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Today is the last date for Annual Filing of LLP Form – 11. Many professional are facing problem in Filing that Form – 11. So I have just make simple process along with their Screen Shot hope you get your doubt Clear by following below procedure.

Annual Filing of the LLP For the year 2016 is required to be done on or before 30.05.2016. So Every LLP which are already registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs have to file their Annual Returns and Statement of Accounts for the Financial Year 2016 on or before 30.05.2016.
Filing Annual Return:-
Annual Returns or you can say Form 11 is a Summary of LLP’s Partners like whether there is any changes in the management of the LLP or such other things.However every LLP is required to file Annual Return in Form 11 to the Registrar within 60 days from the closure of financial year i.e the Annual Returns has to be filed on or before 30th May every year. i,e 30-05-2016 is the last date for filing annual Returns this year.

POINT TO BE NOTED : Form 11 or Annual Return is Applicable on those LLP which are registered till the 30-09-2015. if your LLP is registered after the 01-10-2015 then you have to file LLP Annual Returns in the year 2017.

Depth of Article :

What is Form – 11…???

Form – 11 is Annual Return Form which includes the details of Partner along with the Total Contribution received by all Partners, details of partner such as Address of Partner their Appointment, Nationality and such other things which is shown in below images.

Every LLP has to file this Form (Annual Return) Within 60 Days from the Closure of the Financial Year along with Prescribed Fees.

Here, I am providing step by step guide to file form 11 – Annual Accounts with MCA.

STEP 1:- Download the form with instruction kit

STEP 2:- Find out your LLPIN

LLPIN (LLP Identification Number) can be obtained from here. Write your LLP name and all LLP registered to MCA containing words you have provided, will be displayed. Choose your LLP and get the LLPIN corresponding to it.

STEP 3:- Pre-fill the Details of LLP form-11

Fill Year for which this form relates and Start date of financial year for which annual return is being filed for the Year 2015 it must be 01.04.2014 and after that Mention your Limited Liability Partnership identification number (LLPIN) and then click on Pre-Fill button.All details upto Point no. 8 will be displayed automatically.

Total monetary value of obligation of contribution (Capital Contribution) as on above date will be automatically appearing and it will be as per Form 11 – Annual Return as filed by you.

STEP 4 : Mentioned Amount

After using Pre-Filing Button now Come to point no. 8 (d) that is Total contribution received by all partners of the LLP (in Rs.) in that dialogue box mention the amount of Contribution received by All partners say for example Rs. 50,000/-, then mentioned the same.

In Point No. 9 do not mentioned any thing

STEP 5 : Details of individual(s) as partners

Now Come to Point Number 10 that is Details of individual(s) as partners

In that point Designation will automatically captured along with Designated Partner Identification number (DPIN)/ Income tax permanent account number (Income-tax PAN)/ Passport number, as per below mention screen shot.

STEP 6 : Details of individual(s) as partners

So now just click on Pre-Fill button all the details of partner will automatically captured.

As per below Screen.

STEP 7 : Details of individual(s) as partners

Now in above points you have to mentioned the Contribution received and accounted for (in Rs.) dialogue box, this is the amount which is required to be filled by you and Be careful while mentioning such amount because it is equal to total Contribution made to the all partner and the Point No. 8 (d) which is Total contribution received by all partners of the LLP (in Rs.).

STEP 8 : Details of individual(s) as partners

Same process shall be required to be done for all Partners.

STEP 9 : Details of bodies corporate as partners

In Point no. 11 the details of bodies corporate as partners required to be mentioned. If any partner belongs to that then just mentioned Corporate identity number (CIN) or Foreign company registration number (FCRN) or Limited liability partnership identification number (LLPIN) or Foreign limited liability partnership identification number (FLLPIN) or any other identification number DPIN, and click on pre-file button all the details of partner will be auto captured.

STEP 10 : Summary of designated partner(s)/partner(s) as on 31st March of the period for which annual return is being filed

In point no. 12 you have to do nothing, all this details available automatically.

STEP 11 : Particulars of penalties imposed on the LLP as well as Partners :

In point no. 13 (i) if any penalty is imposed on LLP and in point no. 13 (ii) if any penalty is imposed on partners then it should be required to be mentioned otherwise keep it as a blank.

STEP 12 : Particulars of compounding offences :

In point no. 14 if you go for Compounding of offences then you have to provide the details of the same. Otherwise keep it blank as it is.

STEP 13 : Whether turnover of the LLP exceeds 5 crores :

In point no. 15 you have to make tick mark in the round box that if turnover of the LLP exceeds 5 crores then click on Yes button otherwise click on No button.

Now Attach the details of company(s)/ LLP(s) in which partner/ designated partner is a director/ partner, as the case may be, in the below format as an attachment. Make necessary attachment as shown in below screen.

STEP 14 : Verification :

After making necessary attachment now comes to the verification in that case make click on button To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given in this form and its attachment is correct and complete.

After Click on that Button attached the Digital Signature of Designated Partner along with their DPIN.

STEP 15 : Certificate :

After making verification now comes to the certification in that case make click on button I certify that Annual Return contains true and correct information..

After Click on that Button attached the Digital Signature of Designated Partner along with their DPIN.

STEP 16 : Certificate Optional:

However there is an option for digitally signature that if you have obtained service from Company Secretary in practice then in that case you can use service provided by Company Secretary in practice and they will make the required Certification and Verification as per below screen.

STEP 17:- Prescrutiny

Use Check Form utility to see if any more information is required for form completion. On no error message, including the digital signature of person who is verifying the furnished details. Perform Prescrutiny. If everything is correct, a pop up-window saying “No Prescrutiny errors have found” will be displayed.

Here your Complete Process for Form Completion is done now go for online for filing of the same form through MCA Portal.

Now Online Form Filing Procedure is required to be done. Follow the Below Process for that…..!!!!

STEP 1:- Login to MCA portal

Login here to start uploading your LLP form 11. You can login with same ID and password as you use for the purpose of company filing. Before uploading the form be sure that professional and designated partner whose digital signature are affixed on form, are registered on MCA portal also.

STEP 2:- Upload e-Form

After login, click on upload e-Form button as shown in below image. On next page, you will be asked to upload the LLP form 11. Select your form and hit on upload button.

STEP 3:- Payment

Upon successful loading of form, a window asking for payment will pop-up. Select the mode of payment. On successful payment following message will come and after this challan will generate. Keep it for your future records. Challan will contain the SRN number also.

STEP 4:- All done !! BE HAPPY …!!! 🙂

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