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Mohan ThulasingamLife is full of challenges right from the day of birth till the departure from the face of the earth. That too, in the modern world, it becomes very tough and highly competitive due to various factors like scarcity of resources, population growth, greed, polity, religion, etc. In the olden days, people used to respect the values and traditions of the society, and there was little scope for moral aberrations. Globalization, Digitalization, and Consumerism have become the new world order. Material welfare gets priority over the moral wellness. So, it is high time to know the areas where the curse of another person is invoked. The list given here indicates the common human actions that produce annoyance and curse of the affected people.
Cheating and frauds through Conning, Insider tricks, and corruption ruin any system. The innocent victims have no way out except cursing those behind such crimes. Robust businesses transfer the assets to their families (even servants) and claim insolvency just to dodge the creditors and the tax authorities.
Ingratitude is the worst of all betrayals. Deserting the parents in their old age is the worst of betrayal of trust in life. Even the best friend becomes an enemy overnight. Opportunists switch their sides to suit their situations. Sedition for a wrong purpose leads to destabilization and chaos which the law-abiding citizens tend to curse.
Infidelity is the outcome of lust for money and power that cause the people to behave disloyally. Selfish politicians change their parties to keep their ministerial post intact for getting the curse of the voters. Some families got shattered due to the illegal and extra-marital relationships of he/she, and the suffering children chide the parents.
Theft and robbery have become professions for some as they get support from the people with money and power. Even the laws of the land are twisted to suit criminals. Left with nothing, the affected people curse the administrators and the authorities concerned.
Pilferage and seepage. Agents and Middlemen retain a part of the grants and concessions meant for the poor people and victims of natural calamities. Many a times, the subsidies and concessions from the administration are siphoned off by the influential people. One rich sportsman sought exemption from the import duty for the luxury car that he received as a gift.
False claims. A call taxi operator collected the full fare, though it promised a discount through mass media. One jeweller claiming to have the price tags on its products defrauded the public by selling the inferior gold.
Violence in any form like terrorism, blasts, murder, etc. leaves the victims’ families in disgust and anguish to curse those indulging in such inhuman and shameful acts. Even the intentional cruelty to other creatures in any manner amounts to violence only.
Rumours are counterproductive on many occasions. Gossips planted in the mass media led people to feel ashamed and guilty, and eventually ended their lives.
False witness given in any dispute or arbitration results in penalising an innocent person. Not only the victim’s family suffers as his character gets tainted in the society.
Eavesdropping is the most shameful act of any human. It likens the life of a parasite that kills the host while getting its nourishment. Espionage with selfishness is bound to bring curses.
Many people justify their unethical and immoral methods of life by giving their own reasons. In fact, they are deemed to be smart by those who pursue the same route for their selfishness. Alas, they realize the mistakes and repent for the wrongs done only when they face difficulties in the personal lives and during the fag end of their lives.

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