Revised Schedule VI in Excel Format – Balance Sheet, Profit Loss A/c, Notes

Form and contents of Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account of a company under Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956 revised.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs [MCA], Government of India, has on 3 March 2011, hosted on its website, the revised Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956 which deals with the Form of Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account and disclosures to be made therein.

The revised Schedule VI has been framed as per the existing non-converged Indian Accounting Standards notified under the Companies (Accounting Standards), Rules, 2006 and has no connection with the converged Indian Accounting Standards.

The revised Schedule VI will apply to all the companies uniformly for the financial statements to be prepared for the financial year 2010-11 and onwards. The text of the revised Schedule VI is available at .

The official notification amending the Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956 is still awaited.

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  1. Plz sir send me revice schidule of Balance sheet & profit & loss a/c

  2. Dear sir pls provide me a small format of Revised Schedule VI balancesheet and p&l A/c with notes of accounts any two Constraction company

  3. Dear,
    i am student of class 12th & i was studying in lucknow & Can you please provide the synopsis of changes in Schedule VI

    saurabh singh

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to inform you that i want to know the grouping of Ledger baalances in schedule-VI as i want to group the ledgers in Specified heads and also we request you to send us any Document which shows us which ledger can be classifed in which group so we will able to check for the same.

    Warm regards,
    Khaleem k k

  5. I want Accounts guru software formant ,real estate income statement, balancsheet

  6. I am working in a software Co.Company was started on 03.12.13.Our company having 16 laboures.Can you tell our company cover under CLRA Act & MW Act.If cover this act what are the procedures will need.Our company not give PF & ESI,so my dobt is, now PF & ESI is need to allow the laboures.If need the Pf & ESI,what are the procedures are following.

    Awaiting for you reply


  7. sir .i am a student of . i need the new formate of financial statement .. sir , please provide me new formate of profit&loss a/c & balance sheet by an email..

  8. please sir can u send me new company balance sheet as i m 12 class student .
    i have to do prepare for board exam .

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  10. respected sir

    can u please mail me new format of company balance sheet revised schedule VI

  11. Sir this is roshan jha i have need schedules VI format this very necessary

    please request you

  12. i m cwa final student.please send me schedule vi format with necessary documents and comments

  13. dear sir,

    pls send to me the revised format of balance sheet,p&l  with schedules,

  14. dear sir,

    pls send to me the revised format of balance sheet ,p&l with schedules,

  15. Can you please tell me the no. of official notification which makes the new schedule VI of balance sheet and statement of p&l a/c mandatory.
    thank u sir

  16. I am CA student, studing IPCC .so please send me revised schedule vi format ie balance sheet and p&l account with other necessary details.

  17. Sir,
    I am a C.A-IPCC student,please send me format of schdule VI. its my plesure……………..

  18. Could you please provide me with the format of the revised Balance sheet,Profit & loss account,Circular No. and ..Circular date…..asap…

  19. Sir,
    i am student of icai,studing ipcc.plz send me format of revised schedule vi balance sheet and profit & loss

  20. sir, Now I continue IPCC. So I want to requeat you that please send me P/L and B/S format.

  21. Sir/Mam i am a student of CA IPCC 2,i want to know the format of Revised Schedule-VI, kindly send it to me.Thank you

  22. I need a complete detail regarding Compliance of Revised Schedule VI of any company in brief.

  23. please send me the revised format of balance sheet & profit & loss account with reasons & logic behind every item e.g. why there are no overheads in revised profit & loss account.

  24. I am a student of ICAI studying IPCC. Please send me the format of revised schedule -vi


  26. Please send me the revised statement of schedule 6 on the basis of inflation accounting

  27. Kindly send me the format of profit and loss a/c and balance sheet as per the revised schedule vi


  29. pls. send me the revised formate of balance sheet and profit and loss a/c as per revised schedule VI.

