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How to apply Address proof card issued by India Post (Postal Identity Card)

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Postal Identity Card is issued under clause 63 of the Post Office Guide – Part I for the benefit of tourists, traveling representatives of firms and other members of the public who experience difficulty in establishing their identity in connection with postal transactions, e.g., receipt of registered and insured articles and payment of money orders in the post town through which they pass. These cards will be obtainable at any head post office by literate persons whose identity is well established in the locality in which they reside or who can be vouched for by substantial permanent residents known to the postmaster.

The card will contain a full description of its holder, his signature and photograph and will be current for a period of three years from the date of issue. After the expiry of the period of validity of the card, a fresh card will have to be applied for.

The use of these cards is entirely optional. Holders will ordinarily receive delivery of postal articles and payment of money orders on their presentation but in cases of doubt it will be open to postmasters to make such further enquiry as they may consider necessary to establish the identity of the applicants with the holders of the cards and to demand additional corroborative evidence of such identity.

In the event of the loss of a card, a duplicate will be issued to the holder on the conditions laid down in sub-clause (2) above besides paying the prescribed fee and on his giving a written declaration absolving the department from all responsibility in the event of the misuse of the original.


  • Application fee for the card is Rs. 10/-.
  • Processing fee and card cost – Rs. 240/- to be paid at the time of submission of filled up application
  • In order to make the cards more attractive, Post Department is issuing these in the form of plastic cards like smart cards incorporating information like date of birth, telephone/mobile number and blood group in addition to the address of the person.

Website :- http://www.indiapost.gov.in/NSDefault.htm

96 Responses to “How to apply Address proof card issued by India Post (Postal Identity Card)”

  1. Miss AshaSubramani says:

    If the person does not have any address proof they can apply for post card in near by their post office. After getting the card they can use the card for many thing such as bank loans, opening an account, to apply voter id and this useful for applying ration card as well.

  2. sivasai says:

    sir, i am sivasai ,i want have only adhar my atm card appling perpose i want another photo identity proof ,give information another ID proof at online site

  3. Rajendran.M says:

    Dear sir,
    I applied postal identity card on 04.12.14 ,Formalities and enquiries had been completed, Still not yet,How long it will take further sir?

  4. P.chandrasekhar says:

    Please advice as How?time it will take to issue Address Proof ID-Card….

  5. saravanan.r says:


    I’m Saravanan, we have no any ID proofs to my wife, so we can’t open any bank account & can’t get election card to her, if we get proof of address card from Postal Dept. can we use it as address & ID Proof.

    Kindly advice me.

  6. saravanan.r says:


    I’m Saravanan, we haneno any ID proofs to my wife, so we can’t open any bank account & can’t get election card, if we get proof of address card from Postal Dept. can we use it as address & ID Proof.

    Kindly advice me.

  7. amit choudhary says:

    i am from assam ,i applied for a postal i card 3 years before but still i did not get that card. what to do ?

  8. Tamil says:

    I have applied on 03/12/13 for address proof id card .one of the staff told me that i have to wait for 40 days ,is that true or not.

    and also she informed me that within 10 days one officer will come for verification.but till now no body came.

    this is the second time to apply,and my house lies 2 streets in front of the post office.

  9. sabapathy says:

    the dop people are unfriendly. they won’t give you any reply unless it is made under rti act 2005. i sent an application for the issue of postal id card a year back i am yet to get a reply. the fee is too high the validity period is too short.

  10. Dhruba Jyoti Deka says:

    Well, I have applied for this POID card 2 years back but never received it.

    I don’t think Indian Postal Service is best with its services. That is why the private courier services are growing more. Prove me if I am wrong.

  11. awaisana khan says:

    plzzzzzz sir help me plzzz.

  12. awaisana khan says:

    asalam o alikum
    Sir , my name Awais khan and i live in pakistan or ab main india hamayshan rhnay ka socha ho plg mughay national id card ke problm hoge plzzz solution btain???thanx

  13. nagesh kumar c says:

    1. Can i apply postal I D card through online, if yes send me the link.
    2. will this card hold good for registering RC Book, Driving Licence, passport etc.
    3. My residence is in Mangadu Pincode is 600122 where should I apply for the Postal I D card

  14. Girish Kumar K P says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I need to register for new RC book because i have moved from Chennai to Kerala in case of my employment. Whether Postal ID card is accepted as a address proof for registration of RC book.

