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Procedure for registration/ applying importer exporter code (IEC)

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CS Mohit Saluja

To import in India or export out of India, IEC Code i.e. Importer Exporter Code is mandatory. IEC Code is unique 10 digit code issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. No person or entity shall make any Import or Export without IEC Code Number.

Eligibility condition and Legal Provisions are given for IEC Code Number Application in Foreign Trade (Regulation) Rules, 1993 Ministry of Commerce, Notification No. GSR 791 (E), dated 30-12-1993. However, Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) issued a Policy Circular No.15 (RE-2006)/2004-2009 Date: 27th July, 2006) for New System for issuance of Importer-Exporter Code Number.

Eligibility and other provisions for applying IEC

1. No export or import shall be made by any person without an Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number unless specifically exempted. An Importer/Exporter Code (IEC) number shall be granted on application to the competent authority. Every application for grant of IEC number shall be made by the Registered/Head Office of the applicant, unless otherwise specified, shall be submitted to the Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade, as per the territorial jurisdiction of the Regional authorities and shall be accompanied by documents prescribed therein. In case of STPI/ EHTP/ BTP units, the Regional Offices of the DGFT having jurisdiction over the district in which the Registered/ Head Office of the STPI unit is located shall issue or amend the IECs.

2.     The Licensing Authority concerned shall issue an IEC number in the format as given in Appendix 2B and will dispatch to the applicant’s address.  IEC is dispatched through Speed Post to verify the address of the Firm/ Entity which intends to carry on the Business of Import Export Therefore not handed to the applicant over the counter. So it is mandatory for the entity to affix the Board indicating name and address of the Firm at the Business Place.

3.     An IEC Number allotted to an applicant shall be valid for all its branches/divisions/units/factories as indicated on the IEC number.

4.    Where an IEC Number is lost or misplaced, the issuing authority may consider requests for grant of a duplicate copy of IEC number, if accompanied by following documents:

  1. Request letter on Letter Head for issue of duplicate IEC.
  2. Application form as per Appendix 2 and 3 in duplicate.
  3. Copy of IEC OR IEC No.
  4. Copy of FIR.
  5. Affidavit on Rs.20/- Stamp Paper duly notorised.
  6. Challan or D.D. of Rs. 200 in favour of Jt.D.G.F.T
  7. Self Addressed Envelope affixed with Rs.25/- postal stamp

5. If an IEC holder does not wish to operate the allotted IEC number, he may surrender the same by informing the issuing authority. On receipt of such intimation, the issuing authority shall immediately cancel the same and electronically transmit it to DGFT for onward transmission to the Customs and Regional Authorities to intimate that the said IEC number has become inoperative.

6. If there is any change in the name/address or constitution of IEC holder/licensee, the Actual User eligible for import without a license/recognised status holders, as the case may be, shall cease to be eligible to import or export against the license /IEC Number or any other facility permitted under the Policy and Handbook, after expiry of 60 days from the date of such change in his name or constitution.

Documents Required for Applying the IEC Code

  1. Covering Letter on Firm/ company’s letter head for issue of new IEC Code Number.
  2. Two copies of the application in prescribed format (Aayaat Niryaat Form ANF 2A ) must be submitted to the Regional Jt..DGFT Office.
  3. Each individual page of the application has to be signed by the applicant.
  4. Part D In respect to Declaration/ Undertaking ahs to be filled in and signed by the Applicant and has to be submitted along with the application.
  5. Rs 250.00 Bank Receipt (in duplicate)/Demand Draft evidencing payment of application fee in terms of Appendix 21B.
  6. Certificate from the Banker of the applicant firm in the format given in Appendix 18A.
  7. Self certified copy of PAN issuing letter or PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card issued by Income Tax Authority. Photocopy of PAN card has to be submitted along the application. If PAN card not issued to the applicant then a copy of PAN allotment letter from I.T. Department will also be accepted. Only one IEC would be issued against a single PAN number. Any proprietor can have only one IEC number and in case there are more than one IECs allotted to a proprietor, the same may be surrendered to the Regional Office for cancellation. Two IEC can not be issued against one PAN
  8.  Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant. The photograph pasted on the banker’s certificate must be attested by the banker with Seal and Signature of the applicant.
  9. The applicant shall furnish a self addressed envelope of 40 x 15 cm with postal stamp affixed on the envelope for all documents required to be sent by Speed Post. These documents may be kept secured in a file cover.
  10. The application must be submitted in Duplicate.

