asap

  25. Faiyaz Ahmed says:

    i have requested for PF withdrawl for my PF account.As per the requirement i have sent my cancelled cheque along with PF withdrawl form,but there is a small diffrence in the name My PF account name is FAIYAZ AHMED LABBE but my Bank account name shows FAYAZ AHMED LABBE, will this create problem while clearing my PF account?

    please confirm..


  26. k.ANISH KUMAR says:

    sir, Iam a homeworker for a company. Iam getting wages for National & festival holidays @3% on wages already earned.The said N&FH wages paid to me at once in a year.The company is deducting P.F contribution @10% on said N&F H wages.whether this collection p.F contribution is must as per act or not?

  27. Nirmalyo says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have worked with a ISO Certified IT Company as a pay role employee more than 3 years.But I did not have PF account.Is it legal for a company engaging his employee without creating his pf account who is working more than 3 years.If there is any criteria? like basic scale.
    Please suggest.

  28. LALITHA PRASAD says:

    Dear Sir.,
    One of the employer stopped deductions of PF amounts from his employees and not remitting to PF authorities since last seven months. What will effect, if employer wants to continue to comply PF rules from this month onwards.

  29. Sravan says:

    Dear all,
    Please note that there is a minor mistake in the answer for question No-5.
    Actually the whole contribution of employee i.e. 12% goes to PF account and 3.67% employer contribution goes to PF account and remaining 8.33%goes to Emplooyee pension Scheme Account. In the above answer it is given vice versa which is wrong.

  30. KAMALA says:


  31. Amit says:

    Currently amnt of Rs 1600/- gets deposited as PF. I want to increase this amnt to 3000/-. Request all to Kindly guide in this matter.

  32. Ujjal Datta says:

    Dear All,

    Can anyone tell me the following:

    Corporation has booked Provision on arear wages w.e.f. 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2012 in the books of account, but arrear paid only from 01.04.2011 to 31.12.2012 as per presidential directives and accordingly paid pf contribution in both employer and employee share on the due date of payment. Can employer be liable to pay PF Contribution on provision for arrear wages prior to 01.04.2011 (i.e., w.e.f 01.01.2007 to 31.03.2011)? Please clerify with mentioning relevant laws with section, cases etc.

  33. MB says:

    I started working in year 2003 and started contributing to PF.
    In Jan-2007 I joined another organization and got my PF transferred there.
    In Aug 2007, I further joined another organization and got my transferred there.
    In Jul 2011, I joined another organization but didn’t get my pf transferred . Since Jun 2011 my employer is maintaining diff PF A/c.

    Now if i want to withdraw PF from the account wghere i contributed last in Jun 2011, will b charged penalty or taxes….

  34. santosh says:

    sir; i am dismissal fm. service of crpf as a rank of operator my unit send me nps form gp102 i am join in job in june 2004 what intrest rate is found in new pension system

  35. jitendra says:

    one senior officer,re-employed,but the mgt. is not willing to continue PF contribution@12% DURING EXTENSION,after his supperennuation age of 60 yrs.pl guide by mail at the earliest pl. Thanks

  36. Ghanshyam Jaju says:

    ITR 7 xls utility on efiling portal has been made available for filing. Our trust have no income from House Property and business. There is no option of Not Applicable in related Schedule and while filing the ITR 7 Property details or business details are asked while generating xml file Please guide how we should efile the ITR 7

  37. Rajendiran says:

    I have transferred my PF amount from my past company to present. When i checked E passbook i have noticed employee share more and employee share is very less. there is no amount in pension scheme also. Then where is the balance amount. Please clarify me.

  38. jennifer dsouza says:

    i had worked as a teacher 10 yrs ago, and did not claim the pf money.
    is it possible that i can claim now???….will i get the money now???…do i req only the pf withdrawal form to submit???….are there any more forms req???

  39. shiny says:

    If the employers contribution is included in the CTC itself and if the employee is not opting for PF account , will that employers contribution be include in the takehome?

  40. Navaneetha Krishnan says:

    Hi sir,

    I have not transfered my PF amount for past 6 years because of my existing and current company is not followed about my PF transfer.

    How come i take my existing PF amount and who is the contact person.I am looking forward your support.

  41. Rekha says:

    hi i had been working in central govt company in contract base i had been reigned my job. salary had been raised and they had been paid arrears and they had refund the PT amount which they had been deducted from our salary. now they are nor ready to pay arrears and pt amount who had been reigned and not in the role. so any one can help me were to give a sample letter for requesting for that amounts

  42. ravinder singh pathania says:



  43. mandeep says:


  44. Dr.Pradeep M.Pitke says:

    I left my job in Dec.2006 in Cadila Pharma.I went to another company in Hyderabad.
    Now I am retired & in want of money.I have applied through my employer for my PF dues.their mobile reply was SRBRH 13020000280 5 MEMBER ACCOUNT NO SRBRH000135700AO001230 HAS BEEN REJECTED.

  45. NITEEN TULVE says:

    Sir Iam working in Ltd.company head office in Bengal and my working location in mumbai.I am going to retired after 3 years but because of some urgent reason I want to withdraw my PF.But since it is ltd company and our PF is in companies private TRUST.Companies financial condition not so well and it is very sad that we have not received our salary since 18 Month so Pls tell me.

    1) How to withdraw my Full PF With all benefit.
    2)What benefit I will not get if I WITHDRAW it now.
    3)Will I get pension and Gratuity.

    Your advise will be more valuable for me to sort out the problem


  46. Animesh says:

    sir,if i have worked for 6 months can i withdraw the amount.sir..

  47. Jignesh says:

    Above 25 years aged son is eligible monthly pension scheme under EPS scheme in the event of his father-PF member died also nominate mother died?

  48. Snehal Sukhadia says:

    I was working with a company till November 2012 and was a part of the PF scheme. After that till March 15, 2013 I was running my own business. Now I have got a job and joining a company again. My questions are:

    1. Can I withdraw the amount of PF from the previous employer?
    2. Can I opt for not being a part of the PF Scheme during my new employment?

  49. anil says:

    i work in a govt college so if i join iit will my pf be safe or my pension will be safe or the new pension scheme will be applied. is there anyway of changing the college without risking pf.

  50. Naresh says:

    In case there is a dispute regarding the applicability of the Act or the quantum of money to be deducted etc.

    Is there any web site to write a complaint against the organization?

    Is there any address (region wise) to write a complaint against the organization?

  51. vijay kukmar pathania says:

    we are the employees in a school under a department which is run six other school but in our single school we are less than 20 (17) what is the rule for us regarding EPF. in our department 1 school get this EPF facility from 1990.
    our question is what is procedure for us?

  52. kanul wadhwa says:

    I worked with L&T Mumbai for about 3 years and then left he organisation.My employer forwarded Form 10 C to the concerned RPFCfor withdrawal of EPS accumulations.RPFC has replied that withdrawal of EPS is not allowed as per new guidelines. Member has to either apply for scheme certificate or can transfer to new employer account. My case is that I am not joining any other employer. My service is less than 5 years. Can anybody apprise me the latest rule position. I want to withdraw the EPS accumulations and I have not to join any other employer.

  53. Joyal says:

    Good Evening Sir/Madam,
    I demoved my last organization in May 2012 and came over Afghanistan, Can I submit Form No.19 through Email to refund my PF amount? Is it Possible? OR How much long time I can keep this PF amount without withdrawing after leaving the job? Can please answer me?

  54. Pramod Sharma says:


    I am working with an educational institute and I want to know is there exemption for educational institutions for deduction on behalf of Provident Fund (Employer & Employee contribution 12% of basic salary from each side)

    If it is then what are the provisions to secure the future of employees those who are working with educational institutions.

    Please let us know the fact.

    Pramod Sharma

  55. s.kannathal says:

    I worked with a school sarswathi vidyalaya matriculation school three years but i have not withdrawal my pf .please suggest how i can withdrawal my pf

  56. Rajeev Singh Chaudhary says:

    I have not claimed my pf which is 15 years old, can i now get my pf amount.

  57. R Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    As per the EPF Rules any establishment with over 20 employees has to register for EPF. However, if an establishment which does not have 20 employees yet it wants to register with EPF for the welfare of its employees, there are issues at various stages right from the stage where Registration Forms are required to be filled for getting the EPF Code, since even in the form the names of 21 Employees are required to be given.

    Why can’t the authorities remove this stipulation of 20 employees and let any organization which wants to register with EPF are free to do so.

  58. chandra says:

    Hi ,

    I worked with a software company for 10 months .My basic was 45,000 and i got the PF account number.
    Now i moved to another company .
    Can anyone tell me on how to transfer my PF and can any one let me know what does contribution form mean…………

  59. D.MADHAVI says:


  60. Mansi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Will there be any legal problem in case of not issuing pf to any existing employees if company strength is more than 150 and its completed more than a two years.

    Kindly mail the answer.

  61. rupesh rajput says:

    kitna time lagega

  62. rupesh rajput says:

    i need some money because after 2 month my sister’s marrige so a want withdrawal my pf money.
    plz give me anfo in hindi

  63. rupesh rajput says:

    i need some money because after 2 month my sister’s marrige so a want withdrawal my pf money

  64. rupesh rajput says:

    can i want withdrawal pf money without leave job

  65. laxmi says:

    pf after completing 10 year he is eligible for pension plan but for him not completed 58 year he d’not get any pension in middle or he can withdraw the pf amount on that time.

  66. Ratikanta Rath says:

    Lots of issues are there but no one is replying surprising factor.

    1. @ S.HARIHARAN :- form is FORM13, u can take that print out also from epfindia.com or from HR dept of current employer.