    Thanks in advance


  15. Krish says:

    is it starts in sikkim?

  16. Krish says:

    will this is applicable in sikkim also?

  17. Tapan says:

    Which are the acceptable residential proof to open an RD account?

  18. GOVIND RAM says:

    i missing postel id card.so how to apply dupllicate. how many rupees charge dupllicate id.
    please reply me

  19. Radhakrishnan. S says:

    Sir, I Had applied the postal id (Tatkal) 2nd June T.Nagar Post office,Chennai – 17. Still i am not received the id. So Please check my Postal Id Status. As soon as Possible.
    Please reply.

    Thank You,

    Radhakrishnan S

  20. Radhakrishnan. S says:

    Sir, I Had applied the postal id (Tatkal) 2nd June in T.Nagar Head Post office,Chennai – 23. Still i am not received the id. So Please check my Postal Id Status. As soon as possible.

    Thanking You,

    Radhakrishnan S

  21. rakesh singh says:

    sir can be use this card for ID proof plse reply…

  22. Binod Choudhary says:

    which type of document required for getting address card from Post office

  23. Rajesh Kumar Morwal says:

    GOVT is issuing PAN CARD within Rs. 100/- why we should pay Rs. 250/-.
    secoundly why we required that becouse we have PAN CARD.

  24. V.R.PRABAKARAN says:

    I have applied address proof ID during December – 2011. So far I could not get any response. Kindly inform me when it will be sent to my address.

    Please reply


    i have applied for postal I D on 05-11-2011 at   AVADI (CHENNAI) post office on TATKAL basis but.  counter staff  told the card will be given by hand with in 15 days , but so for there is no response till this date . from my residence to post office it was 12 kms  i went there more than 7 times but every time they told you will get the card in another 2 or 3 days. will you please help me to get the card or guide me to whom i have to approach to get the card ,or how to get back the money

  26. RITESH says:

    When will i receive the address proof card after applying. pls let me know

    thanks & regards

  27. neelaveni says:

    i missed my Indian postal ID card. can i able to apply once again for duplicate.
    for that what else i need while i am applying.

  28. Prosenjit says:

    Yes!! This is true. But only few post office provide this service. You should talk to the customer care to know more.

  29. jk says:

    nobody alive here….:)

  30. Amith says:

    Is this service available all post office or only few listed PO.
    I m a resident of dahisar mumbai . I asked in both dahisar east and dahisar RS post office. They said they dont know abt this service may be its a misconception .
    Pls reply..

  31. amith says:

    is this service available all post office or only few listed PO.
    I m a resident of dahisar mumbai . I asked in both dahisar east and dahisar RS post office. They said they dont know abt this service may be its a misconception .
    Pls reply….

  32. SREEPATHARAO says:

    what are all the enclosures for applying postal id card issued by the postal department of india?

  33. vel says:

    Shall we use this proof for passport ??? will they accept this card as a proof ???

  34. Praveen says:

    Please don’t apply in tatkal. dont waste your money.

  35. Praveen says:

    Hi all,

    I applied for this address proof in tatkal(600rs). they said i will be receiving the card within a week or 7 working days. its almost 2 weeks passed and i have not received the my card yet.

  36. wang says:


    I have recently shifted to indrapuram U.P. I needed a address proof so after reading your article, called up the local post office to enquire about this facility. The voice from other side replied v.coldly ‘no it is not available here” and hung up. I really doubt whether he even understood my question. I want to know is this facility available in all post offices and if no , whether its available in indrapuram ?

  37. sindhu says:


    As , you have not mentioned ur location..i would like to know if it has started in bangalore and if yes, which post office issues the same.thanks in advance.

  38. Arunkumar says:

    I applied for the Post office address proof. How to check the status of my application form? Kindly let me know.

  39. dr kamal says:

    how can i check the address proof card status

  40. dr kamal says:


  41. shankar says:

    i applied Postal id card as thakkal before a week but no information and status ,
    please can you advise how can i know status

  42. R Suresh says:

    How can i check the arrdess proof card status.

