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Subjects on Which We Accept Articles

Income TaxInternational TaxationService Tax
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Company LawLimited Liability PartnershipBusiness, Commercial & Labour Laws
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Banking & Insurance LawsSecuritisation & DRT LawsVAT/CST/GST
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Article Category

(i) Analysis of Latest Judicial & Statutory happenings :- Articles of this category should be precise and emphasis must be laid on practical value of the issues involved. Broadly the articles may be divided in two parts:     What has happened, and implications of such happening.

(ii) Articles on Any of the above subject which may help understand subject better: – A list of some suggested features is given below:-

  • Personal Finance & Taxes
  • Investment Products
  • Case studies on Investment & Tax Planning
  • Practical experiences in query format (Subject can be Direct Tax Laws/Service Tax/Corporate Laws)
  • Real Life Case studies dealing with management issues

We welcome your suggestions on similar features which can help fellow professionals in their day-to-day practice.

Form and structure of articles

To help us in editing your article expeditiously, you may keep the following points in mind:

  • Length of article –  The article should ordinarily have 2500 to 4000 words. A longer article may be considered if the subject so warrants.
  • Heading of article Heading should be precise and reflective of contents (preferably within 12 words).
  • Brief:It is in essence a short summary of the article, giving thrust of the article in nutshell.
  • An article should have following main parts:

(i)  Introduction It should contain about 200-300 words.

(ii) Main bodyIt should be well-structured and synchronized.Each para should bear a suitable heading. A para may be divided into sub-paras with suitable sub-headings.

(iii) ConclusionIt should contain about 200 words.

  • Law stated – Please ensure that the law stated is accurate and the latest one. In case any development takes place after the submission of the article, but before its publication, please contact us immediately so that we can stop the publication of the same and publish the same after necessary correction from your side.

Guidelines for Authors

  • Name, address and photograph – Name, address and contact number along with Passport size coloured photograph should be emailed along with the article.
  • CopyrightIt should be ensured that the article sent is original and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc. In case of any such infringement, the author of article shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages. Further If a article gets published on the website than copyright of such article will vest with
  • The article must be original contribution of the author.
  • Consent for exclusive publication – It is to be ensured that the article is sent exclusively to TAXGURU.IN for publication on its website.
  • The article must not have been published elsewhere, and must not have been or must not be sent elsewhere for publication, in the same or substantially the same form.
  • The articles go through blind review and are assessed on the parameters such as (a) relevance and usefulness of the article (from the point of view of company secretaries), (b) organization of the article (structuring, sequencing, construction, flow, etc.), (c) depth of the discussion, (d) persuasive strength of the article (idea/argument/articulation), (e) does the article say something new and is it thought provoking, and (f) adequacy of reference, source acknowledgement and bibliography, etc.
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c. shall be liable for any breach of this ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’.


By following the above procedures, you can ensure that no major editing of your article is necessary and this would hasten publication of your article.

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  • Satyanarayan Samantray

    I e-filed IT Returns for AY 2015-16 claiming 89(1) relief.However 89(1) relief was not allowed by CPC.How to submit rectification online ???


      Dear Satyanarayan Ji it seems my reading your statement that you have not filled the return properly
      claiming 89 (1) relief means that you have recieved salary of previous year in the current year on which you have paid excess tax then required to pay.
      CA Sandeep Mishra

  • Aarti Thakur

    Process for changing office one state to another state with the same ROC.

    Give Notice to all members of the company fix the board general meeting date.

    Prepare minutes of meeting

    On the board general meeting pass

    1. The board resolution

    2. Pass the special resolution for alteration

    3. File MGT-14 (With the board resolution copy)

    challan fees- 300/- late fees 600/-

    4. Do the advertisement in two local newspapers (Hindi and English) with INC-26

    5. Then prepare all the documents /affidavits for INC-23 form and submit to it with the RD

    Challan fees 1000/-

    6. And submit all docs to the RD department physically before the hiring date.

    Affidavits, proofs, POA and Advertisement as prescribed to be attached with Form INC-23 along with application before RD (NR), in original.

    Certified copies of other attachments as prescribed to be attachments with Form INC-23.

    Copy of INC-23 and MGT-14 filed for the purpose of shifting of Registered Office along with Challans.

    Shareholding pattern specifying shareholding held by the management and their relatives.

    Details of Creditors, Debenture holders, statutory dues, Government dues including Income Tax dues, if any.

    Certificate from Statutory Auditor not preceding more than 1 month before filling of INC-23 giving details of Creditors, Debenture holders, statutory dues, Government dues and Income Tax dues, if any.

    Copies of last two ITRs and Assessment orders.

    7. Then RD will issue court order certificate which will used for INC-28 with the ROC Challan fees 200/-

    8. After that you can file INC-22 with ROC for changing address.

    • Amit Panwar

      You are changing Registered Office from which state to which state? I have recently shifted the registered office process. Thanks

  • Satyendra Kishore

    I failed to deduct TDS on installments paid to Builder during 2013-14, 2014-15. Can I make deduction now. if yes what penalty will be imposed.

    • Gautom

      You can deduct TDS this year . There is no question of penalty .Because you did not deduct TDS due to lack of knowledge about applicability of TDS on such type transaction .But you will have to pay interest to be calculated @ 1.5% per month from the date of 1st installment up to date of payment of TDS

  • shubham bordia

    As per section 194A(3)(v), Provisions of Section 194(1) shall not apply if interest payment made by co operative society (Other than a Co operative Bank) to a member thereof or by a co operative society to any other co operative society. It means that Co operative bank has to deduct TDS on Interest payment made to its members. But what if a Co operative society having Dual Capacity( Member as well as Co operative society) than whether TDS has to be deduct or not at the time of interest payment by a co operative bank ( co operative society ) to another co operative society being a member?

  • Vimal Kharva




  • Vishal Thakur

    Dear Sir,
    we are operating adventure sport at hotel / resort area in punjab. i need to help about entertainment tax on this.
    i want to know entertainment tax is applicable on that or not. if yes please suggest me how much. if you have any notification is available, please share that on my email id

  • Krishnakumar PC

    I am Krishnakumar PC , Employee of M/s. Kerala Feeds Ltd., had forwarded a certificate of repayment of housing loan interest and principal of the financial year 2015-16 as deduction of income tax purpose. My mother is the tax payee of the house and housing loan is in the joint names of me ( who is the only child) and my mother. Apart from that I have already produced an affidavit to the effect that the mother does not have any income and and is dependent on her son who is the sole heir of the property. In the light of the above facts, can I get tax deduction in the account of housing loan?