    2. @shakti :- Yes u can with draw ur pf amount by sending form19 & 10 c to pf office duily certified by ur employer.
    3. @ Piyush :- Kindly cross check ur deduction amount with ur pay slip 1st. If u find that 2 months pf is deducted their u can directly approach to ur local EPF office N.B:- PF cycle period is March to Feb chances are there epf office also not update there master data too.
    4. @Sushma:- to receive loan from pf Marriage these are the procedures
    - only for self, son, daughter, brother & sister
    - the member should have completed at least 7 years of service (not necessarily with the same employer, but should have transferred the PF monies from previous employers for consecutive period of 7 years)
    - maximum of 3 times in the entire service
    - maximum amount is 50% of employee’s share at the time of tendering application.
    - the member should apply in Form 31 through employer
    - marriage Invitation card should be submitted along with form as proof for marriage through employer.
    5. @UD: Put an official complain in ur local RPFC .
    6. @ Balaji:- Better option is 3rd on transfer 2 companies pf amount to 3rd company.

  67. S.HARIHARAN says:


  68. shakti says:

    I have resigned for my job just after 5 months so pf amount is deducted for 5 months can i get it refunded.

    please reply on my mail:- shaktiamc@gmail.com

  69. vaibhav jain says:

    My client has received arrears of pension during the f.y.2011-12 , but she has to refund the amount of contribution to PF made by the employer, can he take any benefit of this refund at the time of filing of return of 2011-12

  70. uma says:

    Now One person has worked in ‘x’ company. In that company they deduct EPF. And also he has worked as part time employee in ‘y’ company.is there right to the ‘y’ company to deduct epf for that same person. if, yes how to a/c his ledger in pf a/c.

  71. Piyush Sutariya says:

    Dear sir,

    My Previous employer was deducted PF from my salary, however when i downloaded my PF passbook, i found there were two months entry was missed & PF contribution was not paid for those two months, and then i resigned that after i got my PF amount at a time, but those two months contribution was not included in that amount, so please tell me how can i get back that amount?

  72. Sushma says:


    I am stuck into this situation please guide.

    MY marriage is on 25th Feb, and I complete 7yrs on PF on 2nd march, so I need to know can my application be approved – for marriage also. Also…

    I missed to move my old PF to New one, so if that can be considered as an exception then I will have 9yrs on PF. ( How soon can this be done?)

    Lastly, Can the application be approved after marriage date . In my case 25th Marriage , and I completed in my new firm 2rd march, 7yrs.. ( But I have my Old PF details, not transferred :()..

    Please guide ASAP ! If any exception can approve my loan on marriage

  73. UD says:


    I have left the company in the month of June and submitted my form in Oct 2012.Till date i have not received any updates.On enquiring i get a reply that My Ex company has not submitted the form to PF department.I had around 5 plus years of services and the money was deducted from my salary every month but as per my ex company they have not yet paid to PF department.

    Please let me know what should be my action plan.



  74. aviral tiwari says:

    Dear Sir,
    i worked for a retail company for 3 year and i rejoined after 2 months and
    submit pf form HR Department.but i have no receive pf.i ask hr department but is not clarification my pF detail. so where i complain regarding this issue.
    kindly give detail.

    thanks & regards
    aviral tiwari

  75. Balaji says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    I am a software professional and I had joined my second employer after working for 3 years with my 1 st company. I have not closed 1st employer’s my PF account with an idea to transfer it to my second employer’s PF account. Kindly clarify my below queries with respect to PF tarnsfer.

    1) Should I transfer my PF amount from my 1 st employer to 2 nd employer or should I close and withdraw my 1 st employer’s PF account, Which option gives me best returns?

    Also I had joined my 2 nd employer by last month and now I am getting a better offer from 3 rd employer and in that case if I join my 3 rd employer, I would have just stayed for 2 months with my second employer including my notice period.

    2) Please clarify if I had initiated my PF transfer of my 1 st employer in my 2 nd employer and stayed with my 2nd employer for just 2 month and when I join 3 rd employer and I initiate my 2nd employer’s PF transfer whether I would be getting whole amount from 1 st employer and 2 nd employer in to my 3rd employer’s PF account?

    3) Also Kindly clarify if I could directly transfer my 1 st employer’s PF amount to my 3 rd emploeyr’s PF Account, as because I am staying for just 2 months with my 2 nd employer?


  76. Rachel says:

    Please let me know what is monthly return (7IF)?

  77. kapil says:

    I have closed the company in 2002 for which i have a Power DC connection certificate of year 2002, but we had not closed the EPF A/C. But after 10 years we want start a new firm in the same Land and building,is it possible to start the firm, we are ready to pay the old payments before 2002.Kindly suggests at earliest.

  78. Raghavendra says:

    Q.1 what is current rate of interest in EPF and pension funds.

    Q.2 if i withdraw the PF and pension fund before rendering the min. 10 years of the continuous service to pension fund, how the refund would be calculated and will there be any tax deduction against pension fund. if yes how much?

  79. Dhruthi says:

    If i want to continue my previous company PF account in current company, which form i have to fill and give to my current employer. Please let me know.


  80. Rashid says:

    I am Private company employee. can i withdraw PF amount of 3 years in employement.
    My PF amount deduct from joing to company (Total=3 years).

  81. Piyush Saxena says:

    I have been working with my organization for over 10.5 years now. I have applied for 7 Lakh of withdrawl from my EPF account gor home load repayment. My employer is saying that since my home loan is not from a nationalized bank I can’t withdraw any amount from my EPF for home loan payment. I have not seen any such condition based on my research. Can you let me know if there is any such condition?

  82. I.D Singh says:

    Dear team,

    Whether employer can deny forwarding form 10C and form 19 for final withdrawl due to retirement simply on plea of departmental overpayment recovery?

  83. Jadhav says:

    Dear Team,

    I was worked in company from Apr-05 to Mar-06, employer deducted PF amount from my salary but they was not opened my PF account with PF office. Now they are not able to give PF amount to me. What I can do now?

  84. SURJEET says:

    Dear Sir / Madam ,

    i want to know that can an employer pay ESI & PF of contractor labour persons from his own ESI & PF codes if contractor labour is less than 20 persons. if so please let me know, it is also applicable for more than 20 person labour contractor.

  85. karthik says:

    My Company has not payed the PF since last 9 months even though they have deducted the same from my Salary and the PF forms of the ex-emps are put on hold. In this scenario, what are the options available for me to withdraw my PF?

  86. Sapu says:

    Is pf deduction means u r permanent employee…???

  87. Samrat Sen says:

    I am working in a company for last 10 years. On resignation OR force resignation from a company what would I do with my PF account may I continue or transfer my PF account to another company on which I am going to join. what will be the effect on final withdrawal or continuing the account. please reply on my mail samratkota@gmail.com

  88. Samrat Sen says:

    I am working in a company for last 10 years. On resignation OR force resignation from a company what would I do with my PF account may I continue or transfer my PF account another company on which I am going to join.

  89. Mahesh says:

    I have resigned for my job just after 5 months so pf amount is deducted for 5 months can i get it refunded. My current employer opened a new account for me…

    please reply on my mail:- maheshbalur007@gmail.com

  90. Megha says:

    How many days it can take from PF dept after the PF amount is approved for withdrawal.?

  91. Chandrika says:

    I filled my pf form on 15 december 2012 when will i get my pf amount

  92. Santhosh says:

    my salary is 6000 and they mentioned PF as 233 i worked for 11 Months how much i will receive Pf amount…

  93. ranbir says:

    Sir, i was working with tata indicom but resigned before 1 year. I had applied for pf but i lost my pf no.,so please suggest me what should i do to get my pf.
    with regards
    ranbir singh

  94. Shiddesh says:


    Could you please let me know, how do we get tax exemption on deducted PF amount in case of contract employee?? Because, there is no provision in the FORM 16A for PF amount exemption.


  95. vijay shukla says:

    I worked in a company for 14 years as a employee but now I became a proprietor of a company .Can I continoue to invest in my PF account

  96. N.K Jha says:


    I have been working in A Group company for last 12 years & as a proof of salary i have been provided Form 16 every year since my joining, but my employer have started deducting PF only for last 2 years.

    Now at this moment i realize my financial huge lose in terms of PF & Pension scheme.

    Sir, What option should i adopt to compensate this lose.

    NK Jha

  97. Sekar says:

    Post retirement how long one can hold the funds with the institution & get interest also.

  98. rao says:


    from past 12 years i have worked for 5 different companies and i have not withdrawn pf, my previous company i have submitted pf transfer forms of all
    mp previous companies no they are saying that it was not transferred i want to
    know weather my money is safe or not and to transfer all my previous pf to my current pf account what i have to do please guide me and help me

  99. pradeepkumar says:

    if basic is 20,000/ what will be pf rules?

  100. Kishore Pandit says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can any expert explain the section 76(a) of PF Act as “deducting or attempting to deduct whole or part of employer PF contribution from employee wages”


    If an employer made such arrangement in appointment letter( subsequent increment /promotion letter) to discharge their PF contribution liability from employee wages and further They add and deduct the same contribution from salary and showing in its monthly pay slip.

    What are the legal action can take by an employee against the section 76(a).

    Kishore Pandit

  101. OMKAR YADAV says:


    I worked in limited company since oct 1993 to jun 1994. My PF slip shown the balance 201000/= in employee’s column and 56000 in Employers colmuns (closing balance FY 2006-2007. But I have received only Rs. 357000/= on 19.10.2012 against my withdrawal request. Please help me how much amount more received and how can get my pf statement.

  102. umesh rai says:


    My father is died and i have fill up live form Nov.2011, Write now my mother has not receive any money from their side.

    I hope that you will positive response as soon as possible

    Warm regards
    Umesh Rai

  103. suresh kumar says:

    i an cg employee my service 19year 7month and 7 day retrirment complit 60year howmany pension get me

  104. SUBHASH SHUKLA says:

    Dear sir

    As i left my previous company within 5 months .I have submitted Form 19 and 10 c.10C was rejected, why i don’t know.Can any one tell me how it rejected.

