In India, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Bar Council of India are the four professional bodies passed by an Act of Parliament, whose members are engaged in the line of tax practice. They should shed off their own narrow mindedness and come out of their cocoons and think of the country’s interest. Each one trying to desperately fend off others from what they think is their own sacred area.

                Certificate from only Chartered Accountants U/s 44AB introduced in Income-Tax Act in 1984, Since then, CA certificates started entering Income-Tax Act. On date there are 46 plus CA certificates in Income-Tax Act, which is also inherited in draft Direct Taxes Code, 2010. These CA certificates barricade support for voluntary compliance from Non-CA Tax Professionals and new Non-CA Tax Professionals are not entering tax profession. CA certificates are causing strict hurdle for voluntary compliance not only in Income-Tax Act, but also in other Central and State Govt. tax laws (Ex:- In Finance Act, 2012 negative list introduced in Service Tax requiring the assistance of more tax professionals, but number of tax professionals are stand still on date). Tax audit data provided by CBDT has been published in CA Club Website on 16.11.2011. Herein, it is evident that only 59,472 Chartered Accountants are practicing tax law throughout India. There is ceiling of 45 tax audit assignment to be undertaken by each CA, irrespective of Corporates or Non-Corporates. In latest e-filing website of Income-Tax Deptt. only CA’s are treated as Tax Professionals, now existing Non-CA Tax Professionals will also dropout from tax profession and Govt. has to relay on only 59,472 CA’s for seeking compliance U/s 139 of Income-Tax Act.

World over functions of Accounting are classified depending on the area of operation, application and usage. They are as under:-

                Cost Accounts                     >   Manufacturing/Processing Activity

                Financial Accounts             >    Trading Activity

                Management Accounts       >    Management Leval/Decision Making

Management Accounts is nothing but application of Ratio Analysis and Cash Flow Statement on Cost and Financial Accounts.

By The Cost and Works Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2011, name has been changed to “The Institute of Cost Accountants of India” and the members got the power to work in the area of Management Accounts also and can re-designate themselves as ACMA/FCMA. Now, it is funny that both institutes passed by an Act of Parliament called by similar short name of “ICAI”. Of course syllabus is almost similar in all the three institutes called by different name of ICSI, ICWAI and ICAI.

In view of the above amendment, Cost Accountants now possess wide power of working in the area of Cost Accounts, Financial Accounts and Management Accounts. Whereas,Chartered Accountants are restricted to work in the area of Financial Accounts only. This being the case, I do not understand why only Chartered Accountants are authorized to conduct Tax Audit U/s 44AB of Income-Tax Act and enjoy monopoly of authority, causing strict hurdle for voluntary compliance.


Author  :  B.S.K.RAO, Tax Advocate


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