Success has always been at your side and your passions have driven you to grow your business and look to new horizons. Live life to the fullest and build the dream home that you have always wanted. This video by Aditya Birla Finance home loan will make you re-envision yourself and set your sites on realizing your dream.

A new home buyer would engage in a home loan when he can receive a lump-sum amount switch to a lower rate of interest, move to lower monthly payments and consolidate debts. This would allow them to finance their dream home and make easy and quick installment payments and enable to keep their debt under check. In order to process a home loan, you are required to provide basic information, pay the processing fees and process your papers for evaluation and verification. The finance firms will conduct a verification of repayment capacity, provide an Offer letter for home loans and eventually disburse the amount of home loan.

It is essential to get a home loan worthy of your income. For a new home borrower, your EMI should be within 30% to 50% of your monthly income. New home buyers should enhance their repayment capacity by enabling their spouse or a parent as a co-borrower. Rental income will also be considered to determine your repayment capacity. Ensure that you do not miss out on an installment as it can increase the chances that your home loan is rejected. Young and salaried people have an advantage in tenure in paying back their home loan. In order to process your home for new home buyer, you require providing the property title, rental receipts, identity proof, proof of address and the ownership verification.

As a new home buyer, you may not have the required capital to make an outright purchase. Through, you can gauge the amount you can pay as a down payment and the loan amount to be disbursed. #TheHomeLoanIDeserve

Home is where the heart is and therefore it is essential to choose the right home loan plan to assist you when you make a decision to fund the construction or purchase of your dream home. It is simply not a place built on brick and stone but it is defined by being surrounded by loved ones and those close at heart.

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