  43. sonu says:

    for bank purpose like opening bank accounts, for driving licence,for pan cards etc.

  44. venkateshan says:


    please let me know which are the places the postal i.d acceptable like RTO, gas agency and any other govt. places. because almost everybody is asking the ration card is must for proof of address. then what is the use of this id card with photo issued by post office central government. please reply if any body come across this problems

  45. somasekhar says:

    hello sir,
    postal id cards are not useful for identification

  46. VIKAS says:

    i went to my city post office.I asked them for application for address proof card,they said this facility is not available in my city(rajpura,punjab,140401).WHAT TO DO NOW?PLEASE HELP ME.

  47. Ratheesh says:

    I am holding the Post Office Address card.Now i shifted my home to other area.May i able to change address by giving request to near by Post office?

  48. ARUNABH DAS says:

    Hellow Sir, I am a permanent resident of Assam.Now I have been serving in the Assam Secretariat(Govt. Employee.But when I approach to the Head Post Office, Assam i.e Megdoot Bhawan for Postal Identity Card, they did not give me proper information about the same.Please, provide me proper information about the same through my E-mail.

  49. Narayana Rao says:


    Great to hear such news from you,Because I am just worrying about this card as it is not at all useful for any purposes which are identified by our So-called Postal Dept.

  50. Rishabh says:

    Thank u Indian Postal Services…Its very useful and amazing and i am very much satisfied with it..it is very helpful and i am well identified by it..i use it whereever i go..

  51. SELVAKUMAR says:

    i applied postal id card immediatly contact your person thank you

  52. mahinder says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I applied ID card in amberpet post office bit i did not get any card and nobody came to my home for address verification. how many days it will take to get my card reply me.

  53. VENKATESH says:


  54. Manoj Krishna says:

    Respected Sir,
    I want to apply for POA issuing by Indian post.
    I am staying in mumbai as i have job there.
    If i have applied at my native place Nellore(Andhra Pradesh),is it possible to get POA card at mumbai?
    Pls reply me at your earliest.

    Thanking you Sir

  55. ramakrishna says:

    i got my postal identity card.my problem is name printed wrongly.
    can anyone tell what’s the processor i follow for it.
    is this i card is useful for passport verfication or not.
    plz inform me as early as possabl
    thank uuuuuuuuu

  56. a.v.d.prasad says:

    the local postmaster is not showing any kind of interest in encouraging me regarding idproof of address. i am a state government employee residing in a rented house.please take action.

    AP 505209

  57. nitesh says:

    dear sir,
    where can i find the application form in the website.
    awaiting for your reply.

  58. parveen says:

    dear sir

    i need the postal id applicaion form

  59. anil nakra says:

    DEATAIL APP NO HR FBD 147 DATED 15.11.2010
    RS 250- PAID

  60. srinu says:

    Can i use this as an address proof evidence for applying passport. Pls confirm.

  61. Sridhar.k says:


    I have applied for proof of address card on 23rd August. Yet I did not get my card. How can I know the status of my Proof Of Address card ? please reply As soon as Possible.

    Kindly do the needful.


  62. GIRIDHAR.R says:

    To india post do you tell me how to apply the indiapost address proof card.

  63. Pat says:


    I had applied for the card at the st.thomas mount post office on the 16th Oct and i have nit got the card as yet. how can i follow up on this

  64. jose says:

    How can I apply for TATKAL postal id. Also where can i get the TATKAL Application form.

  65. sallubhai says:

    Dear Friends

    this card is not accepting as proof for passport apply. thanks to Indian Govt. making for money and such stupid rules

  66. Jayaraj says:

    Hello Sir, How To Apply The Card in Chennai, Just I`ve Only Madurai Proof, Now I`m In Chennai, They Accept my prooff Ah? Reply Me Pls, I Need That Card

    Thanks & Regards
    Jayaraj .P

  67. leelakumar says:

    i got an proof of address card how i will check it in website ,it useful to open a bank account

  68. Rajesh says:

    I applied for proof of address card on 26th September. Yet I did not get my card. How can I know the status of my Proof Of Address card ? please reply As soon as Possible.