    Rohit ain

  30. it’s…
    1. Dramatically detailed and Quick Refenrencive in Nature.. moreover,
    2. became competent to compete with Internation Standards of reporting since very similarly Designed (near to/Tends to) as per Taxanomy of Internationally Accepted Principles of Reporting Financial Statements…
    3. Notes & Schedules are merged as NOTES.. No Schedulling + Listing Confusions..
    4. Things which have arosen as per Business Development & taxation innovation’s it was NEEDed to revised for a long Time.
    5. Very Pervasive in Nature, a very Few scope of escaping information from all stakeholders.
    6. Member’s may even Expand/ Substantiate Things/Facts/Informations/Figures as per Their Professional Skepticism at the Time of making Audit report or Helping Management to frame Notes on Accounts.. a very Broader scope for Professional Work for Chartered Accountants.
    7. NOT very Rigid about summerizing/Re-grouping/Rearranging Figures of Previous Year(s)..But, Member’s Should follow an unbaised/honest/integrated approach to present correnponding Figures Regrouping/Re-Summerization, to avoid any future litigation..

    Prima facie these points depicts from the face of it.. rest will be gained at the time of Practicing the Same.

  31. Can you please send me revised Schedule VI balance sheet and profit & loss account.


  33. Sir
    Please mail me the revised schedule vi in excel format as soon as possible.
    I would be obliged.

  34. dear sir 
    i required schedule six revised excel formet
    pelase send me as soon as poosible

  35. We are preparing our company’s P & L A/c and Balance Sheet for the fin year 2011-12: As such I will be thankful to you if you can  please forward soft copy of Revised Schedule VI with schedules and notes

  36. Sir, please send the format Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Schedules to meas i m teaching field so required for my students

  37. Sir, please send the format Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Schedules to me

  38. Dear Sir I am employ working at construction engineering  com plz proved new profit and loss a/c format 

  39. Revised schedule VI  gives the more clear picture of financial data of the company with notes so the lenders/investor could easily understand the financial activities.

  40.     Sir, please send me a revised sch vi b/s and p&l a/c……& even a excel format for xbrl 

  41. Please send me a format of revised Sch . VI & Profit & Loss Account and Balance sheet

  42. Sir,
    I am student of CA Final and plz kindly provide me a format of Revised Sch.VI.

    Thanking in Advance

  43. Dear Sir, myself nitesh and i am a student of icsi. pls send to me the format of Revised Balance sheet. Thanks.

  44. i am a student of std. 12th and  willing to know about recent changes made in format of financial statements….if u can let me know….


  46. This is of great help.
    Thanks for sharing your efforts…………………………… (Hope the comment is understood)
    Hope there have been lot of feedbacks on it and considered for its revision if required. Thanks again

  47. Dear all pampered professionals, it will be in interest of user of financial statement if financial informations are presented in most appropriate format..revised format is not so much appropriate..and dear so called professional fraternity, pls do not post comments like has been very old and pampered habits of yours….

  48. Dear all papmpered professionals, it will be in interest of user of financial statement if financial informations are presented in most appropriate format..revised format is not so much appropriate..and dear so called professional fraternity, pls do not post comments like has been very old and pampered habits of yours….

  49. Please rectify the statements uploaded to the effect that there is no concept of schedule as per Revised Schedule VI. Instead, there is notes to accounts and all disaggregation of all items on the face of Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit & Loss need to be cross referenced to Notes. Additional information also need to be disclosed in Notes to Accounts. Previously disaggregation of all line items was required to be stated in Schedule and additional information in Notes on Accounts coupled by statement of accounting policies. Now all these information, both quantitative and narrative, need to be disclosed in Notes on Accounts

  50. Introduction of new format under Schedule VI no doubt a welcome step in tune with the changes in the global accounting. But the format in many areas reveal an incomplete composition and raises many questions as how to present a particular item under which head. Interpretations lead to different presentation formats by the corporates and eventually, uniformity which is the intention of the govt could not be achieved. Thread bare discussion with ICAI is very much required by the govt to plug loose ends.