  105. SYED ABDUL KHADER says:


  106. Fam says:

    I joined company A on August 2005 and worked for 1 year. They created a PF account for me. Then 1 year I took a break and did some research assistantship. So no PF was deposited for that time. Then again in 2007 August I took up another job. I transferred the old PF account to the new Company. I worked in the company till 2010 January. After that i left for starting my own venture. And no PF has been deposited from 2010 january till now.
    So I have totally worked for 3 1/2 years of service in 2 different companies.
    I heard that PF amount becomes dormant after 3 years (There is no interest). So I am planning to withdraw the amount after closing the account. Is it advisable ?. And will there be TDS on the source on the amount ?. If yes, whats the percentage. You can assume that I don’t earn any money this year since i am running a startup. And my amount is 2.5 lakhs rupees. Or is there a way I can reactivate the account ?
    Can you advice me on the same please.

  107. Vijay Thakur says:

    Hi All,

    Can somebody tell me what is the time period to get the PF amount claimed. Is it 15 days or 45 days ?

    Thanks & regards,
    Vijay Thakur

  108. Haider says:

    i am running an education institute since last 4 years with employees count 30 approx. i was not aware about the PF scheme earlier and now i came to know these are mandate for the employees who are earning up to 6,500/-. Question is what if i would like to enroll for EPF scheme? should i start the provision now and start contributing from this year only or i have to contribute since the day one, we started the institute and have to deposit the cumulative total of amount in PF dept?

    Please suggest, i am getting multiple advises and getting confuse.


  109. nataraja bs says:

    I retired on 31.08.2012 and already submitted for withdrawal and pension settlement. Let me know the time limit for settlement of pension and pf balance

  110. Arun Gaur says:

    One of My friend Join PF on 01/04/2007 & resign from Services on July 2009 & submitted form 19 & 10 c & received their dues.

    On 06/02/2012 he met with an accident .Now he is no more.Pl suggest weather his family is entitle for the Pension EPS or not.


  111. deepan says:

    hai i am working as a assistant professor for the past 2 years in engineering college and my salary is consolidated pay 13,000rs. recently i have some disputes with my organisation. so that i resign the job and left the organisation. i asked to my principal put the sign on epf form but he is not sign on that papers. what can i do now.is there any chance to with draw my pf amount please help me. what type of action i want to take towards the organisation.

  112. neeraj says:

    i am neeraj, i want to know if a person retired and his pf contribution deposited in Company pf trust but after that he join new company without any gape and also continue Pf Contribution, so he liable for PF Withdrawn by previous company.

  113. Rupinder Gupta says:

    1. If any company wants to close the code then what is the procedure for the same. Is there any request form required to fill or simple application required to submit. Pl reply.

  114. Bharti says:

    Dear Friends,
    My basic salary is Rs. 9000 and my Date of joining is May’11, can anyone help me to compute my PF deduction for the year alongwith the Employers contribution.. Thank you

  115. Reshma Thapa says:

    I worked in a service industry from 16.11.2009 to 18.08.2011. After that my PF Form was submitted to PF office on 23.02.2012 i.e. after 6 months from the date of leaving the organization. As per the PF rules it should be submitted after 2 months from the date of leaving the organization. Thereafter, till date there is no record of my PF Form showing in Kandivali PF Branch even though i have acknowledgement of submitting the same. And most importantly the organization is not much active in getting touch with PF brance & getting it resolved. Please advice what can be done on this issue. Please revert back on reshma@amiindia.com 

  116. hemant patni says:

    my salary at the time of joining was more than 6500/- and i have completed around 14 years of service now i have resigned and now i want to withdraw the whole of my family pension fund amount and pf amount ,is it possible and what are the rules for not opting the pension scheme

  117. sanjay says:

    both firm esi,pf nos is same 

  118. sanjay says:

    please tell us our company names jdson steels pvt ltd ,but still now our other unit/branch name bala ji track, dear sir, please tell me firm names is differnt other then company but sale tax no is  same shown, whose pf nos codes ,esis code is  also same     

  119. SUSHIL says:

    I am working in PSU and resignation after 17 year of service and joined private company . My pension fund will be transfer or withdraw for that what will be the procedure and with form to be filled up . My earlier PF office is at Chennai and now I am working in Private company at Navi-mumbai.
    So clarify my doubts and guide me .

  120. aslam says:

    how much time it will take withdraw benefit to clear

  121. Janardhana Kini (JK) Tonse says:

    Sir, In ESEVA while submitting the EPF Challan details or workers, by mistake some workers code is not  uploaded due to some clerical error.  Eg. Contribution is gone to other worker code by mistake. In such case, can we re-submit the Contribution details with corect details of workers again for which actual payment is alreay made to EPF organization.
    This is a general problem every one might face. Even in IT, VAT etc there is a provision to re-submit the factual details on request.

  122. Soubhagya Kumar Samal says:

    I am an employer. I did not submit the Employee Provident Fund for my workers from December 2011 to June 2012. Now I want to submit the same. How can I submit the same ? 

  123. k hanumanth rao says:

    Thanks for giving very precise answers to everyone.

    Pension holder under EPS-95 scheme
    My query is as under :-
    worked in x company  from 01.04.79 to 13.07.89
    worked in y company from 13.07.89 to 09.10.2002 but in the  y  company infancy period was applicable from 14.07.89 to 31.05.1992. 
    My service period has been considered from 01.04.79 to 13.07.89  &  01.06.1992 to 09.02.02 not taking into consideration the infancy period, although my PF balance was transferred from x  to y  .
    Will you please advise me about the impact of infancy period on continuous service from 01.04.79 tp 09.10.02
    Awaiting expert advice at  the earliest 
    Kind Regards
    KHR, Visakhapatnam


    If my Basic salary is Rs. 10000/- then please tell me the employees contribution and employers contribution.

  125. benny ebenezer says:

    i have been worked for x company for past 1 year…now i joined y company,i thought of transfer my pf account to current y company…while checking my previous company salary slip i found that there is no pf number in it but they has deducted in my salary…so kindly help me what is the remedy for it and also how to transfer it to my current company….sir,reply me as soon as possible

  126. Paresh Naik says:

    Hi, I wanted to know how to get refund of PF monthly Contribution deposited extra by mistake. kindly suggest the way i can apply for the same.

  127. Sanjeet Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please confirm how much maximum limit of Voluntary Provident Fund deduction on his/her Basic Salary?

    Sanjeet Singh 

  128. tejas says:


    I worked an IT company for 5 yrrs 3 month in mumbai in my previous job having PF a/c. but my current job doesn’t have PF a/c .
    So what is recomendaded in such case ?

    My thoughts says :
    is it possible to withdraw that money and invest somewhere ? if yes how to withdraw. ?
    or how long i can keep that previouse PF a/c ? is there any limit for inactivity ?

    Kindly suggest . Thanks,

  129. G.P. Rama Ral says:

    Respected Sir, I have gone through questions and answers. Answers were correctly made and accurate. Please kindly give particulars on the following points:-

    a) Withdrawal from the fund, terms and conditions, is there any time limit for withdrawal

    b) What is the procedure, form and conditions for withdrawal.

    c) Is there any limitation for withdrawal

  130. shruti says:

    if basic salary is not in proprietor co then how can deduct Providend fund & what is the procedure of them?

  131. Dhilip says:

    I have submitted my Income Tax Return and form 16 to Income Tax Office Tambaram. Acknowledgement Receipt Number: 114523, Date: 04-08-2010

    They have sent the refund to my old address, and the same is returned to the tambaram office on 09-01-2012. For this i have attached online statement.

    And then i have submitted a request letter with my current address proof to tambaram office on 27-03-2012. I waited for some time with no response from the income tax office.

    After that i have sent a complaint to IT Ombudsman on 21-05-2012, For this i got a reply from Ombudsman on 28-05-2012 stating that i have to make a complaint to Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Tambaram.

    After that i have submitted a written complaint to Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Salary Range, Ward I-(1) on 13th of June 2012.

    Waited for a month with no response or reply or TDS refund, So Again i wrote a complaint to IT Ombudsman requesting for TDS refund.

    Answers i would like to know from you now

    1. Will the Ombudsman take my case this time, is there any chance to reject my complaint now, since i have approached him for the same reason before.

    2. If he rejects what should i do next?

    3. In my last letter to Ombudsman i didn’t mentioned that i need refund amount with interest. Will they send the refund with interest? If yes, then at what rate of Interest?

    4. I have mentioned that refund it directly to my account, and also provided my account details, can they send it directly to my account or not?

    Thanks in advance, i would like to know answers, please reply.

  132. Rakesh Poddar says:

    If i worked in a organisation for a period of 5 months then resigned. For that period employer deducted my PF contribution. will I get refund of pf for that period of time.

  133. taj says:

    i’m working as part time lecture in an engineering college(private college) from feb2012 (6 months). the authorities cut TDS 12% from my salary every month. but not pf. when i asked them about pf they give irrelevant answers please do guide me?
    1)i just want to know whether pf is applicable for part time lecturers also in private college or not?
    2)if yes then whats the procedure to ask authoritatively to the authorities to cut my pf?

  134. Raj Dhanure says:

    I applied for PF but i got message that form 9 approved and form 16c rejected can i get money in this case?

  135. suvankar says:

    MY brother death by accident,i dont know pf nominee name…i know only pf ac no…..pls help me how to know nominee name & how to claim…pls help me through email ….karan_5thsep2006@rediffmail.com

  136. Swaroop Balakrishnan says:

    When I joined the company i gave my first name as Swaroop and Sir name as Balakrishnan and my name in full was Swaroop Balakrishnan.Whereas my bank a/c is in name of B Swaroop.Other records are all in name of Swaroop B or B Swaroop.Now when I applied for PF reimbursement they have sent back the form stating name change.What is the solution.Can I submit affadavit signed by rotary on my name as Swaroop Balakrishnan.Please advise.Tks.

