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Payment of GST

There are 3 Electronic ledgers namely E-liability ledger, E-cash ledger & E-credit ledger which the taxpayer can see on their dashboard once they login to GSTN portal....

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Why should you get Professional Financial Advice On your Investments

Most of us tend to think that planning on investment portfolios for attainment of goals is a one time job. However it is not true; we all need to review our investment portfolios on a regular basis and also take the help of professional financial planners...

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Taxability of personal use of asset by employee under GST (Practical Case Study)

a) all forms of supply of goods or services or both such as sale, transfer, barter, exchange, licence, rental, lease or disposal made or agreed to be made for a consideration by a person in the course or furtherance of business...

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Concept of Input Service Distributor in GST

Just 3 days to Join GST Online Certification Course by GST Professionals & TaxGuru.in – Batch II ISD means Input Service Distributor as per Section 2(56) of Model GST Law. ISD is an office of the supplier of goods and or services which receives tax invoices issued under Section 23 of Model GST Law towards […]...

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Returns Process and Matching of Input Tax Credit under GST

Just 3 days to Join GST Online Certification Course by GST Professionals & TaxGuru.in – Batch II First of all let us know the purpose return: 1. Mode for transfer of information to tax administrations 2. Compliance verification program of tax administration 3. Finalisation of the tax liabilities of the tax payer within stipulated pe...

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19 FAQs on AADHAAR Number Linking in ITD e-Filing website

Just 3 days to Join GST Online Certification Course by GST Professionals & TaxGuru.in – Batch II In this article we compiled information / How to register Aadhaar in ITD e-Filing website, Solution to errors in linking of Aadhaar, Aadhaar in case of HUF/Corporate login, reset password through Aadhaar, Validity of OTP sent from Aadhaa...

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Order passed by Tribunal without considering all evidences is faulty order: HC

Ms. Amita Bansal Vs CIT & Another (Allahabad High Court)

HC held that Tribunal - the higher appellate authority has neither considered and weighed, in entirety, the evidence relied by the lower appellate authority nor it has dealt with the reasoning and findings of the lower appellate authority while passing the order of reversal. ...

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Government cannot direct assessing officer to take a particular view: HC

M/s. All India Association of Authorized Money Changers & Money Transfer Agents Vs The Union of India & Ors. (Bombay High Court)

HC held that The Central Government cannot direct the assessing officer to take a particular view of the matter as that would be a direct interference with his powers as an assessing officer. He has to exercise the powers in accordance with law. ...

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Notification No 15/2017-Customs, Dated: 20.04.2017

Notification No 15/2017-Customs (20/04/2017)

Seeks to exempt goods falling under chapter 30 of first schedule of Customs tariff Act 1975, for supply under Patient Assistance Programme run by specified pharmaceutical companies...

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Prisoners too have fundamental Right to Trade and Profession: HC

Soma Saha Sen Vs State of West Bengal & Ors. (Calcutta High Court)

Right to carry on trade and profession including right to convey property in course of such business is an essential fundamental right enshrined under Article 19(i)(g) of the Constitution of India and the same do not stand eclipsed by the continuing incarceration of a prisoner....

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