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Mohan ThulasingamNo, Not the planners, financiers, engineers, architects, managers. They are one of the inputs in the production process. These groups sit in their posh air-conditioned offices and strain their brain to do their work. Their job involves mental strain only. Moreover, they get rewarded with handsome pays and perks like a paid holiday, leave encashment, ESOP, Interest-free loans, residential quarters, Incentives, etc. The contribution of the white-collared workforce definitely adds to the wealth of a nation.

However, the real builders of the economy are the people toiling in the field unmindful of the scorching sun, torrential rain, or the freezing cold. The May Day is generally meant for recognizing the value of the workforce engaged in the organized sector. The farmers, hawkers, and others doing the casual labor are kept outside the purview of May Day. Here, few examples are given to understand the value of the real contributors in the nation-building.

A farmer rises before the dawn, to plough and sow the land. He works until the sun sinks in the west. He keeps faith in the mother nature and works tirelessly to get a good harvest. Whatever be the weather conditions, he attends the field to nourish the crops through irrigation, weeding, control of pests and diseases, besides maintaining his cattle and house. He cannot get the income like other people receiving salary or profit but hopefully waits for the harvest after 3-4 months. Imagine the impact if he doesn’t get a good yield. Not only him, but the entire society suffers from the shortage of food.

Laborers working at the construction sites like metro rail, luxury hotels, transmission towers, dams, etc. and the people doing the laying of roads and pipelines need encouragement and appreciation of the entire country. Without their dedication, the infrastructure of comfort and peace is unthinkable. There can be wonderful designs and plans, but the workers actually giving the shape deserve praise. The irony is that these people seldom use the facilities built by themselves.

Employees of the transportation industry are the real movers of the nation. Despite the hardships faced in the form of adverse weather and the technical issues in the vehicles, they help the people and the cargo reach the destination. Workers at the mines for coal, metals, and minerals, discharge their duties despite the inherent risks to their lives.

It’s not the money that makes the world lovely, but the hard-work and sincerity that produce food, clothes, homes, etc. Let’s SALUTE THE HARD WORKERS and not those living in the ivory towers. May This May Day bring more cheers to the real builders of the world?

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