  137. Balakrishna says:

    I wrote my name as balakrishna on the PF form but actually Balakrishna Murty.  Now i want to redeem the PF amount. Is there any problem to get my PF amount ? (Because of this name correction) All my documents…. PAN, Bank A/c, Aadhar Card in all my name is Balakrishna Murty.

  138. laxmi kumar says:

    sir, i worked in labour department in kishanganj bihar from 10th November 2006 to December 2008 and left the job in January 2009. i want to return my pf amount from pf department please suggest me what is the process taking pf amount… it is necessary to me please help me sir..

  139. Mahadev Joshi says:

    Dear Sir, Any dedline for settling provident fund claims?

  140. Ridhiva says:

    Due to the misunderstood between HR consultant and account concern person, they forgot to pay the PF contribution amount of one employee only, even though the employee is regular. And after few months they realized their fault then what should do in this situation?
    Please guide me.

  141. subramanya says:

    one of my clients place, some persons are working for salary Rs.10K, ER deducting and paying the contribution on full 10K(ie: Rs1200 ee and Rs,1361/- ER contribution respectively. Now, employer insisting to deduct and pay the contribution only on Rs.6500/-(restriction). Is it Ok, once employees are covered on higher rate, is it possible to restrict for Rs.6500/-

  142. satyam kumar yadav says:

    Please some one help me to know how this PF Withdrawal works. actually i got my PF amount PF and EPS Rs. 6148/- and Rs. 2754/-. on 27 june 2012 but this is not a complete amount of my PF actually it is 32400 Rs something on my PF withdrawal form.So that i had generated grievance on EPF site to know when my remaining amount will come. but what they replied is, This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number DELSO/E/2012/05948.
    It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
    Final PF and EPS claim were settled for Rs. 6148/- and Rs. 2754/-.
    so what this means? there is no more money is going to come from PF office. where as my PF claim status still showing payment is under process.
    please some one give me solution for this.

  143. rakesh roshan says:

    I was employee of sbi for 2 years 9 months after resiging the service bank has sanctioned 52000/- as pf. But after few months bank has recoverd 26302/- and said that u have not to paid bank’s contribution please advice me  is it right or wrong. am a eligible to draw bank’s contribution. or not

  144. Chirag says:

    I want to know if any company has provide employees contact letter (appoint by contact base) for any particular post, so he/ she is eligible for company PF or Not.

  145. anandrao says:

    hi, i am applied for PF transer from previous company, by filling form 13. how i may know wehter the transfer happend or not?
    is there any procedure to findout

  146. shiv shankar says:


  147. RAJESH LAMBA says:

    please some one tell me if any establishment have 20 employees and the basic salary of all the employees more than 8000/- p.m now in that case is estalishment is liable for pf or not.

  148. RAKESH BAJAJ says:

    A contractor was awarded to provide 4 clerks on contract basis for five months. we are paying him 9500/- per month with the condition that the contractor will deposit E.P.F./E.S.I. of the said employees.The contractor call as service provider is having only these four employees. The service provider is not deposting the E.P.F./E.S.I with the plea that he is having employees less than 20. so he does covered under the act. so my question is, the service provider is taking amount on account of E.P.F./E.S.I from us but not depositing the with provident fund department. then where this amount will go? please clarify

  149. Sudheer says:

    Dear friends,
    I have a doubt regarding the PF issue, Mr.Siddu worked in a manufacturing company for 2 years from 2006-2008, and then resigned the job due to the some personal problems, he applied for his PF after 2 years of his resignation dated, unfortunately the particular company was closed due to the managerial problems, in PF online Mr.Sidu record was not found, and finally my question is how can he will get his PF ? is he eligible for that? because it has already taken the time of around 4 years..
    Tell me the answer…
    will wait for your positive feedback..
    thanking you..

  150. Tasleem says:

    if all employee of a private limited company getting salary 10000 and above it need not deduct p.f it is right

  151. Avinash Singh says:

    My salary is Rs. 8000/-. How much I contribute to EPF & my employer. Plz tell me with explanation.

  152. Avinash Singh says:

    I am working in a Pvt. Ltd. com. which’s last 6months EPF is not deposited. Plz tell me I can deposite epf and how much penalty will be drawn.


    Avi Singh

  153. wahid khan says:

    i want withdrawal of my pf amount without leaving a job.

  154. SUNNY says:

    Dear sir pls tell me what maximum % of my basic salary i can deposit in epf a/c 

  155. DR AK SAXENA says:

    is there any option of not withdrawing the epf amount after retirement? if yes, for how long/ during this period, whether the amount will get interest?

  156. Abid Ali says:

    I am working from 4 months in a s/w company in bangalore.
    now due to some reason I want to withdraw my PF amount.
    How it possible and How many time it takes ?

  157. nidhi says:

    I want to withdwar my provided fund from my last company. Can I give my account which was my salary account with that company but in this account my wife is a joint account holder. Is a joint account acceptable. the company  HR told it might be a problem as it is a joint account?

  158. dhanraj talekar says:


    I am working in BSNL through contract agency for a period of one year. After one year i closed my epf account and get it settled from epf organisation. After closing my epf account there is some arrears have to be paid to me by BSNL through contract agency. Whether it is mandatory to deduct epf contribution from arrears payment where there is no epf account to deposit ?

    I will be very much thankful if i get the information to my mail id please.


  159. prabhakar says:


    anybocy can tell me that my father (age 65 years) expired one month back and he is the pensioner of provident fund pension scheme. i would like to know the proceedure about how the pension of my late father can be tranfered (or) make my mother eligibel for the persion scheme with details of required forms and certificates to be submitted to the p.f department.

    I will be very much thankful if i get the information to my mail id please,


  160. Arnab Saha says:

    Hi, my name is Arnab Saha.
    i have deducted my PF 5 months back but still not able to trace the status.. request you to please provide my PF account status.. PF number is WB/CA/44451/215
    my mail id is arnabsaha_74@yahoo.co.in

  161. nidhi bhadani says:

    I m working in my comp from last 4 months (1st 3 months was prohibition period).. but they did’nt provide me any PF no. nor any PF amount.& not providing me confirmation letter. they are teling that during prohibition period no pf amount is given…..& no company gives confirmation letter…..

             my basic salary is 12,300/m. please suggest me, is that so……?


  162. Apurba Sen says:

    Please let me know that from which year the deduction of P.F has been increased from 10% to 12% ; and from which year the D.A has been added with Basic for calculating the P.F. amount;
    The information as stated are urgently needed.
    With regards,


  163. s.k.sharma says:

    after 9y ear & 8 month i leave my job & i want to withdrawl my pesion fund can its possibal

  164. Nandlal Yadav says:

    Q- i have left my first job on 11th may 2011 and join another firm but still we have not transfer my EPF account to our new firm can we transfer the old account in new firm account. pl suggest me correct way

    Nandlal Yadav

  165. DEPPAK SAHOO says:


  166. A.K.Ramachandran says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am retired on 31.10.2011 from Tamil Nadu Government Public sector undertaking.Delay in getting of pension for meger amount from the EPF office in Chennai Regional Office. Why delay for the release of pension sanction to me.

  167. rohini says:

    if a employee become member of EPF for only 4 month & then left the job can he receive his 4 month deposit epf amount with his Pension fund amt too?

  168. dave says:

    during an audit i found that in a month salary paid to employees as under-
    basic+employee contribution-employee & employer contribution..
    is it correct??
    i not tell me the correct one

  169. meenu says:

    can i withdraw pension share 8.33% after completing 10 Years.

  170. someshwar singh bais says:

    dear sir,

    what is the legal obligation of the employer for deduction of provident Fund of the employee who are in probation period. what is the provision under the PF Act, 1952.

  171. Sovan Kumar Mondal says:

    Dear Sir, I am worked for a Ltd. Co. but after reigned company can’t settle my EPF Amount. EPF says that, Company in Case 7, they can’t submitted all relevant document, but company says they submitted the all, but both of them, can’t provide any written document for the same, then what can I do? Please help me.

  172. devkrishan choumal says:

    I am a computer operator contract basis working in Jodhpur Discom( Electricity company) a Nigam company ( A Govt of Rajasthan) from 23 Jan 2006 to till date but some finance reason terminate me. ( Reason : No Sanction ) so god help me !!!!!!!!
    Mobile No : 08745040096

  173. Niranjan poddar says:

    hi i am working with a company from 07 sep 1995.my basic selary was at the time of joining Rs.975/- and current basic is Rs.18000/-.if i leave the company today than i am eligibale for pension? if yes than how much amt. we will received as pansion amt. per month in hand and in which age my pansion will start.Pls. conform.
    Thanks and rgds.

  174. raj says:

    Which form is filled  to get the pension (Contract labour) in case of death 

  175. William Joseph says:

    Q. When an employee leaves the organisation, which department should follow up with the PF office for the employee’s withdrawal of PF amount? Is this the Admin/HR’s responsibility or the Accounts dept’s responsibility? I would really appreciate if you could clarify on this. Thanks, William.

  176. Pravin Gadhave says:

    Is it possible for an employee to contribute at a higher rate of interest than 12 % &
    after some period can he contribute normal rate of interest at @ 12%?

  177. Rao says:

    Respected Sir, I have not transferred my PF amount from the previous employer and it is about more than 8 years. Please advise is there a possiblity in transferring my old PF account to the current one

  178. Arunendra Kumar Pandey says:

    Arunendra Kumar Pandey wrote on 7 May, 2012, 15:52
    Dear Sir, I had worked with a company name is I2I telesourse Ltd upto five Year . but i have not widrawal my Pf. please suggest. How can i widrawal my PF if Employer is not available.