Application can be submitted in person/by Authorised Employee of the Firm/ Company at the counter in person at the office or it can be sent through Post/Courier. An acknowledgement in form of a receipt having File Number is generated on receipt of application. The file number is used for any correspondence/query regarding the IEC application submitted to the office. The application is then sent to IEC section where it is processed. If the application is found complete in all aspects (as per requirements prescribed) an IEC is generated, or else a deficiency letter stating the nature of deficiency is prepared and sent to the applicant. Replies are awaited in cases where deficiency letter is issued and after due compliance by the applicant the IEC is allotted.

IEC allotment letter is sent through post at the registered office mentioned by the applicant in the application. Similarly deficiency letters are sent to applicant by post.


Earlier the applications were submitted physically with the Regional Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade Office. But vide Policy Circular No. 10 (RE-2010)/ 2009-14 DATED 31ST December, 2010, facility for Online Application for IEC Code has been given to the applicants w.e.f. 01.01.2011 at the DGFT website (http:/ /dgft.gov.in)to reduce the Transaction cost and time for the applicant which will further ensure easy, flexible filing of application and reduce human interface and paper work in the process. But still under this policy circular, the option of online application is not mandatory rather the option to file the application physically is also given. Note: The Documents required under Online Application are same as that were used while Physical submission of documents which have been mentioned above.

You can now go to the site and apply for IEC with out any problem

Policy Circular No. 10 (RE-2010)/ 2009-14 DATED 31ST December, 2010 can be accessed at the following Link :-

Now apply for Importer Exporter Code code (IEC) online

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40 responses to “Procedure for registration/ applying importer exporter code (IEC)”

  1. Rahul Agarwal says:

    if i don’t have pnt fixed land line no so can i apply for IEC code..?

  2. chidambaram says:

    Sir i applied for IEC code, i was told on the phone: Deficiency Letter Printed and to reach you by post.
    What does it mean.
    I’ve applied under my name against my PAN to dgft chennai
    Ive done exactly as said, what could have gone wrong.


  3. DIPENDRA says:

    sir plz say what is the detail process of offline fill apllication for IEC code ? Plz sir say which forms,documents and process to send hardcopy in office ?

  4. kavya aggarwal says:

    Sir, I want to start a import export business,so please send me a sample form of apply ie code.

  5. Narender says:

    We started a small business of selling religious books, more specifically spiritual books! The books are non taxable we know this so We have not yet registered our business. But nowwe want to export our books to other countries and apply for an IEC code for the same? Is it compulsory to first register an entity to apply for the IEC code? Or we can stilk do it without bothered to register our firm first?? Pls clarify my doubt.

  6. venkat says:

    I want to know whatever documents needs for iec for proprietor

  7. saravanan says:

    is it compulsory to sign by all the partners

  8. Manpreet singh says:

    hello sir i m a individual and want to import some music instrument now the bank have asked to bring EIC which i dont have i want to apply for that will u plz tell me without and business frim can i apply . Reply me soon

  9. Kumar says:

    Can I import or export goods from any port in India if I have IEC number? If so, where can I find the provision in support of this?

  10. Lazer says:

    Dear sir,
    I am to apply for a new IEC for our new partnership firm. While doing it through online and updating partners details, PAN no of each partner is mandatory. Is it so?

    Please advise

  11. Gururaj says:

    Dear Sir,

    If we will like to change the Applicant and applicant is not a Board of Director.
    Applicant have Board Resolution and he is signing authority of company.
    we want to know the requred documents.

  12. P Dubey says:


    We are a company registered as VAT dealer and Excise registered godown at Maharashtra, our main business is imports, however due to very high cost of clearance at Nhava Sheva port, we would like to clear our consignment to a Gujarat port (Pipavav/Mundra/ICD Ahmadabad), can someone provide clarity on this and also are we are allowed to do so?
    Because we do not have a Gujarat VAT registration, so can we bring in the trucking to Maharashtra from a Gujarat Port as sale point is in Maharashtra?

    Please give more inputs weather the above transaction is valid and legit from perspective of VAT rules to Maharashtra and Gujarat and for Excise.

  13. NARASIMMEN E.K says:

    dear sir,

    i have to export in rice but i dnot know bayer so please give me in bayer data

  14. raghav says:


    I want to apply for online IEC as a propritership firm. I want to start it from Home. Can we give home address for this? and do we need any documents for this?

    Can to know that, bank require rental agreement for issuing bank certificate. Is it true?

    Please help me on this.

