CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalWhat happened, if your exams on head?

What has been prepared, peacefully go with that.

Reach to exam center, with full enthusiasm & zeal.

Nothing will debar you, to take/handle & settle big deal.

Endless thinking about result,

Not a sign of perspicacious examinee.

Drive away nervousness, depression & distrust,

Remove all frustration, irritation & anxiety.

Well set, the day before an examination,

Honestly, as per your true nature.

Through thinking, meditating & recapitulation,

Do not overlook to cover already read syllabus.

Accomplish your assigned duties,

Dear all examinees, definitely 100%.

‘N’ you’ll find, that examination fever bird,

Will never come to you, to speak ‘n’ shake her hand.

Always leave End Result, on Merciful Almighty God,

But do not forget to keep, regularly your EFFORTS ON.

This is the ‘Mool Mantra’ which everyone should follow,

Wish you all the best to all super stars & Great Bravo!!!

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  • sharad Agrawal

    Full of motivation, this really required in a exam days to realize self potential…. Great bravo..