    Name – Arunendra Kumar Pandey

  179. Arunendra Kumar Pandey says:

    Dear Sir, I had worked with a company name is I2I telesourse Ltd in five . but i have not widrawal my Pf. please suggest. How can i widrawal my PF if Employer is not available.

    Name – Arunendra Kumar Pandey

  180. Md. Fozailur Rahman says:


    Presently I am working for a Salient BPO Gurgaon, on a contractual basis.  Company hired me for the contract of three month after that they issued again a new contract for the three more month. They are giving me a 10000 per month as compensation from the beginning. But at the last month salary they deducted 6000 Rs. tax on my whole six month income. Is it justify according to tax rules. As i know my income is under 2 lacs, so there is no need of such taxes. kindly guide me with your proper suggestion. Thanks

  181. Lata says:

    I am holding a EPF Pension Scheme Certificate, 1995. I was in the rolls of a company from 1987 to 2000. when I resigned from the Company, I was provided with the scheme certificate. Again joined another company but forgot to submit the scheme certificate and resigned the job wef March 2012. Now I want to know whether I can claim the money in my pension account and what is the procedure?

  182. sarita says:

    what happens to the P.F when the employee is thrown out of the company? do the employer need to return the employees fund?

  183. sk.munneerunnisa says:

    when i was worked in hindu college guntur ,andhra pradesh.., i have an epf account,,,,later they were stopped the contract basic salaries ..again they were started hourley basics….they stopped the epf ……how can i continue that epf no now.. i have an interest to continue that epf,,,,please convey the information to me.

  184. munneerunnisa says:

    i have worked in college since 02-08-2002 to 2009 …they deducted the epf amount….then they they did not do

  185. sk.munneerunnisa says:

    when i was worked in hindu college guntur ,andhra pradesh.., i have an epf account,,,,later they were stopped the contract basic salaries ..again they were started hourley basics….they stopped the epf ……how can i continue that epf no now.. i have an interest to continue that epf,,,,please convey the information to me.

  186. monika says:

    i have retired in 2010 from my company. but i did not witdraw my epf amount. i want to knw that can i get interest on that amount till current year. because it is not a running account.

  187. G.SamuelSanjay.S/o.M.G.Giriraj says:

    Sir,I have worked with Connect Market Data Pvt.LtdBangalore.Karnataka.India..from14/04/2005 to 10/03/2007,as Sr.Sales Executive,and I left the organaisation and presently un employeed,by that time I was deductted PF Rs.1034=00,Throug my salary slip,and my PF Code is DL/21679/0,Now I want to withdraw my PF amount,from were I have to contact to withdraw the amoun,and what procedure to claim the money.kindly repply for the same.Kindly repply to girirajmg@rediffmail.com,my fathers mail box.Thanking you sir.

  188. sanjay tembulkar says:


    I am working in ltd company at mumbai
    i want to know what to do if employer is not paying provident fund?
    Please help asap


  189. Lata says:

    I am holding an Employee Provident Fund Organisation Employees Pension Scheme, 1995, Maharashtra & Goa (Mumbai) certificate. This certificate is given by the organisation when I took VRS on May 2000, which was by oversignt, not submitted to the subsequent employer. Now I resigned from the last employer. Can I withdrawn the amount in the Pension scheme certificate and if so, what are the procedures?

  190. Thai Airways Employees Association says:

    Dear Sir,
    We had a private trust of excluded employees till our trustees decided to transfer the balances to RPFC with effect from 1st April 2009. However, prior to the transfer, there have been a lot of irregularities as apparently the private trust did not seek income tax clearance for the years 2004-2009, no yearly returns filed with the income tax authority, did not take permission to run the trust from RPFC, and most importantly did not pay interest rate as declared by the govt.of india in every financial year. Though, the funds have been transferred to RPFC in 2009, the employees are not able to access their accounts apparently it is felt that the company’s account is still under scrutiny or on freeze. Please advise. Thanks very much.

  191. mukherji says:

    due to govt decision,employee of psu,s have been recently shifted from CDA pay scale to IDA payscale.accordingly some employee benefited and some employee put to loss.due to reversion in lower pay scale w.e.f. 1995 corporation is now recoverying excess amount paid by him towards cpf contribution.Is corporation is legally entitled to recover excess amount deposited by him towards cpf contribution consequent upon fixing of pay scale in lower grade

  192. surinder kumar bhaita says:

    dear sir
     how to get  my pf . i left my job since june 2011 but till date i did not get my pf. no any help by hdfclife and his hr dept.

  193. Thomas says:

    I was a Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan employee  retired after 26 years of service on December 2011. I had opted for CPF during 1988  anticipating that one more option may be asked.but KVS didn’t give any more option and my requests were turned down.Other departments were given options. I am with the mere CPF management Share for the complete life. Is it possible to change into GPF cum pension scheme  now. 
    I shall be highly obliged for your reply

  194. Vinod says:

    Dear sir i am working in pravate company a few month before i drawn my pf. I received rs73800 for Pf & rs 20800 for pension.But us dout about pension amout so please give me information regarding pension sheme & withdrawl benifits

  195. Naveed says:

    Dear sir, Please let us give some example how to fill returns (Part-A Members wage Detail)

    give the clear detail by your reply.


  196. srikanth says:

    hi sir my pf ac is already stilled but my bank account is closed .please tell me what i do.

  197. Janardhana rao says:

    Sir I was in a nationalized bank 1999 I got dismissed for trade union activities later case was filed before CGIT, the same was set-aside as crs with back wages of 50% with all consequential benefits   and contunity of service  later bank went appeal before high court and the HC passed an order by granting 40% of back wages and all other remained as per the CGIT orders. 
    The bank has not paid consequential retirement benefits as 100%   they paid only 40% even MPF % BPF is also calculated 40% and pension is not granted till date.
    In view of the above please let me know who is the authority to settle my issues of PF and Pension. Further I made an inquiry with RPF dep also they have informed me to file before the registrar of companies for redressing my grivence. Hence please inform me who is the right tribunal authority  for settling my despute of the PF and pension in Bengaluru.
    Thanking you with regards

  198. Janardhana rao says:

    Sir I was in a nationalized bank 1999 I got dismissed for trade union activities later case was filed before CGIT, the same was set-aside as crs with back wages of 50% with all consequential benefits   and contunity of service  later bank went appeal before high court and the HC passed an order by granting 40% of back wages and all other remained as per the CGIT orders. 
    The bank has not paid consequential retirement benefits as 100%   they paid only 40% even MPF % BPF is also calculated 40% and pension is not granted till date.
    In view of the above please let me know who is the authority to settle my issues of PF and Pension. Further I made an inquiry with RPF dep also they have informed me to file before the registrar of companies for redressing my grivence. Hence please inform me who is the right tribunal authority  for settling my depute of the PF and pension.
    Thanking you with regards

  199. Sangeeta Goswami says:

    ESI Family Act : Mother in law eligible for married Female IP?. As per my opinion, must eligible mother in law for married female IP. Can it is possible to change in ESI ACT. for this matter.

  200. Sangeeta Goswami says:

    Mother in law eligible for married Female IP?. As per my opinion, must eligible mother in law for married female IP. Can it is possible to change in ESI ACT. for this matter.

  201. Nitin Athavake says:

    I am working in a Pharma company. My company is diducting PF from my salary & not filing it in to PF office. Online my account is showing seezed. what can I do?

  202. vivek says:

    dear sir 

    any scheme for PROVIDENT FUND by self employee

  203. vijay says:

    Hi All,

    I want to take loan on my PF account towards purchasing of a house. The house we are purchasing will be registered in the name of my parents. And they are declared as dependents. Please let me know can I still claim the PF loan? I found in the internet that the property should be titled in the name of the PF account holder/spouse or jointly. Is there any way to claim the amount?


  204. G.BHARGAVA says:

    sir,One of our sub contractor requested us to cover all his worker under company establishment code.after two months with an intimation covered by his own code.Again asked us to continue by us i.e covered under company code .Pl advise.

  205. Manju says:

    i have resigned from an MNC and have a total experience of 4 years and 9 months. Am planning to withdraw my PF. Will this be taxable as i have not completed 5 years of employment.

  206. keshav says:

    Now what i should do to get my PF amount

  207. kranti katoch says:

    if rule of intrest of epf is every year 1 april they add the compound int but what about those accounts which r not apdated since 31/3/10

  208. Pawan Kumar Rawal says:

    We are working in central govt. department as a computer operators & Watermen on daily wages from 06.03.1997 to till date. We had received salary Rs. 292/- per day from the department till June, 2011 but after June, 2011, we receiving salary from the department @ Rs. 164/- per day. There was no contract system in the department till 09.03.2012.  The Department has opened a bid for contract for hiring of Computer Operators & Watermen. We had filed writ petition before Hon’ble CAT in the month of November, 2011 and filed representation against the contract bid. The same was rejected by the Department on 09.03.2012 and give contract on the same date.   

    Please tell / Advise us, can the department engaged us through contract or not? If the contract system followed by us, then please give payment rates for us.

    ( Pawan Kumar Rawal )     

  209. PANKAJ says:


  210. sneha says:

    sir plz reply asap!

  211. sneha says:

    16. How can an employee get a loan or advance from pf?
    18. Will pf be available for part time employee?
    20. If an employee do not wish to be a part of pf & wishes to deposit,do he need to fill a form to transfer the amount accrued to his family pension fund when he leaves the organisation?
    21. Is there a separate a/c manual for family pension fund?
    22. What is a cooling period?
    23. Why does pf form a part of employer ctc?
    24. Does an employee need to inform or fill a fresh information in case of change or addition of his nominee?
    25. If there is an interest transfer, is the continuity of the pf impacted?
    26. On withdrawal of my pf amount,is it taxable?

  212. sneha says:

    What is the voluntary rate of contribution?
    Where does pf gets deposited?
    What is the procedure of inclusion in an exempted & excluded trust?
    How does one become a member of pf?
    How often can a member get the amount of pf accrued & the statement?