  69. RRAMAKRISHNA says:

    While applying for PAN Card,the service provider requires us to produce Address Proof and ID proof.Can the Address Proof Card issued by Post Office serve both the purposes of Address Proof and ID Proof while submitting application for PAN?

  70. Devi says:

    Kindly tell us where we can use the Postal id as address proof like applying passport, for Licence for 2/4 wheeler etc.,

    We would like to know how and where to make use of this ID card.

    Thank you.

  71. Manasa says:

    I applied for proof of address card on 30th August. Yet I did not get my card and even no one came for checking.How can I know the status of my card?

  72. Mehul says:

    Agree with Abdul Rahaman. RPO is not accepting the Proof of Address card for the passport application.

  73. Abdul Rahaman says:

    This card cannot be used as address proof for applying passport.

    Today my wife passport application has beed rejected by chennai regional passport office for using this postal ID card as address proof.

    Normally it will take 2-3 months to get this card from postal services.

  74. Rohit says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know what is the procedure to apply for id card. As i have already paid the amount for the application and they told me that the post guy will come ant collect it from my home. But till date no one from your side has arrived.

    Waiting for your earliest reply.

  75. Arun says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can it be used for passport apply

  76. Arun says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can I use this ID as address proof for applying passport?

  77. Bala says:


    Can i use this as an address proof evidence for applying passport. Pls confirm.


  78. Prasad says:

    Hello All,
    Can any onse send me the Profession Tax Slab rates at various State ( Lucknow )

  79. S. N. Kapadia says:

    Sir, Very useful postal ID Card. My sincere appreciation to Tax Guru.

  80. R.V.Ramgopalan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had apply for postal address proof indentity card on 23 th of july.whn will i get the identity card.can u tell me .

  81. sanoj puthoor says:

    sir ,
    can i use this id prof for making
    driving licence purpose?

  82. G Dinesh Kumar says:

    Where do i need to pay money? Payment mode? How will i get the confirmation? Pls advise

  83. lateesh says:

    wht is normal time taken for issue of cards

  84. Dattaram R Kamerkar says:

    Address proof card issued by India Post is this proof recognized by whom? anyone –for example can it be used while applying for a driving licence or passport ? please confirm

  85. Santosh Singh says:

    in the FY 2009-10, i was working as a employee at a CA firm for 7 months (Apr- oct) and received salary every months, i have salary certificate for this as there is no TDS. further from nov to march i worked in a company as professional and received payment after TDS deduction @ 10% for professional, i got TDS certificate from there, now tell me which form i should be filed as ITR.

  86. M.SELVAKUMAR says:

    Sir, I Had applied the postal id 8th june in Ayanavaram Post office,Chennai – 23. Still i am not received the id. So Please check my Postal Id Status.

    Thanking u,

  87. S KAPAL says:



  88. Mahesh Chauhan says:

    In bangalore they are demanding Election card to issue this Address proof card. If i have that what will be need of this addressproof card from Post office ?

  89. Rajat says:

    Will this ID proof useful to buy a vehicle?

  90. Kalpit Mehta says:

    What are the supportings documents are required with address proof card form? I stay at Bhayandar, where should i submit it?

  91. Naran Maheshwari says:

    Thanks to India Post Govt.

  92. Senthil Raja.S says:

    I’m at erode which is known for textiles and turmeric in tamilnadu. I live in rural area but very close (4 km) to town. Authorities in post office says that this address proof card will be issued to the people or area covered by head post office alone. They told Govt. not yet passed G.O(Govt. Order)for providing this card to rural area. Is it so? If not how can i proceed to get the card?, If yes then what is it for? we are also indian citizen!!!!

  93. form is attached in the post itself. We have mentioned address of the website at the bottom of the post now.

  94. Kirit Vakharia says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Sir from where I can get the form and to whom I should submit the same alongwith other documents. The web site name of India Postal Services is not mentioned.I am staying in Matunga, Mumbai 400019.
    Expecting your early reply.

  95. tuydib says:

    Will these cards be good evidence acceptable for purposes inter alia in connection with PAN, Passport, etc., applications?

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