  15. Ajay says:

    The problem to problem

    ERROR WHILE SENDING OUTPUT access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

    **Solution** Steps**

    1,Uninstall the latest version of Java (version 8)

    2,Then download the java (version 7) ( Download link– java.com/en/download/manual_java7.jsp )

    3,Install the Java Version 7

    4,Go to Control panel -> Java-> Security tab- Drag the Bar to medium level- Click ok

    5, Restart the Browser

    You can now go to the site and apply for iec with out any problem

    Thank you..

  16. Keyur Shah says:

    Change your Java Version to 7 updated 51 or 67 and security level is medium.. Even if the problem not solve, you can contact 022-22038197- DGFT technical help contact no. They will help to resolve issue.

  17. Keyur Shah says:

    when i am trying to submit my pan number into dgft site it is showing below error ERROR WHILE SENDING OUTPUT access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

    Please help to resolve

  18. CHETAN PATIL says:

    Dear Sir, i have applied for ie code at dgft mumbai and even the ie code number was alloted to me but i havent received the hard copy of the certificate yet. That is return to dgft mumba. so i have formate of redispatch letter format or procedure.

  19. Patel says:

    when i am trying to submit my pan number into dgft site it is showing below error
    access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

    anybody can help. please

  20. MEHUL says:

    access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “” “connect,resolve”)

    How to resolve this error ????

  21. mahesha bn says:

    when i am trying to submit my pan number into dgft site it is showing below error
    access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

    anybody can help

  22. KIRAN PATIL says:

    when i am trying to submit my pan number into dgft site it is showing below error
    access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

    anybody can help. please
    – See more at: http://taxguru.in/dgft/procedure-registration-applying-importer-exporter-code-iec.html#sthash.hOiwzyQG.dpuf

  23. prathap says:

    when i am trying to submit my pan number into dgft site it is showing below error
    access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “” “connect,resolve”)

    anybody can help. please

  24. [email protected] says:

    We are freight forwarding and customs clearing agent.. Pls contact us import and export related… IEC , Import, Export Etc.,

    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: 09566066793


  25. nikunj says:

    i apply for IEC code via online but after submit the application .
    on status column the key number is given then what to with that. and two messages come regarding one deficency and other is key number infomation…

    plz help me as soon as possible

  26. Ramanath says:

    Sir, I have an Proprietership Firm (in agriculture sector) which is of unregistered under any kind of Company’s Act, not registered for Sales Tax or Not having Shop act Licence. So, can I have an IEC Number for Import-Export purpose? If yes, then what difficulties I have to face in future trading? Pls reply me as soon as possible.

  27. Meenakshi Nimbal says:

    In case of partnership company, is it required for all the partners to sign on the documents?

  28. Vanlalluti says:

    Can I use virtual office address as registered address to obtain IEC Code?

  29. ranjay sriwastwa says:

    i want to know that what is procedure to take iec code and what requrement document to fill up iec form.and i want to export india to nepal food (onion potato) .
    pls send suggetion
    r sriwastwa

  30. r.laxmi devi says:

    what are the documents required and send me a sample resume copy..??

  31. Radhika Kapoor says:

    Sir i want change my address in IEC CODE NO whether i have to apply on line or manually

  32. vikash says:

    i am appliying for a new iec. the first time i entered my pan no. there already existed a application and now i dont get an option to fill in the company details.

  33. Vikram says:

    Dear Sir

    An STP(A1) unit location which is a custom bonded area have one IEC on that location. is it possible for an another STP(B1) unit have the IEC certificate on the same location at the same time (means two different stp unit having two iec no. on the same location at the same time?). please sir give the proper reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much

  34. satish says:

    Dear sir,
    Please let me know how to surrender my IEC code as the proprietorship firm is closed. The IEC issuing authority is from DGFT Panipat, Haryana.
    Waiting for ur reply, regards.

  35. jaysingh says:

    Dear friends, proof of proprietorship required in case of proprietary, deed in case of firm for IEC.
    Jaysingh, pune.

  36. ambika says:

    is it required to update directors details after obtaining IEC number.

    when we applied for IEC three directors and after received the Number our Directors number increased to 5

  37. narinder says:

    friends, the problem in getting the IEC code is the , that the company should have a landline phone number in their name, but how isthis possible for just a new floated company having landline number, as DGFT calls and confirm the running of the company . And friend make sure the draft payble to is the same as written in their application form, earlier we use to write just DGFT DElhi these days they just rejec it. regards CA nkhanda

  38. CA.Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Good information . keep it up.
    CA. Subhash Chandra Podder, FCA

  39. shaifali n says:

    Dear Sir, i have applied for ie code at dgft mumbai and even the ie code number was alloted to me but i havent received the hard copy of the certificate yet. pls advice.

  40. pankaj says:

    Procedure for obtaining importer exporter code

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