  213. sneha says:

    6. Can an employee make additional contribution under pf act?

  214. prabhu says:

    What is Form – 9 (Revised) as per PF act.

  215. prabhu says:

    My company is a manpower & housekeeping service provide company and our company employees are below Rs.6500/- (Basic + DA) but recently we had a new contract.  That employees having Basic + DA is more than Rs.6500/- but we wrongly give PF numbers in Form-2, Form-9, and also we give monthly return to PF office.  Whether it is correct or not ?

    please reply at the earliest.

    Thanking You.

  216. Nawaz pasha says:

    i was worked in a pvt company for 20months, now i leave that job with out serving 1 month of notice period, so can i apply for pf.

  217. DIPANKAR GHOSH says:

    I had been working for NIRMA LTD.(HEALTHCARE DIV) FROM 1/1/2009 to 17/11/2010. Please provide me the PF account no of mine if possible…

  218. Ashita Jain says:

    sir,If PF is deducted by the employer but not deposited by him so whats the liabilty and penalty that can be imposed on him.

  219. sanjeev sharma says:

    Dear sir, in 2005 i left flex industries noida and join bhushan steel. i have not taken my provident fund. is my provident fund genrating intrest on that account or not.

  220. Pushpakant says:

    how much does PF amount take to credit in our A/C after approval or forward to the bank 

  221. rajender kumar says:

    dear sir,

    i have 28 employee out of which 12 are getting 8000/- pm i want to know that these 12 employee are covered under esic & pf provisions

  222. Marthanda Varma says:

    My Employer, Canan Technologies P. Ltd., deducted Rsl281/- per month from my salary since 2008 July till I left service on 31 December 2011. After leaving the service it came to know that my EMPLOYER has never deposited anything other than the bribes paid to certain staff in the PF office at Bommasandra, Bangalore, On checking the Employer Code, it is also noted that a fake address is given, which is unknown even to the senior most employee of the company . I have spent more than Rs.2000/- to get the information from Bommasandra Office, in addition the loss of about Rs.18,000/- deducted by employer as Provident Fund. In spite of several representations by several employees, there is not even a nod of head by the Assistant Commissioner of Bommasandra. What is the remedy ? Just on checking the No. PY/BOM/34355/ … it would be evident to any person. But the PF Commissioner is laughing on such enquiry. So, my advice to every employee, you should collect the proof of remittance by every month, especially from Bommasandra (Bangalore) Office of Provident Fund.


    in which conditions the company has deducted the epf on the amount rs.7500 & which type of company should deducted

  224. Keyur Parikh says:

    Dear Sir / Medam,

    I wont to know herewith following subject as per company rule ;
    1) Company can deduct in basic salary of employee? Once PF deducted on high basic then it is possible to reduce basic ?
    2) is TDS applicable on allounces like (HRA, D.A., Other, etc)

    Please help me & give on key_parikh@yahoo.co.in 

    Keyur Parikh

  225. naina says:

    PLEASE HELP ME TO GET THE DETAILS @ k_kaminisingh@hotmail.com

  226. Veresh Rao says:

    I have recently jined a new company & having a PF account but when i got the salary statements it shows that the employee & the employer contrbuiton will be duducted by my salary only. Is it any rule in PF that it both employee & employer contribution can be deducted from the employee salary. Please someone guide ????

  227. Sundeep S Satpute says:


  228. Suryasaini161 says:

    After leaving of company if we withdraw EPF before three years then will we get interest on EPF?

  229. vijankumar says:

    if an employee receives a certain amount as arrears of salary in the light of pay revision and a major portion of such arrears are credited to the employees p,f account ,whether the whole or the part of arrears is exempted?

  230. Rakesh says:

    if i have 25 emp and all they geting more ten Rs 9000/- per monts as cash by cash vouchar, then is it compulsory to me as an employer to enroll for PF.

  231. PRAMOD KUMAR says:


  232. chetan says:

    is the money deducted on behalf of ESI is given back at the end of service?

    would appreciate your reply to my email cheyan0991112@gmail.com

  233. Kanchan Taneja says:


    I want to know if i withdraw PF after 6 years of continuous services, is it taxable under the income tax act?

  234. subra says:

    i want to withdraw my money from pf account which is not oparating for the last 8 years. as i was resigned from my earlier company. Now can i get back my amount by regular procesure ? plz. help.

  235. ASHOK SHARMA says:

    i have 8 nos of labours in my transport business. Is it EPF registration required for my 8 drivers?   

  236. Mahender says:

    Which form to be filed on employee leaving service and new joining service and How to maintain employee epf code

  237. sHAKIR says:


    I joined the Pvt Ltd Company on 3rd Nov,2008 and i left on 23rd Nov, 2009, without any prior notice to the company………..

    Now, i want to apply for my PF……

    So can I apply for the same or not…….

    Is there any time limits after leaving the organisation we hav to apply for PF?

    Do PF collapsed….

  238. Partho Dutta Roy says:

    I left my last organisation on 6th Aug 2011, and at the same time i have applied for the PF withdrawal and given the documents to the local HR, but till date i haven’t received my PF amount, now the HR team is saying that it will take few more months for the PF amount, can i ask for any compensation amount from my company for the delay in process.

  239. ANWAR SHAREEF says:

    A person settled his claim for a certain period then rejoined in the same establishment
    what is the space ( period ) to allot new number how much period has to wait or there is space to wait immediately joined in the following month itself ,please explain

  240. sanjay jindal says:

    I am asking you, that after death of employees his father ( Ist nominies) get pension as routine way suddenly his father died than (2nd nominie) his mother get pention or not. Kindly confirm and what is the rules regarding this metter.

  241. admin says:

    If you want to apply it voluntarily you can.

  242. Thirunavuakrasu says:

    we have 5 employee its possible to cover epf for my employee?

  243. Deepti says:

    what if the employer has paid his part of provident fund to the labour contractor and thge labour contractor maliciously fails to pay the provident fund to the EPF, should the employer continue to do business with the contractor neglecting his mistake and if he continues is their any punishment to the employer for abeting the contractors act. please guide…..

  244. Samsareef says:

    Sir ,If
    I work in a company and suddenly quit it because of companies misbehaviour or not feeling uncomfortable and the organisation refuses to tell me my pf account number or relief letter. How can I get access of that pf account.

  245. manubhai says:

    i am 65 yearls old i service a firm / p.f 12% cut my salary

  246. jitendra says:

    Is the EPF registration mandotory even if the employees strength is less than 20 nos.

  247. manjeet says:

    If any contract worker has worked for one day and contractor is under pf rule. Should contrcator deduct PF from salary of contract labor?

  248. manjeet says:

    If any contract worker has worked for ond day and contractor is under pf rule. Should contrcator deduct PF from salary of contract labor?

  249. Sandeep Kumar Sahoo says:


  250. Shrikanth says:

    Please advise when we will be able to withdraw the money from Pension Fund? Is it only after 60 years ( or ) when changing the employer. 

  251. pallavi kulkarni says:

    If employees want to withdraw their PF amount from previous company & open a new account of PF in their current working company. There is any affect to previous company regarding employees PF withdrawal?

  252. Ankita Agarwal says:

    Really Thankful for all the answers!!

  253. srinivas says:

    I have gone through all questions and myself clarify lot of question on PF Scheme. I am very thank full to you!!!!

  254. Kanthan says:

    Consider am working with X company…and i resigned from there and joined in Y company….Is it possible to withdraw PF without signing the previous employer

  255. Vijendra Kumar says:

    Sir, I am a central govt. employee working in Income Tax. I am not eligible for GPF. My monthly deduction (10%) for CPF a/c is done from my salary. In case of CPF equal amount (10%) is deposited to my CPF a/c by the government also. Is this 10% contribution by government be added for calculate my gross income because that amount also taxable. If, yes or no, then under which rule? Please reply me. Thanking you.

  256. Siddhartha Misra says:

    I am a Central Govt employee working in a research institute under Min of Agriculture. I am not eligible for GPF, but monthly deduction for Contributory PF is done from my salary. In case of CPF equal amount (10%) is deposited to my CPF account by the employer also. Is this 10% contribution  by the Govt be added to calculate my Gross income, i.e. is that amount also taxable? If, yes, then under which rule? please reply me. Thanking you,

    Siddhartha Misra
    CSWRI, Avikanagar, Rajasthan-304501

  257. Harshad says:

    Can a member of PF discontinue PF while in service?

  258. varalakshmi says:

    Do we have to pay Income Tax on PF amount claimed.

  259. HC Thakur says:

    I was employed in a public limited company where PF was being deposited in a private trust managed by the company. W.e.f. 1st Jan ’2011 PF contributions have been deposited with Regional Provident Fund Commission.  I left the company in May ’11.  I have received PF from trust but company has not informed my PF No. with RPFC.  Can I withdraw PF accumulations from RPFC.

  260. s n shetty says:

    IF retired person aged 58 is employed in an Ltd co.

    His basic salary is Rs.3000.00. Wheather the duduction of PF is compulsory.
    Enmployee do not want the PF.

  261. Rajesh Mahant says:

    I want information related to procedure of discontinue family pension scheme.
    My date of joining last job was dated June-1972 and left the service on dated 1994 that time i was withdraw my family pension Rs.4695/- in Feb-1996, now i want to rejoing in this family pension scheme with paying my due amount with interest. So it is possible as per P.F.Act. Today my age is 57 year & 8 Month. Please mail me with proper details for above possibility.
    Please guide me i want this information. Please do needful.

    Please mail me as early as possible on my above mail id.
    Thank & regards Rajesh Mahant

  262. Baldeb says:

    currently i am working for a company 2 yrs,

    if i want to withdrawn my PF,Is it possible to withdrawn with out resign the company?????

  263. Baldeb says:

    currently i am working for a company 2 yrs,

    if i want to withdrawn my PF,Is it possible to withdrawn with out resign the company?????

