CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalSee! The result is not an end,

This is the beginning of transcend.

If pass, then you eligible for the new chapter,

If not, then too eligible with new ways for same chapter.

There is struggle in life in both the ways,

But victory after defeat teaches to stay on cool ways.

Hence don’t take your step back if not pass,

See your goal, rapidly telling you to quickly surpass.

No need to shiver,

Just be regular.

Do not leave your dynamism anytime,

Link one thing with the other for fastest memorise.

You all move with great confidence ever,

Even the circumstances of the cases are not in your favour.

As per Prudence Concept, there should not be any estimation error,

Keep yourself away from the zone of terror.

Listen the voice of your inner wisdom,

Restart your studies with refresh, reset & restore System.

Stick on schedule as per your own dictum.

Do not get depressed, God is for your help. O loved ones!

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