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  • 2012

EPF member can now Generate Member / Employee Passbook online

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Facility to generate Member Passbook, Employee Passbook and On-request Passbook through Employees’ Portal on EPFO website – HO No. WSU/5(1)2003/11146 dated 20/07/2012

A facility of E-Passbook to EPF Members has been devised by the IS Division, Head Office through Member Portal on EPFO website. The EPF Members can directly approach the EPFO website and after entering certain necessary details, they can get themselves registered. The registered EPF Members can obtain E-Passbook after entering Establishment Code/Extn. (if any) / Employee Number and Name as per PF slip.

2. The E-Passbook shall be available subject to following conditions:

(i) Reconciliation of Challan Data alongwith ECR with Bank Statement;

(ii) For active members only;

(iii) No Passbook shall be available for Settled Members/Inoperative Members/

Negative Balances/Exempted Establishments.

3. A new function i.e. ADMIN » Master » GENERATE MEMBER PASSBOOK FOR EMPLOYER E-SEWA under SUPER ADMIN-EDP Role has been introduced having following four Radio Button options:

(i) GENERATION OF MEMBER PASSBOOK: The generated PDF file would be uploaded to the Employer’s Portal on EPFO website. The PDF would be generated against TRRN. It contains all the transaction of the members against the establishment in a single PDF. Further, the transactions would be available since last approved accounting year onwards (Sample attached).

(ii) REGENERATION OF MEMBER PASSBOOK: The PDF file may be regenerated (if required).

(iii) EMPLOYEE WISE PASSBOOK: The ge00nerated PDF file would be uploaded on the Member Portal on EPFO website. The PDF would be generated for all the members individually containing all the transactions since opening of his/her account or data available in the new System.

(iv) EMPLOYEE WISE PASSBOOK (ON-REQUEST): These employees who could not obtain their respective passbook through Member Portal, may send their request. All such requests would be curtailed into a txt file, for uploading & accepting into Application Software. If requisite data relating to the member is available in the System, the same would be furnished to requesting member


  • ruzbeh sarosh elavia

    Please send me my member ship passbook
    Please send me till epfo updation data
    My member ship number is




  • Surendra Sahu

    please send me till epfo updation data

  • Romeo

    Excellent service but with shortcomings. I’m unable to regenerate my epf passbook. Im only able to see. Only. Those entries which I saw a year ago in same passbook. How to regenerate e passbook is the question?

  • krishna lokhande

    Once I have got e pass book from HR .Now I want to download e pass book, how to get as already registered for it.

  • Abhijeet

    I have downloaded the e-pass book in Dec-12. When today again i have tried to get latest one. But it is providing the link to Passbook of Dec-12. Not giving latest one. Please let me know how to get latest slip every month

  • ashok singh

    Please send me my member ship pass book


    please i want meber pass bool in epfo

  • satish kumar sharma

    employee pass book

  • nabin kumar mandal

    Dear Sir, please give me link in e passbook and wages slip & pf details. I am waiting for your answer.Thanking You Yours sincerly

  • Sivaram

    Dear Sir, Can you pls provide me link, enable me to go and register at PF website and get my PF monthwise credit details. I am awaiting for your reply.

  • Sivaram

    Dear Sir,

    I am unable to move further to get my PF ledger as an employee since there was no hyperlink taking me into the respective menu at PF site. This is an excellent way to know our PF amount comparing to all other printed and balance through mobile.