  264. ASHISH says:

    my p.f cutiing is Rs .780 per month from my monthly salary from jan 2008. Then what will be my E.E amt & E.R amt upto 31st march 2010. Plz send me the ans on my cell 8805027514.

  265. Mohammad Gouse. Shaik says:

    I have submitted my PF settlement form in my previous office by Nov 2010. When ever i check my pf status online your form has been submitted on 094\2010 and it is in under process. Today when i checked it, it shows as Form 19 has been rejected. And your Form 10C is under process. Now what i should do to get my PF amount as  i am waiting for that amount since 6 months.
    Please send the details to my e-mail address which i mentioned below.

  266. harish singh negi says:

    I worked on on limited con nearly 7.5 year and i widraw my provident fund but i did not withdraw my penson fund, i work there since 1993 to 2003. since there i never contribute in provident fund there is nine year gap between my penson fund contribution. i got certificate for my penson fund contribution. i join another co. after 8 year should i continue my accout is it helful for me

  267. vasu says:

    Dear Sir

    If a employee does not wants to deduct EPF in his salary, then the employer can pay his salary without deduct EPF?

    If the employee give the declaration i.e. to say I don’t want to ded. EPF is it sufficient?. If it is sufficient, as per which section it is sufficient?.

    Any one can give the reply.


    If the pf account is not operative than pf account holder can get the interest for how much time.

  269. Amit Chouhan says:

    I had left my previous job in may 2011 And My Ex-employer has not provided me PF no. yet.how could i get my PF No. number?? i m confused weather to take legal action or not,Is there any way to access my PF no. from my employer or any other way ??
    Please suggest me.
    Thank you

  270. zubair hussain says:

    my father has taken voluntary retirement 1 year before actual retirement will he be getting pf .he worked as rtc driver

  271. viv says:


    I have been working with a company for 10+ years which has never paid me or other 20+ employees any PF. All employees have salaries ranging from 17K+ to 40K+ with basic in excess of 7000+.

    The company also does not pay its I. Tax due to STPI benefits, although TDS is deducted.

    What action can be taken against them and whom to contact.

    Please Suggest.

  272. Nandish says:


    My aunt an ex bank employee had subcribed for post retirement pension scheme… and in lieu had deposited some amount upfront with the bank…

    She expired after some months into the scheme .. Just want to know can I withdraw the amount deposited …. and how?

  273. parag joshi says:

    Dear Sir / Mam,

    my last day in offfce is 23th sep 2011 & after 60days of waiting period

    submit my pf withdrawal form in pf office bandra on 29th nov 11.

    so hopefully when i get pf amount credited in my bank a/c ?

  274. keshav Acharya says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was working in a Pvt Ltd company from the year of 2001 To 2005 ,company used to deduct my PF amount from my salary in this year, at year 2005 i resigned company, then i rejoined this same company at year 2011, so i need your help , how can i withdraw my PF amount from the year of 2001 to 2005 , pls help,

  275. anisha mittal says:

    Yes bansilal, PF accumulated amount cannot be credited in a joint a/c. It is necessary that an employee should have a separate a/c

  276. anisha mittal says:

    Yes Bansilal, PF accumulated amount cannot be credited in a joint account…………..

  277. Rajaram Sutar says:

    What is the Maximum benefits of EDLI Scheme as per last ammentment?

  278. Sir,
    I was employeed in a Pvt.Ltd. company of Rajkot, posted to work at Baroda in their Branch Office as a Branch Incharge on Probation Period, at the Consolidated Salary Rs:12,000/- per month.
    As per my knowledge, Company has to deduct my PF contribution on complition of 2 months (60)days, but, neither they have deducted nor any intimation in the regard, has been given to me.
    Is this a write process or should I draw attention of my Employer to deduct my contribution.
    Also, please inform me, if they still fails for this, what legal proceedure is likely to be taken by PF authority.
    Thanking you,

    Yours truley,


  279. kabir says:

    what will happen that an employer not deposited pf amount on time . have any law to take action about such type of fraud.

  280. Pratap Singh says:

    Is there any provision to withdraw pension fund after completing 11 years of continuous service under Employee Pension Scheme 1995.

  281. Ravi says:

    Sir: I worked for an organization for over 3 years in Hyderabad. PF was deducted for me in this organization. Then I joined another organization in Hyderabad itself. My PF no was transferred from the first orgn to this second orgn. But, due to some personal reasons, I had to leave the second organization within 6 months of my joining. Later, when I approached the PF office, they said that since I have not completed 6 months, I cannot withdraw PF. Now, the whole amount (including what was contributed in the first orgn and the second orgn) got stuck and it has been more than 7 years. I have not been able to get my amount. How can I withdraw my PF amount ? Pl advise.


  282. Anil Gautam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Working in Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme on contract basis since yr 2004, Which is run by Min of Defence, Govt of India. Since 2004 there ECHS Organisation is not deducting PF amount from our salary. We are contract employees and our contract is renewable after 12 months. Now the ECHS Org has started deducting our TDS but still PF is not yet started, which is very much important for us to be financially secure.

  283. Sanjay Yeutkar says:

    Hi,I am working private hospital,since last 2 years hospital was closed.but my EPF withdrawal can not be credited in my account.I am submitted form in office 2 times but they are rejected my form. SO please I will request to you please help me.My EPF office in Nagpur and my EPF No.is- MH/63710/197 and my mobile no is- 9545400990.Thanks

  284. Ramnarayanan says:

    Is it mandatory for employer to contibute to P.F. ? If so , what is the minimum amount should the employer contribute to the employees Pf

  285. Neha says:

    If an employee retires from the services of the corporation and wants to maintain his/her PF account with the employer self managed trust.Is employer can retain the PF amount of the Employee on superannuation and if yes for how long??????

    Please let me know after taking into consideration of Income tax provisions

  286. Jeyakumar says:


    For the past 5 yrs i am working in a company where i am contributing the pf fund also. I am planing to quit the company now. After 2 yrs i am planing to rejoin the same company or different company. I dont want to withdrawn or transfer my employee pension fund. After rejoining the same or different company can i use the same pf account? or can i transfer my the pf amount to new pf account? how the continuous service will be calculated?

    Anyone pls give me suggestion..

  287. Jeyakumar says:

    For the past 5 yrs i am working in a company where i am contributing the pf fund also. I am planing to quit the company now. After 2 yrs i am planing to rejoin the same company or different company. I dont want to withdrawn or transfer my employee pension fund. After rejoining the same or different company can i use the same pf account? or can i transfer my the pf amount to new pf account? how the continuous service will be calculated?

  288. Manish Ajmera says:

    Is it possible to transfer pension fund after withdrowal of provident fund ?

  289. Krushna Kale says:

    Dear Sir / Mam,

    What if an employee doesent withdrows his PF after resigning from the services within 3 years

  290. Vinod says:


    i was an employee but now i am an employer. Can i continue to to the same PF account. Would i be still eligible for PF.

  291. Ravindra Khisti says:

    If a company is paying Special Allowance to an employee, is it liable to deduct Provident Fund on such allowance? The company now deducting PF only on Basic salary

  292. Hemant K Kathuria says:

    What action the PF deptt can take if the Establishment has not deposited the employees as well as employers contribution during the last 3-4 financial years.
    Also pls advise what remedies an employee has – in getting the contributions and interest be credited to his/her account

  293. Sweetha says:

    By mistake my employer had given my previous PF a/c no hence it is rejected by PF office. Advice how to re apply and if can file a case against my employer demanding interest for the delay

  294. pls say the calculation for 3.67 provident fund and 8.33 pension

  295. Bansilal Shetkar says:

    Is it true that PF accumulations (withdrawal) cannot be credited to a joint account in the name of the employee and his spouse ??

  296. Nikhar says:

    My current basic salry is above Rs. 6501. I didn’t opt for PF at the time of joining my current employer (didn’t have any PF account earlier as well). My basic salary was above Rs. 6501 at the time of joining as well.
    However i want to enroll for PF now, but my employer says that it can’t be done. They say that only at the time of joining the organization i can have option of joining / not joining PF. A person can not enroll for PF once he has opted for not joining PF.

    Please comment if my employer is right in denying me to join PF.

  297. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    please let me know if directors of company are also to be counted during determining the employee strength.

  298. jatinpal says:

    i had worked in MNC for more than one year.but after accident in my home i got fractured in my leg and i got surgery and was on bed for 7 months .the previous company terminated me and they deducted my PF every month without PF no.can i get my PF amount. please help m i am very need full

  299. SUMANTO says:

    Yes, it is right

  300. SUMANTO says:

    If your company has more than 20 people, then according to rule, your company have to contribute toward PF

  301. SUMANTO says:


  302. SUMANTO says:

    It is upto you, you can contribute voluntarily more money into PF, but in this case your employer will not contribute extra money to (PF+Pension)

  303. SUMANTO says:

    Your salary slip does not show employer component for PF. It only show what your contribution to PF by deducting this amount from your total pay.

    Net Pay = (Basic + HRA + other salary component) – (Tax + your PF contribution)

  304. SUMANTO says:

    You will get your amount.

  305. SUMANTO says:

    You can changed your nominee any time by submitting nominee change from to EPFO office

  306. SUMANTO says:

    Use PF calculator tool from net. You need to do Google searching for get a PF calculator tool.

  307. SUMANTO says:

    You worked for 5 months for a company. You can till go for withdrawal your PF, if and only if, you are not under same PF office scanner.

  308. SUMANTO says:

    Yes you can do it under some PF rule.

  309. SUMANTO says:

    Your case is something different than other. No one can stop you from getting PF amount. PF withdrawal case, you have to send form 19 and 10c form to your previous office after filling your information on those form. After getting your form they will submit these form to regional PF office. No thing is that, if your previous company not proceed your form, then you should signed you form by gazetted office as described by EPFO office. Hope you get your answer.