  51. This changes is some adjustment in perivious format all exp more then 5000/ is mentioned seprate head in p&l this possibilities we need to follow in feature . Should provide some of the document at the time of audit fair view report submission. it may be revised in feature it may be confirm of report audit point of view this revised is good

  52. We appreciate the working doing on the Format of Revised Schedule VI

    We are very thankful for this 

  53. recently a ppt presentation on sch-vi (revised)was presented by CA s sampath.After his deliberation it is confirmed that new format is more scintific than earler.However there are some points on which argumnets should required.

  54. Revised Schedule VI IS more benificial for us . Many wrong disclosure is avoided like prefrance share capital which is now shown as debt with the help of IFRS

  55. What about the previous year balances of profit & loss a/c to be shown in the profit & loss a/c? Also need clarification about the tax expenses whether to be deducted or not?

  56. Further to my comment dated 03/03/11 , we the professionals should appreciate the efforts has been by the Ministry of corporate Affairs to bring out the Form in schedule VI of the Companies Act ( amended bill 2011 ), though i have yet gone through the details minutely yet apparently i have seen the Schedules of financial statements which make me to feel that the new financial statements are very good . all the financial transactions will be bought to the notice of all the stake holders . conventional statements of balance sheet and profit and loss account, has been replaced by the new form . It is a good financial presentation. I am happy to report on this new format. My sincere thanks to all of them those who are responsible to bringing this format.As a practitioner as a Chartered Accountant i am very much glad.
    Thanks & Regards.

    CA.Subhash Chandra Podder
    C/O S.C.podder & Associates
    Chartered Accountants.


    dated 22/03/2011.

  57. While revised Schedule VI will reflect more correct picture (refrained from stating’ true and fair view’ which is more cosmetic expression)of an organisation, the definition of each items are not clearly defined. Say, whether VAT credit is short term or long term knowing that it will never be returned by revenue department and adjustments are made atleast two years doen the line.

    P & L format is full of confusion. Whether Managerial and other administrative expenses are part of ‘cost of material consumed’? Again, emploee benefit expenses has been shown seperately to know how much % a company spends on welfare, but in practice these items are part of wages given to workers on the basis of several agreements and are essentially part of ‘cost of material consumed’. There is no scope for reflecting Administrative, sales and marketing expenses, which are significant, in the P & L format. An item named ‘other expenses’ below depreciation appears to be the right place to show these expenses. Last but not least, to accomodate financial performance during ‘discontinued period’ which is a small percentage of total organisations a number of rows from XI to XV inserted unnecessarily which could have been accommodated as a note for the companies where applicable. There are so many other points on P L format, which suggests that P L format could have been postponed for atleast two more years to see the result on revised schedule VI and then impose.

  58. Can you please tell me the no. of official notification which makes the new schedule VI mandatory.

  59. Sir,
    I have gone through the revised schedule-VI, it is detailed which is necessary to regulate the financial discipline in the business organisation. Let wait for sometime, see the reaction of Indian businessmen. New schedule will reduce the scope of manipulation underwhich they prefer to present or disclose information to various stakeholders especially Bank, IT. With proper disclosure,lot of things will come to light and may pose many problem of the many stakeholders also for the existing cases. Hence, implementation have to be judicial with practical approach.

    We chartered Accountants also to be geared up for the expected challenge due to ovious reasons. Sorry to state that even to day, lot of accounts are drwan and signed without compling the existing schedule or AS. Institute have to take posative steps for equipting the members to avoid consequences.As the time is short, It is my request to the member, please gear up properlly.

  60. Can any one provide the Circular/Notification No. and Date of the Circular / Notification through which the Schedule has been revised.

  61. more comments will follow after going through the forms and notes there in minutely at my own time.
    CA.Subhash Chandra Podder
    Chartered Accountant
    C/o S.C.Podder & Associates

  62. appreciable well done after long battling.we as a processional and auditors to look after all sections of stake holders . Our respected President’ s ( CA.G.Ragaswamy ) directed us and remarked as ” we will be gate keeper of financial sector ” .we must try our best to delivered the goods efficiently, honestly as we are doing since past several years with our fear and favour.Our interest should be protected by the appropriate authorities .
    CA.Subhash Chandra Podder
    Chartered Accountant
    C/o S.C.Podder & Associates