  310. SUMANTO says:

    your mother will be getting pension if and only if, your father made her as nominee in the pension application.

  311. John Pecson says:

    i left the company; i told my senior that i am leaving the company but i didnt give proper reginization (means to say that i write a letter and give to my boss instead of HR)that is all due to some personal problem at my home i have to leave the company on an imediate effects.
    can i be able to take the PF from this company (i worked in that more than a year)
    please help me out.

  312. sansu ( question ) says:

    Is it mandatory to have PF account if we are working as a consultant and fees received under section 194J from the company.

  313. PAM says:

    can v make a partial withdrawal from our PF MONEY LYING WITH the pf trust of an organization.
    Rv liable to get interest on the money.????

  314. Sun says:


    I worked for a company for 5 months and closed the PF account.Now its time to submit the acknowledgement to PF ofice.
    But now the finance team tells that PF office might not allow me to withdraw the amount instead they would ask me to transfer the amount which is again a tedious job to go back my previous organisation and moreover am in need of money.
    Please help.


  315. P.KARTHKEYAN says:


    KINDLY REPLY.MY E-MAIL ID – karthik2015@gmail.com

  316. P.KARTHKEYAN says:


  317. Rizwan says:

    Hello sir

    This Is Rizwan Here i Have one doubt if any one knows give a reply to my mail id rizu7865@gmail.com.
    My doubt is that for eg my pf is Rs.100 per month.I worked in an organisation for 2 yrs Later i resigned from that organisation then how much pf amount i will be receiving.If anyone knows do give me a reply.

    With regards

  318. Renu says:

    Dear sir,

    please guide in this matter, is epf deduction possible to HRA.

  319. Juzer says:

    If person is EPFS a/c holder and he had nominated his wife. First wife expired then he remarried to another woman but nomination was not changed and then after some years the person (a/c holder) dies. He left his second wife and only daughter (married) from his first wife. In this case, what would be the fate of claim ?

  320. deepak says:

    In Co-op. credit society, the contribution of PF on what ? Basic or on Gross Salary ?

  321. Krishna says:

    is there any rule that if contractor is not register than how he will deduct provident fund & his staff

  322. Satvinder SIngh says:

    What is basic wages in PF ? Is this minimum wages of state or any calculated amount made by employer ? Is there any limit of minimum basic wages ?

  323. SURESH N says:

    An employee who has worked with X company for say 5 years or before, then he resigned from that organisation he has withdrawn his Employee pension fund during the same.

  324. KALANIDHI.R says:


  325. krishnakumar says:

    is it possible to transfer EPF pension fund of an employee to any specific pension fund which is establish by the undertaking organisation ,,like pension funds maintained by many development authorities, ,,,,,

  326. dilip says:

    I am working for a pvt. company on ctc basis.
    I received my first month salary in my salary statement i came to know that employers contribution to provident fund and employees contribution provident fund is deducted from my salary it self and in the same way they have deducted esi,prof tax twice from salary when i asked my dept.head he says that this is procedure followed to calculate salary on ctc basis.
    I want to know is this is right procedure adopted to calculate salary on ctc basis.

  327. vanitha says:

    i have worked for 5 months in a company on contract basis they dedcuted my PF I resigned later .pls let me know will i get my PF

  328. milind says:

    can employee withdrawal provident fund when estabish is closed

  329. Ipsita says:

    I am working with franchise company from last 1year.My company is limited company but my company not deducted any PF.Please suggest me this is applicable for me or not.currently my Basic Salary is 11500/-.If is applicable then suggest me what i do.

  330. Md says:


    Today I have receive my CTC and salary slip that shows my monthly salary, there is quite a difference in both:

    1) Salary as per salary slip is: Basic + HRA + PF Employee’s Contribution say Rs.x
    2) Salary as per CTC is: Basic + HRA + + PF Employee’s Contribution PF Employer’s Contribution which is also equal to Rs.X

    As per me CTC should be: Basic + HRA + PF Employee’s Contribution = Rs.X + PF Employee’s Contribution

    If We go with CTC monthly salary(2) it seems that PF Employer’s Contribution has been already credited to our account, which is wrong. Also Basic+HRA amount is different in Salary slip and CTC.

    So Please let me know that PF Employer’s Contribution should be included in our monthly salary?

  331. dilip yadav says:

    last 3 years my company deduct pf on above 6500 but thish time company deduct only on rs 8750 and my basic is rs 9900 can i deduct more amount

  332. sanjeev kumar says:

    I have joined the Union bank on2008 december,for me is it normal pension or provident fund

  333. Barendra Swain says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have served more that 3+ years, Can i withdraw my total pf amount in which case there employer have not deposited the pf amount more that one year.

  334. sunil srivastava says:

    what are exempted prvident fund schme exempted or not. if exempted than tell me which clause no. or act after retirement or 60 year employees.

    Read more: http://www.taxguru.in/general-info/frequently-asked-questions-related-to-employees-provident-fund.html/comment-page-1#comment-88356#ixzz0vQETW6dj

  335. sunil srivastava says:

    what are exempted prvident fund schme exempted or not. if exempted than tell me which clause no. or act.

  336. sunil srivastava says:

    what are egliable epf contribution schmme after 58 or 60 age years. please tell me.

  337. Manish Bhuva says:

    Income of Provident fund after retirement is exempted Or Not???????

  338. sagar pol says:

    Does an employee has to serve the one month notice period to be eligible to get the PF???

  339. sandeep Gothankar says:

    i have worked for a company for 6 yrs and rejoin after 1 yr for same company. That time co. deducted my PF but now co. not deducted my P.F. Pl. suggest me. this is applicable for me or not . currently my Basic Salary is above 6500/-

  340. Nirakar says:

    I have worked for a company for 27 months and joined another company. I wish to withdraw the PF amount from the previous company. I want to know if I get the total amount or will 30 % of the amount will be deducted as Tax as I am withdrawing the amount before 5 years. Thanks in advance.

  341. A.S.R. S.Raju says:

    My employer has deducted PF contribution from my salary and deposited deduction amount and their contribution through challan but failed to submit annual return i.e Individual employee wise contribution. In the mean while company under Lock out. Please give valuable suggestion to get deposited amount self & employer.

  342. Chintan Shah says:

    I am getting above 6500 basic and PF is not getting dedcuted.I want to go under PF scheme. It is possible that employer deduct PF & add Employer contribution, if Employee wants.And it is compulsory for employer to fulfil employees requirement.

  343. Mahesh says:

    if a employee become member of EPF for only 2 month & then left the job can he receive his 2 month deposit epf amount?

  344. kiran says:

    i worked for a company for 1 year and i rejoined after 4 months and i worked again for 5 months? my company people has deducted the pf amount for the rejoin period(5 months) but when i opted for pf withdrawl they are saying the pf amount deducted for 5 months will be of no guarantee. if we work for 5 months can’t we avail the PF?

  345. vinayak patere says:

    employee basic + D.A. salary is above 6501/- any joint declaration between employee & employer to not deducting Pf contribution?

  346. Mehul Patel says:

    I have read all good things about EPF.In May 2008 my pf balance was transfered from Ahmedabad to Mumbai EPF office but till date it is not credited to my present pf account and hence withdrawal not possible.Can anybody guide which is proper authority who responds all our letters.

  347. c n suresh says:

    Answer to Q No 5 is not correct. Actully Employees 12% goes to Employees A/c No 1 & Out of Employers 12% , 3.67% will go to Employees A/c No1 & 8.33 % goes to PensionFund A/c No 10. This needs to corrected & updated.

    Regarding P F on encashment of Leave(regular earned leave @ credit) is not payable, but encashment of National Festival Holidays will attract P F Contribution

  348. B.SEKAR says:

    I hope, the encashment of credit leave for an employee paid during the year, should be deducted pf? recently, it was told not to deduct the pf for leave encashment.

  349. Masarrat says:

    As far as i am aware, the Employers contribution of 12% goes

    partly into pension (8.33%) and PF (3.67%)and the employees whole contribution of 12% goes to the PF dept.

    You might want to update the same in answer to question number 5

  350. TDS says:

    It would be much better if someone writes as to how a member of the EPF Scheme can ever get his dues in time WITHOUT PAYING BRIBES and WITHOUT VISITING THE PF OFFICE. It is shameful that the officers from top t bottom never respond to letters in writing or to emails and only talk from unlisted numbers directing the person concerned to do this and that. Is there no Grievance-handling machinery in the CPFO? Even a Secretary to the Govt. of India at rare occasions, all Chief Commissioners of Income Tax, etc., respond to emails, but not so with the CPFC and his lower officers. The reason is quite obvious. Will at least the CBI look into this aspect?

  351. S Rani says:

    what is the definition of casual labour, if we employ some labour during season for marketing, labour works, do we need to deduct PF. In majority of the cases, they won’t agree.

    Read more: http://www.taxguru.in/general-info/frequently-asked-questions-related-to-employees-provident-fund.html#more-21933#ixzz0gRLCnd55

  352. Ankita says:

    The questions in this post could have been given in bold font, to facilitate readability! It was quite a task reading it!

  353. CA. Vipin Gupta says:

    Does any statement of 8.33% contribution of Pension by employer also received like in case of PF

  354. Vikas Jain says:

    Kindly let me what will happen to the person placed in company (where PF appliocable) on daily wages. like gardner, daily wage labour. if it necessary to deduct pf from their wage payment.

    if yes, whats the procedure? Thanks

  355. S. Krishnamoorthy says:

    What is the definition of “basic pay”? In most of the establishments, the basic pay and the DA constitute the components of minimum wages.
    Such being the case, can we exclude DA for determining the contribution to the EPF by the employer/employee?

  356. Priyadarshan says:

    why , the brother of any member of a providiend fund canot becomes his(members)nominee?




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